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Columbia records and transcripts


I'm very concerned about your refusal to release your records from Columbia. What could possibly be afoot that you wouldn't do this? America is tired of all the sneaky,underhanded and dishonest things that go on in Washington. You ,yourself are the reason Trump is in the whitehouse. You cause this revolution that has gained momentum and has destabilized America. There is talk of our first black president egging on riots in Berkley.Of organizing dissent and violence. Is this true? Are you indeed operating traitorous actions against America? I hope not. I'm not sure anymore,with all the people coming foward to sully your sterling persona. Please answer to these people who are saying thing that are being brought up. Your silence is only making them think you are trying to bring the current presidency down.
When you ran for the first time I was so excited about the thing that were suddenly possible and proud that our country was progressive enough to elect you. Then it seems you gave America the middle finger and let the world do the same. Time after time you blatantly stirred up racial unrest. Who loses? The very people that react to that rhetoric .There was no progress for the black population. No way for the average joe to get out of the projects and be counted and be self sufficient. Healthcare that you've offered is bankrupting us.
Your policies and decisions follow a definite recipie to destroy our current economic system and ushers in full blown socialism. Anybody that has learned history KNOWS this system NEVER succeeds .Even Putin has stated this. Please live your life and don't interfere with America. You've done quite enough.

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Thank you, just.... Thank you


To many words and worlds, sorry for their ignorance and Thank you. Our ocean as well thanks you. And the trees and the skies; for the extra time you have given them.

-Miles Ralston

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Can you be honest and impact the world?


Want to impact the world? It's time for a new world order To set us all free with the truth. We are all enslaved with so much lies and deceit. Wealth and power doesn't bring true happinless, but only being honest. Do you really want Hillary to win? Not even Trump should! Who really rules over the Whole world? Who really made us? Why so much lies and deceit? If you know the truth, don't be afraid. Do aliens exist? Are we being controlled by them, or is there really one God? I was born into being religious, but through the years I learn to read between the lines, and do tons of research, finding out man deceived us, so to enslave everyone, while in the meantime Millions of people are realizing that aliens control the world, andworld. If you know the truth, you would go down in history, if you told America. As well as teling the truth about Hillary. Or do you want to rake in money, thinking that it will bring you true happiness? A new car, dream vacations, fancy home, getting in the crowd of other deceitful people, and continue to allow the world to be enslaved, continuing wars that kill innocent lives, for all of us not really knowing the truth and living in a deceitful world? Think about this if you have any heart and be able get rid of all the guilt that you have to live with. don't worry about what others will say, because millions of people will be proud of you to have honor and integrity, and telling the world you are sick of all the deceipt, and if you know aliens exist, then it's time to be open with that too.

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Lauper's David Thornton MW Killed 4 Vets In CA


Lauper's David Thornton MW Killed 4 Vets In CA. Jay Leno, Thornton Manufacture Drugs For Obama.
Leno, Raymond, Thornton Shooting, Selling Obama's Drugs All Day love to torture Virtragirl.com members, Vets, Christians, anybody religious torture me to post because my mother is holy.

Covert Darpa Agent Raymond-Thornton stated Obama will take over US Presidency position later because he has given himself that option as Darpa President. He will be the first mentally ill, drug, incest retarded gay New World Order Darpa President. Obama has proved his world leadership as a psycho on drugs with all his US and foreign countries hate and rejection as leg meth shooting Dictator. We are all sure Obama can handle World Darpa Leader with Alien and Foreign Wars not like shooting drugs with no sleep for 4 days making those classic clown portrait crying, laughing faces. Obama paid off Riverside, CA for microing rights, Anaheim would not take the bribe. Vets were killed there 2014.

A President we can trust and believe, not a deceitful psycho drug leader of the World and Universe. We and Jesus Christ thank you for Darpa Torture Micro on me and my religious family for 5 years; on World wide citizens 20 years and will we will never be told about like covert Darpa agents micro, torture maintenance for 2 or more mil a year.
Howard Raymond stated Obama caught Bill Clinton soon VP of NWO Drapa emailing Cuba Att. War Stats Satellite documents from Obama's computer. Obama fired Bill as VP of Darpa and hired him back later. Hillary is glad Bill has a NWO job now. New World Order ATT. Electronic World Torture Control Obama and Bills sheep herding dream and own production in ILL. College 37 years ago. Credits: Howard Raymond, David Thornton and Jay Leno's dream Top Secret Darpa Micro USA World Release to take AC man down?

All Truth Like Jesus Christ

Obama Leno Vet Micro War Riverside, CA. 2014.

Riverside, CA was paid off 2 million for microing rights or anything, Anaheim would not take the bribe. Vets were killed there 2014 and some before that date.
3 CA Vets 2 Civilians Obama Microwave Terminated Aug.2014 Obama Jay Leno Micro Cell Vet Retaliation War one was Leno's half brother.
1 Navy Seal terminated in an earlier battle. David Thornton and Howard Raymond were involved Vet torture and in the trial. Military Navy Seals or Vets won unlisted court case link below. Leno was Aro. Leno paid vets and he was fired from NBC for being a terrorist. Online eye microing torturing his Veterans friends in Riverside with his own bunker he tried to commit suicide.

Link Of Leno and Vets Jshua Tree Superior Court Case in Anaheim Ca. 2014

US NWO Darpa (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Adv. Alien Tech. Obama does not want you to check for ill Att. connections (your number) on his agents bills if you are being electronically tortured and controlled it makes them look like mentally ill terrorists with hate in their hearts. Obama tell new Att. countries signups they will have these new cell torture benefits.

Agents Stated Windows 10 Is Covert Gov. Darpa Malware Ready. Can Not View Any Updates Before Downloading.

1. Obama Immune Agents. Darpa Adv. Alien Tech. Malware micro program installed from porn sites like Virtuagirl.com, from computer into your right eye retina. (Use Norton) Eye micro forms an adv. alien tech. cam and ATT cell phone micro connection in ear. They view you at any angle, record, harass torture you 24 hrs. day or be silent.
2. ATT Micro wifi your room from porn sites or find location co-ordinance or follow you home. Sell your sex, your torture, your virtual (voice-personality). Use Gov. "Human Electronic Torture" Program. Eye Micro, micro battery powered by emf's generated by appliances, like a fan. or electronics anywhere. Charge last 1 hr.
3. Micro program forms a adv. alien tech. cam in right eye and cell phone connection in your right ear. Cover eye, earplug right ear, can't view or record. Get out of 100 mile cell range. Agents sell your sex at porn sites and send your torture to Jay Leno's Torture Sick Comedy Club, Send Torture and mind data to Obama for electronic World mind torture control.

Obama tell us about the Extraterrestrials Wars In The Earth Not In Space.
Billionaire Raymond stated Obama lets the experts Extraterrestrials or Aliens do climate control. Aliens are coring out the Earth filling it with water for a better climate and adjusting the axis a degree. I guess the Earth won't be thrown off its axis or split?

US World Darpa Defense Developed For Fear Of Alien Wars In The Earth because US Microwave terminated 16 UFO's over White House in peace (1958 Roswell incident) you are killing them! Millions of human lives that cry, pray and beg for their lives.

Darpa Agent Howard Raymond stated Obama and Darpa Defense has microwave terminated a million aliens extraterrestrials. Micro USA World For Alien Wars Is Not True. Extraterrestrials Are Not Hostile. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Slgb5U-OqFM

Contact United Nations Or Your President And Post It All Over The Internet. https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact
United Nations Report Victims Of Terrorism

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Why Do You Say Stupid Things?


Why do you say stupid things? For instance, why would you tell the American public that under your health care plan, "No one will be getting between you and your doctor," when you knew it wasn't true? If you didn't know it wasn't true, then it was just a stupid thing to say. Once my multiple sclerosis progress to the degree that it did, my neurologist prescribed for me to use a patient lift at home in order to allow my caretaker to safely transfer me from my wheelchair to my bed or toilet. My request to my insurance company to obtain the prescribed durable medical equipment was immediately denied. That certainly seems like someone getting between me and my doctor to me. Doesn't it to you? Upon my appealing the denial, the "Medical Review Board" (death panel) informed me that the durable medical equipment my doctor had prescribed for me was not deemed medically necessary. That certainly seems like someone getting between me and my doctor to me. Doesn't it to you? I appealed the Medical Review Board's decision which required me arranging to have my neurologist speak directly to a member of the Medical Review Board, in an attempt to persuade the medical review board that in fact in my case, being virtually quadriplegic, the patient lift was indeed medically necessary. So, now my neurologist has to stop being a doctor, and play the role of patient advocate. He is no longer talking to me about my needs, but instead being forced to talk to an insurance industry bureaucrat sitting on a medical review board making decisions. That certainly seems like someone getting between me and my doctor to me. Doesn't it to you? I guess that's what confuses me most about you Mr. Obama. Why it is you say things that seemingly are utterly untrue or just plain stupid.

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Mr Obama I request a person to person meeting with you.


Dear Sir I am requesting a one on one meeting with you, I'm 56 years old I'm a recovering addict and I need your help, I've never have asked for help but I am reaching out now and I'm going to the top. I am looking forward to meeting you.

Thank You

Charles naylor

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open letter


excuse me sir??BARRACK I AM INSANE OBAMA ???? AS A citizen of the untied states of America a 7 blood melting pot whos family has even here 270 years a damn Yankee a white middle class mother of 4 grandmother of 9 have had enough of your metrixed dis-com-bop-u-lated bs now you and holder passed out guns to el chapo and his drug ring illegally entering and exiting our country you've let over 25 million illegals citizens from other country's to invade my country all here for all expense vacations living off our middle class hard working backs weekly pay checks
we have soaring crime rape child molestation arson robbery home invasion stabbings HERION and cold blooded murder you have brought hate against Christians whites Jews and law enforcement even the southern DUG UP GRAVES DETROYED ART burning shredding wiping of the butt stomping of the American flag..by citizens of other country's illegals .that not only disrespect our flag our military and our citizens and pretty much hate all Americans guts . trying to erase our very history .....never in the history other then the wild west has there been so many murders when Paris was attacked you went there to Paris and stood before the world saying uhh duh only America has mass shooting excuse me you were in France ... and not only America but the world has seen mass shootings you have brought murder to Americans streets sanction states city's and towns felons moving all around our country you allowed gangs to take over towns high ways by ways beating looting and burning the bitch down never along with your flood of heroin ...you and Hillary deserted 4 Americans and left them to die at the same time running guns to Syria and Libya
taking money and throwing at billions Iran millions Cuba you've let ever know terrorist go from Gitmo to terrorize not only America but the world you have spent more money then all of our other presidents combined.. combined ... combined.. hello you and your family have spent over you and mooccchhellla 60 million tax dollars tax dollar's for all expense vacations off our backs gave your daughters a 200,000 pizza party 20,000 dollar dresses we paid for tax dollars tax dollars you slob 94 million are unemployed that fell of your grid worse the 1997 we are 20 trillion in debt my 9 grand children owe 30 ,000 dollars a piece when people were and are being be headed you be ... a heading ......to the golf course Brussels while American's lay dead again tangoing doing the wave partying in castors communist ghettos you've skipped funerals of law enforcement Scalia Nancy Regan partying fast and furious Benghazi the invasion of 25 million foreigners .you have broken laws you are unconstitutional and have appointed your self king ..over ridding congress trying rule every level put in place.. writing on toilet paper !! any damn idea that pops in your insane brain !!you have spent more money then all of our other presidents combined.. combined ... combined.. hello we are 20 trillion in debt my 9 grand children owe 30 ,000 dollars a piece ! never ever seen before and .. until ..and since you took office...... as A president of the untied states you are the worst employees we have every paid 50 cents an hour to ..a disgrace to our noblest office ..A FAILURE TO GO DOWN IN HISTORYS AS THE WORST DONKEY ==HEE HAW ==ASS WE HAVE EVER HAD THE DISPLEASURE OF EVER MEETING thank god your gone in 60 seconds a lame duck quack quack always to be know in history as the man that failed his country his citizen and his own race who really was incompetent with the inability to do your own damn job you could have done so much but your presidency is now a disgrace

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am leo kariuki form kenya just wishing u happy stay a the white house hope one day my dream will come true and i know it will soon
nice time contact me at leoneler monte

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ISIS and Consequences


As a Christian you should know that your spirit lives on forever. You live in this afterlife with God or tormented. You will be tormented for the Christians whom have been tortured as you could have prevented their death. You received money for the Nobel peace prize while allowing Christians to beheaded! I pray nearly every night for you but a price has to be paid for Christian torment.

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I want help


can you help me sir

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Dear Obama


Get out of town, you piece of garbage!

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The drones,


Stop the drones. They are ungodlyand immoral and deserve condemnation. As a nation, we will look bsck on their use with shame

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commuity and problems


what will you do to deal with the problems and the gasline problem and oil problem too.
we should create cars that drives them selfs and no gas or oil or eletreic has hard drive were the gas would go and charge the cars and trucks a 100 percent and when it flash red you put hard drive back into the gas place to charge then in the car theres a hard drive charge in the car.
there will be feet rest . the cars and trucks wirless.
has tv in side

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Mr. Obama I have been trying to contact your office directly for the past year. You and several of your associates have been ongoing in an aggressive, public defaming of my figure who gained publicity through modeling photographs, published articles and social media. Therefore, I will be opening a case in a Federal district court for the following reasons: Slander, Extensive overuse of Executive hand, cyber stalking, sexual harassment, unconstitutional behavior and excessive use of power, access to private medical records, breaking into my personal accounts from my email, to my bank accounts, unethical use of governmental time, funds and power, breech of all personal contracts, illegal use of technology in order to control, manipulate and exploit me to other men in the public, solicitation me for sex, bullying, death threats, involvement in the sex slave industry, threats of rape, kidnap an murder, fraud and attempts to place me into a mental institution with no legal authority to do so under the law. I will send a summons for you to appear in court by May time frame, if you do not show, I will either appeal until I am on the supreme court's calendar or I will choose to default.

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A view from outside........America.


Dear Sir

I am a Canadian, born in England, that travels extensively in the USA. I travel your country, not because I like your countries ethics or principles or culture, if you consider this a culture at all, being different to the rest of the world except Canada, ( ROW ) but mainly because I like the part of America that God gave you that you are quickly destroying. You are getting to tell the world that you are a good peoples and country but you are not. I have travelled the world and you remain a part of the world , with Canada to a lesser degree, as a kind of small state of the USA. and as such I feel qualified to voice my opinion. I feel more fear crossing your border than I do crossing into Iran, Yemen or even North Korea. Why is this so? You do not need tourism for your economy, yes, it helps but you are more interested in supplying arms to destabilize the world, so you can divide and conquer with your inferior democracy than you want to unite the world. Your democracy is a failure. It does not matter who is ' elected' your civil service continues in running the country. You are a purely a figurehead who does not control or represent the bureaucracy. As a traveler transmitting your country I have been subject to abuse by your Border Control personnel, have been subject to theft by your TSA with no logical right of appeal, and with total arrogance and illogicability of you police forces. Knowing the world more extensively than you, I realise that you have no right to dictate to anyone. You tried this in Iraq and now walk away from the mess that you generated. You will not accept the destitute and broken hearted people that you created. You reject them as you reject your responsibility in cleaning up the country's of Cambodia, Laos or Viet Nam that you polluted, killed, and maimed people and are still doing this today by your ordinance remaining in their soil and you refuse to take responsibility for the removal of your ordinance. The fact that you are still killing innocent people including children today without cause shows your total irresponsibility in the world. You and your people are not a valid responsible people in this world. Your world is one of destabilization and chaos to further your national interests. If you want to place yourself back into a position of any integrity you will have to change your constitution to remove the validity of your people to bear arms. You need to change the culture to ensure that America the free peoples of the world, live up to this mis beleif. You are the leader of the free of the world. Even peoples of Iran and Noth Korea have less fear. These people do not fear living in a normal lifestyle and do not fear walking downtown in the middle of the night.
You may think you rule the world. You do not. You go to countries of the Middle East, your country never comes up in conversation unless it is talking about the cause of their problems, such as the fear of IS taking over their country and lives. You are living in a fantasy and are not realistic. I had lots of confidence in your election manifesto. You have failed totally. You have been a failure to not only your own people but the peoples of the world. You have supplemented the failures of your opposing party. Your democracy is a failure of the peoples of the world. Do not export the failure of your own society and destroy the rest of the world ( ROW)

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Federal Recall Proclamation




Mr. President-recalled,

In rebuttal to your State of the Union address to the American public this year, your statements not only do not reflect the entire facts, some are outright contrary to the Constitution, even the authority of this established body. For you are notified all leading heads of state have been recalled by a legal process declared by founding fathers as a constitutional right. So, your State of the Union (SOTU) made last week is a sham – without the integrity or legal standing.

Your views on the erratic climate, partisan politics, and foreign policy falls short in every measure of what the people have called for. You hold the line on climate initiatives and deter myths by corporate-paid research, but rely on fossil fuel energy infrastructure, while rejecting any resource that would help climate reversal small business or start-ups achieve any real change. You speak of working together across the aisle and diffusing discord, but the word “unity” cannot be found. And, regarding foreign policy, you speak of loosening sanctions on Cuba, but without real aid. You speak to the bankrupt ideology of Islam, but do not propose strategy. You finally return to include Israel as one of our allies, but stop short of defensible borders for her. The entire State of the Union address looks good on the surface, but does not impress.

Your stance on the economy, policing, and security is not good for the people, even contrary to constitutional protections. You speak of a growing economy, but you fail to address the problem of income disparity – having to work two and three jobs to maintain one’s standard of living. You crack down on small business taxes with bank statements, which is deplorable, and then fail to present a plan to close the loopholes for the top one percent of spenders. You speak of “a leg up” for working Americans, while forcing higher wages proven to deepen inequities and worsen inflation without lifting the income earnings’ glass ceiling. You mention events in Fergusson and New York, but do not address how local police have targeted the black community for years or address concerns how police may have been supplied militaristic weaponry. You say you support a free and open internet, while spying on American citizens and cracking down on NSA hackers without warrant or due process who simply wanted to defy unlawful government. The State of the Union speech sounds like you bring liberty, but in reality, steals freedom at its heart.

You dodge around the political “landmines”, and ask questions, but your SOTU does not have any legal effect, any real worth, or meaning. You have yet to instruct Congress using words that convey necessity and expediency, negating the force of the SOTU (address to Congress defined: Article II, Section 3). This is required for enforceability (order to enforce: 28 U.S.C. § 4.1(b)). Your half-hearted stance on values, spying on citizens, and the people’s economy have all been contested in petitions, protest, and 2012 Continental Congress, making your policy counter-productive and your representation of no effect (right to redress: First Amendment). You have yet to recognize this agency, its people-initiated federal recall, and legal recourse, making any action you take illegal (agency obstruction: 18 U.S.C. Part I, Ch 73 § 1505).

Perhaps, you are unfamiliar with the right of the people to retract their consent to be governed through a recall of federal officials, as the founding fathers and Declaration describe it? The determination whether a federal recall process is warranted, is by a series of actions on the part of government officials, in which, act outside of the Constitution or acts made irresolvable, where other elections fail to settle the matter, in a way that offends the Constitution, or grieves the people – all which the federal government has caused. George Washington said,

“The power under the [U.S.] Constitution will always be in the People. It is entrusted for certain defined purposes, and for a certain limited period, to representatives of their own choosing; and whenever it is executed contrary to [such] Interest, or not agreeable to their wishes, their [Public] Servants can, and undoubtedly will be, recalled” (letter to Bushrod Washington, 1787).

Legal experts David C. Grossack and Edward A. Fallone support the idea of a federal recall as being constitutional in their original arguments in 2009 and 2011, respectively (since removed from public view, as we near 2016 elections). Even the Declaration of Independence protests that government should ever have the last word, saying,

“Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed – that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.”

The Tenth Amendment declares these as “powers of the people”. So, the people are granted powers by the Constitution for a people-initiated federal recall (unlike a state-led recall) when there is jeopardy. This “constitutional jeopardy” is to the people as “clear and present danger” is to government: the (on-)going concern of the nation is at risk. It is expected – being preferred to civil unrest or revolutionary war. Simply, a federal recall exists to halt attacks against the Constitution or oppressions upon the people, and to restore the government to a Constitution of the people, by the people, and for the people. Surely, you know basic American tenets as these?

The federal government has acted to erode the effectiveness of the Constitution and undermine liberties of the people. Laws have been made to specifically subvert the economics and liberties of the people otherwise guaranteed by the Constitution and higher law. Erosion and denial of rights to the middle class and small business, along with profiteering to the specific detriment of the taxpayer, homeowner, and worker, from corporate bailouts to universal insurance schemes, have resulted in grave inequities to lesser fortunate and understandable public outcry. Worse, orders were given and laws were made designed to quell the people from reaction, allowing police officers to apply brut force and arrest anyone who would question lawmakers, and drone strikes were ordered on American citizens in 2011 without due process (Yemen). Resolution of these grievances are imperative for the protection of the people. Here is a partial list of laws:

  • National Special Security Event (NSSE), Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act (a.k.a., GRABIF);
  • Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA, reauthorized), US Patriot Act, Protect IP Act (PIPA), Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA);
  • Anti-Terrorism and Death Penalty (ATDP), National Defense Resources Preparedness Authorization Act (NDRPA), and National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

These laws are written in a way that their language is so broad, and their application is so wide, they can be used any way without constitutional guarantees. These laws were often made by the federal government in secret, as has since been revealed by whistleblowers and concerned citizens. These laws are unlawful: they are a concerted attempt to attack nearly every right throughout the Bill of Rights: abridging freedom of speech, disparaging peaceful assembly, resisting and obstructing protestors, denying petition for “redress” (to receive correction), authorizing spying on citizens and their electronic “papers and effects”, issuing unreasonable searches and seizures of electronics and communications devices without warrant or probable cause, depriving persons of their life, liberty, or property without any compensation, as well as discouraging accountability of representatives to the people, amending the Constitution through laws made in secret and other unconstitutional means, and prohibiting or excluding power otherwise guaranteed by the Constitution to and for the people. The Bill of Rights guarantees consent to be governed and sovereign accountability by will of the people. Without them, the people have no real protection from tyranny.

The people exercised their rights to protest such laws beginning mid September, 2010 believing those would cause erosion of specific liberties found in the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, even calling for “use of force” on those who dissent (Occupy movement). Such laws gave the federal government authority beyond their constitutionally delegated powers (Articles I, § 2, Par. 3, § 8, Last Par.; II, § 1, Last Par.; III, § 2, Par. 1 & 2; V; VI, Last Par.; and Amendments I; II; III; IV; V; VI; X; XIII; XIV § 4). The federal government not only took a deaf ear to the cry of the people, but Occupiers were also being arrested in several cities throughout the nation, as had been feared (various dates, locations per news outlets). So, the people met in Continental Congress the first week in July 2012 to present a formal petition to the government (the99declaration.org).

The people’s petitions, protests, and congress should not have been ignored by the government, as the people have a First Amendment right to petition to receive redress (correction). The people then provided an extraordinary writ to the Supreme Court on May 28, 2013, qualifying for every exclusion when only one was needed (as in, Omaha Indemnity Co. v. Superior Court, 209 Cal.App.3d at 1273-1274, 258 Cal. Rptr. 66. 1989), but the court rejected it for frivolous reasons. (Supreme Court Rule 33.2(b) pro-se filings can be on 8 1/2 by 11, and Federal Civil Procedure Rule 5(d)(4) says “a clerk of the court must not refuse to file a paper solely because it is not in the form prescribed.”) The people chose not to send an amicus error brief in reply, for jeopardy of due process, and left the matter open by asking government for assistance instead (request notices: Solicitor General, Inspector General, The President, etc.; June - July, 2013). Having exhausted viable legal course and notices, the people filed for federal recall on September 20, 2013, according to the recall process for removing any public servant specified by George Washington in a letter to Bushrod Washington, 1787 (see Washington’s quote). This was done without the traditional state-initiated participation or state-led representation process and electoral college, as per court decisions (re: “conflict of powers”; Recall of Legislators and the Removal of Members of Congress from Office, Congressional Research Service, 2012).

Despite having legally filed an election, the states elections officials refused to print election materials (confusion or obstruction of an election does not make it illegal). Again seeking assistance and resolution in October and November of 2013, final pleas to the FBI and President were sent. Legal documents were submitted at the close of that year against state elections officials for defrauding the public and obstructing a constitutionally guaranteed voting process (50 states, and the territories per List of Defendants). When the courts again refused the people for frivolous reasons, against the rules of the court and federal law under the Constitution according to court documents, it placed a burden on the Constitution by all three branches for jeopardy of the “(on)going concern of the state”. Anarchy was certain, except for provisions in the Declaration to return a destructive government back to foundational principles.

The recall was held January 14, 2014, legally unseating the heads of each branch of the federal government, as well as Justice Antonin Scalia, Senators serving more than one term, and Representatives serving more than two terms (per List of Recallees and Specific Federal Recall Rules and Procedures). Using contempt powers, Will of the People Constitutional Authority Board denounced the fraudulent acts and illegal decisions on the part of heads of state and the courts for rejecting the rights and consent authority of the people and rendered favorable judgment to the people (28 U.S.C. § 4.1(b)). Legal discovery and process established how government was not being incompetent, and was not simply acting unauthorized of the Constitution, but was acting illegitimate for claims against the State (general malfeasance (U.S.C. A(5)); conspiracy for economic benefit (18 U.S.C § 371); incitement encouraging violence in supplying militaristic weaponry to local police (28 U.S.C. § 631(i); 18 U.S.C. § 2101); the use of “force” as sedition (Ch. 115 USC §§ 2381 - 2385, Title 18)).

After issuing a favorable judgment to the people for federal recall, Will of the People C.A.B. then requested the assistance of U.S. Marshals to implement the recall (April 18, 2014), and sent warrants calling for the removal of officials in D.C. that had been recalled (Aug 16, 2014), and followed up with ordering notices to be published by the Federal Registrar under general applicability for a government body exercising a penalty (44 U.S.C § 1505 (a)(2)). All refused to honor the weight and severity of U.S. law under the U.S. Constitution, against federal law for obstruction of an agency (18 U.S.C. Part I, Ch 73 § 1505), which is treasonous when acting to advantage enemies of the State according to Article III, Section 3, Par. 1. Will of the People C.A.B. then requested the assistance of the Secret Service to no avail.

Are these laws so bad that one would go through such great lengths and cost just to prove a point? Martin Luther King, Jr. sacrificed his life 50 years ago in the pursuit of F-R-E-E-D-O-M. Now, haters of race and our Bill of Rights in America want to return to a time when blacks were enslaved, corporations were run by trusts, bankers owned all the land, utilities polluted everything otherwise healthy, and politicians were bought. It is true:

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 has been gutted by the Supreme Court and states have rolled back election participation, Citizens United case has asserted the personhood of a corporation, the derivatives scam that led to the bank bailout (Troubled Assets Recovery Program) forced the working poor and middle-class homeowners to foreclose their somehow unaffordable homes, fracking created earthquakes in places that do not have active fault lines while coal companies fraudulently sold the public on phony benefits of untreated runoff water, and a week has rarely gone by in which there also existed some whistleblower exposing the unconstitutionality of more government cover-ups. Congress invented laws beyond their constitutional powers that restricted public assembly and access to government officials, spied on American citizens without due process, and taken measures in which advance Marshal Law in peacetime (see list of laws). Together, these laws attempt to destroy the means of the people, provide a work-around to the Constitution, and subvert every right (“The Flaw”, Steve Milne and Mark Foligno, 2011; “United States of Secrets”, Frontline, 2014; “War On Whistleblowers”, Robert Greenwald, 2013).

Decisions of the U.S. Federal Government over the course of time made trampling on civil rights possible – the rights that King died for. Worse yet, the political parties have been polarized just like light-skinned and dark-skinned [blacks] were isolated and taught to mistrust the other [even] 100 years ago. The American people are not stupid regarding the government's shenanigans and can see what is going on: the same happened in Germany. So, what then? They gonna’ start rounding up Christians and Jews, now? Ridiculous to let it happen here in the land of the free. We are Americans!

Although politicians, parties and pundits may deny any relationship, coincidence is a hard sell when voter disgust is all the rage. We, the people, refuse to be sold into slavery ever again – whether by force or economic and political oppression. The U.S. government has been shown to act outside of the Constitution for destructive purposes. The Heads of State in this country must be brought to justice. Obama, Boehner, Biden, Roberts, and Scalia have already been unseated by legal process and are stripped of any power and privilege according to Tenth Amendment known powers of the people (those affirmed by the Founding Fathers). This nation must honor the laws it was founded on or not have government at all and regress into barbarism and anarchy.

The Continental Congress gives the people the means for revocation of governed consent by any means appropriate, and the people chose to implement a recall. The people have sovereign authority to revoke their consent to be governed per the Declaration of Independence, and federal powers no longer delegated to an authorized government of the Constitution are assumed to revert to the people per the Tenth Amendment. So, Senators who have served more than one term should not be let back in when they leave at night. And, Representatives serving more than two terms should be physically removed from office. Elections officials that tried to block the recall by refusing to send out voter guides should be arrested for obstruction, along with lawmakers who voted to remove civil rights protections, and those that carried them out in their official capacity, should be arrested for conspiracy and malfeasance. These are all enemies of the State, the Constitution, and the people for attempting to erode the Bill of Rights and to repeal laws of the people. Therefore, they should all be indicted for treason and high crimes, and laws of the people can then be restored. The Declaration provides the consolation that, “it is [our] duty to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for [our] future security.”

Therefore, it is determined you are without excuse or recourse, and within 24 hours of receipt of this notice, all major heads of state and recallees will be removed.

Stephen L. Rush, Defender of the Constitution
Will of the People Constitutional Authority Board

Out of love for the Constitution and from the desire to illuminate it, as its Defender and Protector of the People, born of the families who settled this land and founded this country, and presiding over Will of the People Constitutional Authority Board, Stephen L. Rush instructs this Proclamation be posted in places where it will be most visible before the capitol of this nation. He asks that those who cannot dispute the charges publicly with decorum and truthfulness, do so honorably in writing. In the authority of the People, so executed.


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Veteran's Silver Star


President Obama:

I, Pearlina S. Story write to you this letter to ask if you could help my family to obtain a metal for my father. My father, Robert U. Raglin served in the U.S. Army from August 4th 1953 to February 1955, his records were partially burnt but his selective service number is 9-13031231 and his service number is RA53099881. He started in Griffin (Spalding) Georgia to Chamblee, GA and end of service was in Fort Bragg, N.C. My father served during the war and on this one occasion his patron troop was in a drench so he went in and he was the last coming out, only 13 survived. His superiors promised him that he would receive the Silver Star, well he is in his 80's now and he has Cancer, I ask if you help by making it possible for him to get his Silver Star. Robert U. Raglin worked at the VA in Oakland until his retirement, he never even applied for compensation due to his injuries of the war, nor did he ever receive Veteran's Retirement as a War Vet. The only thing that he ever wanted was the Silver Star. Could you, would you help me put a smile on his face.

Also, is there anyway that he can start receiving his benefits to help him with his medical care?

Pearlina S. Story
Pittsburgh, PA

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I believed in our president at one point and lost faith in him just as quick


President Obama,

My family immigrated to the United States from a communist country for a better life. I was 8 years old at the time. I was terrified and at the same time excited about having a different life then the rest of my family in my home country. We came with the clothes on our backs, and live in a basement for a year. My parents work hard Monday through Saturday for a while before opening their own businesses. I learned to speak perfect English, excelled in school, and even got to play football. A sport that was unheard of at the time in my home country. Not before long, we were living a life of luxuries. A life any kids who love. I got everything I wanted. I began to love this country. I loved the fact that hospitals will give me treatment when I was younger when I was severely sick without asking for payment first. I loved the fact that I got to choose what college what I wanted to go to and my future profession. I also love the fact that that I will be freed the rest of my life. My father always told me America is a country where hard works pays off. I never forgot where I came from. Everything I did, I put 100 percent at it. I was very confident about my future. I made some mistakes in my life, but there isn't a mistake you can't recovery from I believe. I defeated depression and learned to live with it instead of letting it destroy me. I overcomed a heavy drug addiction. Importantly for me, I let go of my past and live present day. That is how I overcame those things. I finished college. I was in first person in my family to go to college. The first to graduate. Mr. President, I trusted you with my future. I worked hard and always went by my model that hard work pays off. You lied to me and many Americans. I have many friends in the same position where we are jobless. We have bachelors degree and masters. I know for a fact that we have talent, but no one is giving us the opportunity to showcase our talents. We are businessmen, engineers, and ect. Most of us eat one meal a day while working minimal wage jobs to earn money to pay bills. We thought investing in our future meant going to college. We were wrong. We have former classmates who are high school drop-outs making several times more then us. Meanwhile, you send money to Ukraine for senseless means. You are investing more money outside of this country then ever before. Meanwhile, our propaganda machine mass-produce lies to our citizens. I understand you care about word peace, but please take care of your own people first. Spending billions of dollars in foreign affair is not the answer. I want to address about many government scandals that shouldn't have happened. Where is the truth? Americans don't trust our president anymore because of your constant lies. I am considering to renounce my citizenship here, and move abroad. I am ashamed of what you have done to our country. You violated the constitution. You don't even try to protect fellow Americans when it comes to their safety. I've lost faith and hope in you Mr. President. I knew I did, when I am having to work a minimal wage job after graduating college while living with my parents. I knew you weren't the right guy for this job when you let young adults like me and my fellow classmates who studied and work hard for many years to work at a horrible job site. I don't except handouts from my parents either. Meanwhile, there are millions of Americans getting money from you and taking advantage of the system. Even after all I have mentioned my concern to you, I don't blame you at all. I blame the mastermind telling you what to do. Money influence our government. After all, that is what the First Lady mentioned at a fundraiser this past weekend. Let's not forget how she mentions supporter to write a big fat check. She mentioned that twice. I believe it's time for you to step down and let another president serve the American people. I want a family one day, but you are keeping me from my dream. My dream of a successful career. My dream of being a father. I wish to live a great life and die in a great country, not live to witness this country dying before I do.

May God Bless You, President Obama

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If u really care bout us


VI'm a father of 4 kids and just got married I vote for u every time and u still didn't do nothing for my people y'all always talking about the rich and middle class what about? I guess like people call us ghetto people but we're not.i got a shirt with u on it say I believe in change. If u don't start from the hood it want be no change and if u want to get in touch we me I don't have to leave nothing bout me u no who I am. Send your boys to get me u the president but if u really care how we feel for real God no u will start a change for him. I'm the type person that like change like u said. But I no I'm writing for nothing. Y'all really don't care bout us ghetto people that why y'all alway talking bout the rich, and middle class. It not bout money it shows us somebody do care bout us not money. We want love too like our father give us ghetto people and u rich people middle class people. Obama now if u change it start now I would be believing in change, and change will happen ask our Father Lord God Jesus Christ. Thank u and God bless. P.S my name is Gregory J Volkens 2

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If u care


I'm a father of 4 kids and just got married I vote for u every time and u still didn't do nothing for my people y'all always talking about the rich and middle class what about? I guess like people call us ghetto people but we're not.i got a shirt with u on it say I believe in change. If u don't start from the hood it want be no change and if u want to get in touch we me I don't have to leave nothing bout me u no who I am. Send your boys to get me u the president but if u really care how we feel for real God no u will start a change for him. I'm the type person that like change like u said. But I no I'm writing for nothing. Y'all really don't care bout us ghetto people that why y'all alway talking bout the rich, and middle class. It not bout money it shows us somebody do care bout us not money. We want love too like our father give us ghetto people and u rich people middle class people. Obama now if u change it start now I would be believing in change, and change will happen ask our Father Lord God Jesus Christ. Thank u and God bless. P.S my name is Gregory J Volkens 2

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Severely Hurting Mom & Wife.


Dear Mr Obama,
Please pray for us. We are going through an unbelievably hard time right now & seriously feel like giving up.
In 2008 my oldest daughter was raped by her step-dad, then step-dad went to Mexico to escape prison, I almost lost my house due to income loss because of him. I had to pay $1000 in Taxes that he owed just because we were married. I also had to pay for the divorce.
--I was diagnosed with Low thyroid & if I don't take my Meds I can die. Also, diagnosed with major depression along with low blood sugar & anxiety.
--October 2012 - the kids & I were robbed (by 3 people) at gunpoint, 7AM in my driveway &
they put the guns on the kids shoulders. The the thieves were never caught. Now my children are scared in their own house.
--My Grandpa died April 2013.
--I got married & now immigration has my husband since Monday & is deporting him tomorrow.
--I found out yesterday that on Monday evening, my Uncle died in a wreck with a semi-truck.
All I can do is cry, my head & stomach hurts all the time, I'm constantly nauseated & can't sleep.
I am so tired, physically & mentally & I want to give up!
In Oklahoma

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Stay out of Syria!!! :|


OK! Mr. Obama. (aka; "Mr. President"),,Big Momma is not going to let the step dad spank her little boy. Know what I mean. Stay out of Syria. There is nothing we can accomplish there and you can't bring all those people back. Mother Russia won't allow us to whip out the belt on her little one. After all, Syria is right under her wing. Don't start world war III over this. Although world war III is inevitable,,, sometime, hopefully perhaps in the distant future. It's all prophecy, yes. Doesn't mean it has to be hastened. Don't try to be a hero! It won't work. It may cost all of humanity. Call our troops and ships back home. DO IIITTTTT!

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Congress vote on attacking Syria


Dear President Obama:
I'm a strong believer in Christ and the leading of His Spirit. I often sense His leading you and most of those times you clearly seem to follow. Thank you for listening to His leading in your seeking a vote from Congress before commencing an attack on Syria. Not only was your strong and consistent stance against this horrible act by the Assad regime of lead by His Spirit, as I see it, but so is your decision not to act until we get the support at least from Congress. May you continue to listen to God in all of the many tough decisions that continually come your way. You and our nation are in my prayers. 2 Chronicles 7:14 Blesings GRD

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For peace And art


Please President Obama; USA needs more happiness than hates. We will ask to God
For solutions and a good solutions for Siria and for the the rest of the world. We really
Love Peace.

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Very important suggestioon


One thing Obama really needs to make the government do is pay the unimaginable debts the government owns instead of ignoring it.

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Our world what have you done to it? (READ!!!)


Dear Obama,

Hi i am Autumn And i know i may be young but i want to urgently discuss the matter of our nation! 1st of all, what are you thinking? Havent you ever read the Bible? I dont like this Obamacare and how you and your other people/organization is going to put chips in us! In the Bible it says that a chip is the mark of the beast and if you put 1 inside of you then you shall not ever go to Heaven! Now mr. Obama i would rather die than let you put a chip in me. Im not really political and my teachers want me to be and want me to switch my religion but i wont becouse i love god and i serve him. If you really dont know gods word and dont even care for him then im sorry and i would die then see our country go into total chaos. And if you do love god and care please dont put chips in use i beg of you! Im still young and i want to grow up with a husband and kids without the fear of our world turning into hell. Im sorry mr. Obama i want our world to be a better place and you are our president you are supposed to led us into the right path and not the wrong 1.your leading us to damnination! So if you do recieve this please just make our world safer by stopping war, just say your sorry and get over it! I want to live without knowing that your goverment and congress and YOU ruining our lives. Obama you may not realize it but we have options and rights to. So i leave you with 1 question that i sincerily hope you think about very much, do you want your family growing up in fear knowing what you are doing and that you and probibly them will most likily go to hell becouse of what you are doing?

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You can Reverse Monsanto Act. Stop it now!!!


President Obama you have betrayed the world by letting Monsanto company and the other corrupted and careless companies that make genetically modified products.

Haven't you seen enough how damaged the planet is because of the atrocities this kind of companies have done to our enviorinment?? this is the first time on earth human kind like them are not only extinguishing animals massively and rapidly but our own kind too by making contaminated food or genetically modified food to feed our families and contaminating all water on earth.

With all respect but now I am going to talk to you as a creator of life and A very angry mother that I am: STOP being a puppet of the rich people!!!!!.. do your job with bervery.....become a heroe NOW!! We need a heroe not a president who gets easily currupted or scared by these luminaties of the new order who are ruling unconsciously our planet and killing all.

Live with dignity and die with dignaty by doing always the right thing!!! It is time a real president rises and becomes a real heroe and a real leader of his people!!

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Meeting you/ Getting letters/ Getting books from you


Dear Obama,

I would like to say that you are the best! My name is Sophiann. I would just like to ask if I could visit you someday before you leave the office? Anyways, I would just like to say if I could get original books from you personally. I would also like to meet your family, and your faculty. The last thing and the most important thing is that I am asking you to write two letters; 1 to my school which is Pelham Gardens Middle School. It is on East Gunhill Road. The next letter is to go to me. I also live in the Bronx. The letter is about inviting my mother, my brother, and I to the White House. I am not pressuring you, take your time, as long as you don't leave the office.



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The Drinking Age In The United Sates


Dear , Obama

I was just concerned about some questions that I have been thinking
about lately! At the age of 18 years old I can do any thing a 21 year old can do
except drink a glass of wine! If 18 is considered a legal adult why wont the US give
us the responsibility to be one ! A legal adult can do anything they want ! A lot
of teenagers binge drink because when ever they get the chance to drink alcohol
they abuse it because they can not get it when they want to.

I remember hearing that texas lowered their drinking age from 21 to 18 and the car crashes
decreased.If i can risk my life going to war to fight why can't i have a glass of wine at a family
party . America claims to be the land of the free , then why won't they let a legal
adult take the responsibility of being a legal adult . For example if my favorite band
is playing at a night club , and i want to go just to see them perform and not to drink ,
then i wouldn't be able to get in the night club just to have fun because there is alcohol
in the building and im under 21 . I feel That people who are 18 to 20 years old are being
cheated out of their rights because, if the law says we are adult why won't they give us the
full responsibility of being one ! I've heard that many other countries lowered their drinking
age to 18 , and it made the young adult act more responsible and control the amount of alcohol
consume ! Just the feeling of the young adults feeling free and being adults made them more
humble & more Careful

The law says that when you go to war you can legally drink at 18 ! If the law says that 18 to 20
year old people can't drink period then no one the age of 18 even in the military should drink either!
An 18 year old can put their life at risk and at danger to fight for America but they don't have the full
rights to be an adult like america say we do! For many years the drinking age has been 21 ,
but america still knows that people 18 to 20 are still gonna find a way to drink !

It's crazy that at 18 i can work behind a bar , work in a night club and work at a casino , but i can't enjoy any of these places
with friends and family because im under aged! At 18 you are considered a legal adult !At 18 i can get married
, adopt a child , by my own house, my own car,join military& etc ! If the government trust me with voting for the president , then why don't
they trust me to be an Adult! If i am trusted to raise an adopted child & get married , the why am
i not trusted to take the full responsibility of being an adult? I can get married at 18 , but i i can't even have a glass of wine
at my own wedding or even on my honeymoon! Wow how frustrating would that be ! And Im suppose to be a legal adult !

I believe that if american gave people 18-20 the full responsibility of being a adult , alcohol will
not be abused as badly, and us so called adult will learn to be responsible
with the challenges we have to face in life! So why not lower it ? These Questions pops up in my head multiply times !
just wanna know why? :-)

An American

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