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Re. Donald Trump as our president. We need your help desperately and now!

Dear Mr. Obama,

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I was discriminating aganist on my job.I worked there as a Supervisor for 3 1/3 yrs.I have 17 yrs. experience as a Superisor.
The G C A loft the contract in June 37,2018.The new company,The Budd Group Cleaning Service took over the contract on July 2,2018.On May 1,2918 zi was offers the Supervisor Job by the District Manager Ronne told me he is not going to get rid of no one.He is going to keep every one.Ronnie also said for me(Charlena) to get the ones who were fired by the G C A and tell them to go put the application in online and I was given cards with their web site on it.I was g... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

To Barack Obama

You cook a fucking faggot you and Hillary Clinton can suck a dick you were the worst fucking thing is planet is ever fucking seeing you and Hillary leave President Trump alone and I hope he stays in I hope our military and everybody stands up and never let you down evil motherfuckers back in that white house none of you fuckers

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Off air


You are no longer president (and not a good one at that).

Stay off the air: you're like al gore, claiming credit for a host of items you never had any control over...did ya invent the w. w. web also?

You are and should be out of politics, and, your words incite anger, condone violence.

Keep your mouth shut.

Greg Sibert

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Your help is needed in Tennessee

Dear Mr presidesident
We need you down here in Tennessee to stir up the Democrat base. Many do nor want Marsha Blackburn in the Senate but many voters feel that we are not important enough to get you orMr Biden here please we are begging for your last ditch effort to get this woman out of office. She has only voted one time in like 5 years and now all tennessee congress gets insurance for life because of her. We need your help bad especially since she's a millionaire. Nov 6 is coming soon we need voters in putnam Overton counties white counties all farming little manufacturing... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >