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Pompous ass

To the racists narssacicts , i have never cared much for politics through out my life but your presidency has changed that . It is both unimaginable and frightening that you got away with all that you did especially for the murder of our ambassador and all who tried to save him to cover up the clintons business dealings . Its like reliving a twilight zone movie every time i think of it or hear about the first black president which you are a discrace to your race . Ben carson should have been the first black president . The only thing that would be justifiable would be if you were assinated... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

I'm a targeted individual that is needs help

My name is cherese Morgan I live 9215 livery lane laurel MD 20723 I'm a single black mother on dialisys been on dialisys for 17year have one little girl that I love so much it was a blessing just to have her, I've been put on a gang stalking list by someone that is close to me and someone I use to date one of the reasons was I caught him touching my child and I wouldn't turn my head I have never did anything to know one and it not just normal people doing this the police is behind this please help me in the name of Jesus help contact me at 2403742460,thank you very much

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I want financial support

Respected sir, my name is kamesh from India. I am suffering with lung cancer and liver cancer. I am very poor sir.I have no parents.present I am depend on my child hood friend Subhan.he is giving everything to me sir.but he is also middle class person.I have no sufficient money to buy medicine and survive.please kindly give me some financial support sir.please help me sir.

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President Obama I really miss when you were president life was so great … I wish you could be the LAST PRESIDENT * HINT HINT * , the government is going all wrong send us PRESIDENT OBAMA BACK !

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Barack Obama

Why don’t you leave D.C. like the other presidents have?
Please give President Trump the respect and support he deserves.

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