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Presidential Responsibilities on Memorial Day

Mr. President, When I first heard your plans for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend I didn't beleive it. I said to myself, "Why would the President of the United States, The Commander in Chief, place vacation plans above his duties?"  "Why would he disrespect the memories and ultimate sacrifices of the fallen heros of our Nation?  You can go to Chicago anytime, Memorial Day happens once a year.  You've made a blunderous judgement call, that insults every man or woman in America that has ever served in our Armed Forces.  The message you're sending is clear and concise, "I don't give a damn, my personal pleasure is more important than my responsibilities to to the brave men and women that served or died for their country."  Which one of your advisors approved this move?  You should be ashamed. Bruce C. Whipple USN Ret.  
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National Guard in Chicago

I am overseas in iraq serving our nation, and all i keep hearing about is the crime rate in chicago, and how there is a possibility of the national guard coming in to help? that doesn't need to happen! i believe it would cause more conflict. law enforcement personnel are allowed to carry weapons while off duty so that they may tackle any problematic situations, even off duty. why not do the same for military personnel all over the united states, so that we may help law enforcement officials in a more timely fasion than calling 911, but without the civilian population felling like marshal law has been declaired. i swore sir against all enemies, foreign and domestic. i for one wish to hold true to that oath. i love my country and would like nothing more than to make it even better.                                                                            Spc. Simon Contreras                                                                          simon.contreras@us.army.mil
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Single Mom of Five in Need of Help

Dear BarackObama I am a mother of four children and live in chicago ill on the southside of chicago the reason im writing this letter is because i know you are the best president we had in generations,and this has being a very hard last 4yrs for me and my children,i would like to know if you can make it where my 4 children have a good christmas this year i cant bearly buy them shoes and clothes from month to month because i pay all the bills by myself,and my brother just passed away and i helped my mom with his funeral and now im backed up in my rent obama i know that you have alot of issues at hand right now but im in desperate need of some help please can you and mrs.obama make this the best year ever for me and my children please,im going to pray you can work this out for me love and prayer to all. oreatha carter 5434 s winchester chicago ill 60609 reeree5252@yahoo.com 773-812-7813   thank you
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Welecome Obama from the Hull Family here in Chicago Illinois. I want you to know that i never for one second doubted your potential. Your confidence shined on as I watched and your wife Michelle stood by ur side w/ out a look back. I amost others im sure cried when i realized it was actually true. I work to jobs here and am struggling to make ends meet but i have no doubt things will turn around. Ur struggle will be hard but i will keep u and ur family n my prayers. My goals is to see things turn around for us as a black community in a whole. I had the american dream of buying a house to raise my kids in it. One day while at work one of my boys after speaking to me over the phone leave out and sit to talk w a friend got killed . Shot down like a animal in the street. I was numb w pain for i was 8months pregnant w my next kid. So i kind of in limbo of concern of loosing my house that has an upcoming arm in the summer because i am in pain from loosing my 17yr old. But mostly i want u to help push the people to clean up the streets here i wrote the alderman and jodi weiss but all i got was a call. I do have more sons to protect 19yr old,3 yr old and a one year old. My 21 yr old daughter took off to kansas to leave she said they wont kill her 2 boys. I wish i guess that i can this house back without problems. I live in too much fear here and don't know what to do so i move into the basement and left upstairs empty. good luck president obama Anyways im sure u here this stuff alot w the black community so can u and ur wife pray for me. sincerly Nellie Hull 6663 S. Michigan chicago il 60637
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