Mohammad Ali Taheri, founder of Halqeh Mysticism has been sentenced to death in Iran

Dear Madam/Sir,

Iran's human rights currently requires your immediate attention!

After the election of Hassan Rouhani as president in 2013 hopes of change once more emerged among Iranian citizens. Mr. Rohani had repeatedly promised to restore the lost rights of citizens on the basis of the constitution of the Islamic Republic. However, according to the June 2015 report of Ahmad Shahid, UN Special Rapporteur, human rights situation has been worsening in Iran and based on Amnesty's report, only in the past six months, 753 people have been executed in Iran.

One of the people currently under the risk of execution is “Mohammad Ali Taheri”, the founder of a spiritual movement known as Halqeh (Interuniversal) Mysticism and its two complementary and alternative medicines called Faradarmani and Psymentology.

Below please find translation of DW Farsi link:

Founder of Halqeh Mysticism has been sentenced to death in Iran

The official news agency of the Iranian judiciary (Mizan) quoted from an informed source that Mohammad Ali Taheri, founder of the [spiritual] doctrine of "Halqeh Mysticism" has been sentenced to death. According to the news agency, Taheri’s death verdict has been handed out to his lawyer. The issuance of the death sentence for Mohammad Ali Taheri was confirmed in an interview with the legal and judicial reporter of “Mizan” (the Iranian Judicial official news agency), although the appeal period for such conviction is still valid.

In addition to Taheri, a number of other people involved in Halqeh Mysticism including Ms. "Ziba Mohammadian", the wife of Mohammad Ali Taheri, have also been put to trial. Moreover, last winter 16 "masters" of this mystical doctrine were sentenced to a total of 37 years of imprisonment.

The official news agency of Iranian Judiciary wrote, "Mohammad Ali Taheri, the leader of the deviant sect of Halqeh Mysticism, was arrested in May 2010 and was sentenced by the Revolutionary Court to 5 years of prison, to a fine of $ 300,000 and 74 lashes on charges of insulting sanctities, illegal medical intervention in treatment of patients, committing adultery, unauthorized use of academic titles (doctor and engineer), [publishing] his subversive books.”

In May 2015, the court also added another charge called "Corruption on Earth".

Mahmoud Alizadeh Tabatabai, lawyer of Mohammad Ali Taheri, said in June 2015 that he had been informed of his client’s death sentence although the sentence had not been delivered to him. However, in June and only one day after Tabatabai had announced the verdict [in Tasnim, one of the Revolutionary Guard’s news agencies], the Iranian judiciary had denied issuing such a decree.

The arrestment of Mohammad Ali Taheri and Halqeh Mysticism masters began after a few of the Iranian clerics and ayatollahs issued fatwas (religious statements) against this group and their activities. In one of these fatwas, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Leader of Iran, stated that: "Participation in these (Halqeh Mysticism) meetings and any action that promotes these people and their classes should be avoided." Makarem Shirazi (another religious cleric) also said: "Such sects do not have any religious validity and their beliefs are apparent deviation and their purpose is to deceive."

In recent years, fans of the founder of “Halqeh Mysticism" have carried out several demonstrations in Iran in protest to Taheri’s situation.
In August 2011, the Islamic Republic state television broadcast the “confessions" of Mohammad Ali Taheri [filmed in jail] in which he denied his own teachings. In this confession, Taheri requested his supporters to refrain from listening to his audio cds and from reading his writings.
However, one year before, through a letter sent [from inside Evin prison] to Ahmad Shahid, the UN special rapporteur on human rights in Iran, Mohammad Ali Taheri had explained how the Revolutionary Guards’ interrogators had forced him to make “false confessions” under "psychological pressure and torture", and that he had undergone such “false confession" as a result of death threats and threats to “harm his wife and orphan his children". This confession was broadcast on state television and was later attached to his file [and presented in court] as evidence.

Earlier, Amnesty International had warned of the danger of the execution of Mohammad Ali Taheri stating that Taheri who had spent 4 years of his five-year sentence had been [once more] accused of "Corruption on Earth" which is considered punishable by death in Iran. Taheri has been kept in solitary confinement since his arrest.

Amnesty International considers Taheri a prisoner of conscience that has used the right to peaceful expression [through writing a letter to Ahmad Shahid]. Amnesty noted that, according to international human rights law, the death penalty applies only to cases of "extremely serious crimes" such as murder.

After the above explanation quoted from DW (Persian) news agency, we, as his students, would like to express our deep concern about his fate. In order to prevent the execution, we need your assistance in covering the news of his and other prisoners of conscience's status in Iran. It is only under international pressure that this verdict will end in acquittal and the execution will not take place.

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Changing The Lives of The People

Dear President Barack Obama, My name is Eric of Lauderhill, Florida, I am writing you today because I have been compelled to write this letter for many months and have been totally disobedient to the voice of God because I was afraid that my words would fall on deaf ears. I have been listening and following you since you have been the President of the United States and every time I have listen to you speak you speak as if someone who loves this country and the people. But I have not seen anything change I have continued to see the Congress and the Republicans fight with you to make changes in helping the people of the United States. Funny thing is that all of you were voted in by the people, but I have seen you help for the people of this country. So it is imperative that you read this letter and hear what the voice of God is saying for I know that you believe in God because it is because of Him that you have been predestined for the position that you have been so gracefully given it’s not because of your education, political views or your knowledge but it’s because God chose you from your mother’s womb to be President of the United States. Yes, God prepared you by allowing you to go to the right schools, putting you around the right people and allowing you to have the parents that you were born to. You were anointed to this job, for this time and for this position. You have the power to make changes all the things that you dreamed about all your life you are now in the position to help the people who you so desperately wanted to help! The People! Before I share with you what God has been showing me I would like to tell you a little about me? I am a veteran I served in the US NAVY for 4 years, I went to college but did not finish, I am an entrepreneur who has owned companies and because of one of those companies I am currently a felon. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would go to prison and serve thirty-three months in a Federal Prison behind bars but I realize that if I had never experienced this I would not be the man I am today. I have failed at everything I have ever done in my life. I failed as a father, husband, citizen of this country, but because I have failed God was able to use my failures to make me the man that He wanted me to be. I had to go to prison to see who I am and because I know who I am now I am being used in a miraculous way to help people of all walks of life and be the voice of the people because they have no voice in our Government. I am a servant of God and a servant of the people and no matter where this letter ends up whether in the garbage; in the hands of someone who will place me back into prison I won’t hold my tongue. I am currently serving probation and have been separated from my family for over four years because my wife is from another country and because we never filed the immigration papers for her we can’t be together and raise our two beautiful kids. I know that what I am about to do will change my life and the life of my family forever just like you but it is time that someone speaks out. I am being used by God to send you this message I don’t know why and I don’t know what will happen but I do know that because it is God who speaks through me I am doing the right thing. Now that I have shared a little personal information about myself let me share with you what God has been speaking to me about and how you as our President can make the changes needed to help the people. It is because of each other we live not because of the Government, business, politics or even the wealthy but we all live because God created us and this great nation. You have surrounded yourself with intelligent people but it is not those people who will help you because for three years this country has been in the same situation and getting worse every day we turn on the television we see catastrophic things happening around us in this one year we had earth quakes, floods, fires, tornadoes and even hurricanes in the places that we has human beings could ever imagine. We have seen many of our veterans give their lives for this country and return to nothing but more pain. We have the largest population of men in prison then any country in the world. Our jobs have been sent to countries that most have never visited and probably won’t. We have had millions of Americans lose jobs and homes and we just continue to see and hear the same things. We are human being created by God for God and we deserve to hear the truth. Not someone who will lie to cover things up because they are afraid or they want to keep the peace. Well right now in the hearts and souls of the American people there is no peace or rest many people live in poverty right here in the United States but we continue to send many and aid to countries we are in war with or countries that are sending contaminated goods to our people. Mr. Obama it is time that we think about our people first we can’t help other countries if we can’t help ourselves. So here are some things that you can do first to help the people who voted you and every other politician into office. 1. The mortgage situation can change right now by meeting with the banks, Freddie and Fannie and having them lower each loan amount to the current value of the home and lower the interest rate not just for some but for all to 4%, then making each home owner produce employment documents and income documentation showing that they can make the payment. While doing this it will give relief to the homeowners and put more money in their hands to start to stimulate the economy but more importantly it will show that they are not just people but citizens who voted for the President that God placed in Government. 2. The bible says that debts should be forgiven in a seven year period but that’s not the way it works with our creditors and credit reporting agencies, so I am asking that you wipe clean every citizens credit file so that they have a fresh start and that will give them the ability to get jobs, credit and buy homes at a lower rate because now they have the tools to use to make their lives better. But some training would have to be put in place like making it mandatory to attend life skills training so that they are better educated in handling credit and their finances. 3. The medical situation in this country needs to be reformed so that all citizens have medical insurance no matter who they are so I propose that you forget about forcing people to get medical insurance and bring back Government clinics and give through the government a medical that covers a yearly percentage for younger people and our elderly should all be covered no matter what conditions they have because if it wasn’t for them none of us would be here and have to opportunity. 4. Our educational system needs to be reformed and go back to where we used to offer training programs in our High schools. By offering blue collar occupation training like Air conditioning technicians, electricians, Agriculture, nursing aids and cosmetology trades and that will prepare our young people in getting jobs that keep our country going and not jobs that won’t help the country. Make life skill training mandatory so they learn how to handle their finances and everyday life challenges. 5. Small businesses and entrepreneurs is what has kept this country going we need to offer better programs and training facilities that assist small business owners grow and hire within the communities they are in and offer tax breaks and government subsidies for them. There needs to more government grants and money for people looking to start businesses. 6. Rehabilitation for Incarcerated and ex-felons there needs to be training programs and classes that help to rehab men and woman in our prisons. So when they get out they can find jobs so they don’t go back to prison because families suffer. We have more men in prison than any other country. The young men 18-30 who have problems we need to offer them being first time offenders an opportunity to serve in our military because the reason why they continue to commit crimes because discipline and self control was never taught in the household. The other thing that needs to be taken a look at is the length of being a ex-felon as far as records, there are men who did their time and who are successfully doing all the things needed to support their families but they still have that felony record being held over their heads does not allow them to participate in certain programs or hold certain jobs we need to assist our citizens in growing not holding them back. Mr. Obama I know this letter is lengthy and I know that some of these things might be repartition but it’s time that you as our President take action. We don’t have time America is dying! The people are starving and hungry to take this country to the next level. You are the next level President. Please read: Deuteronomy 31:8 it will help you! I pray that this letter will not fall on deaf ears but I pray that many people will be blessed by you being the President that God ordained and that the people place their faith in to lead them. YES WE CAN!!! MEANS EVERYONE!!! Gods Humble Servant and the Servant to the People, Eric L. Turner

Denial after a long drawn out process with Wells Fargo

I have a long long story but I am frustrated after being through the Supposed HAMP program process. I need help I have called and resent my paperwork, which has been stacks of paperwork. I send everything they want and been lied to and stories change etc. I desparately need  help along with all the millions that (as I have read many many blogs of people going through the same thing). I had no Idea so many people have gone through exactly what I have been through, just to be told today that we were denied due to their inefficency. I asked to be considered from the very beginning of this process for the HAMP program after my husband lost his job & I was laid off and I heard about it on CNN. That was in Feb. 2009. I was told today to take what they offer which is not the HAMP or I could lose the ability to be reconsidered for Wells Fargo's Plan if I re-apply for the HAMP. It is only cutting my payment down a small fraction of original. The payment option would be OK if it still was not 40% of my Gross Income and about 50% of our net Income. We went through all of our lifes savings to keep up the payments on our home after my Husband losing 75% of his income. Our house has dropped dramatically in value as well. We have cut every corner to keep our home and cashed in our 401K. We lost our income 2 1/2 yrs ago. We lasted one and half yrs on what we had saved. Then I was laid off and then ouch. We are not dead beats. Even though my husband lost his job he has not stopped working even though it is considerbly less. He probbably could of made more on unemployment but only collected for 1 month after he lost his job. There are many many people that need help with this process. I know that some things have changed recently with this program; however it is very weird that I was denied the HAMP just yesterday as the new revisions have been made. Actually they denied me a month ago because they said I did not have the paperwork they needed in which I did and then they said I could reapply last month after I called a bazillion times. Then today I was told that I was not reconsidered afterall. Only reconsidered for what Wells Fargo had to offer. This has been a nightmare and it seems that their is no where to turn. Please help!!!!

Great Job

Great job, President Obama, Politics; as a full contact sport? Or a cummunicable desease that kills more people than guns and cigeretes put together. I watch CBC BBC CNN FOX you want to know why I love comedy. who needs reality tv. My husband yells at Hockey and sometimes three games of Football in a row and I agree with him. Me I yell at the news and he agrees with me...NOT Moving on,,,I just watched the Obama State of the Union Address. Obama was Like a cold beer on a hot day. Refreshing. Then I watched the Q and A news conference. I felt like I was a kid at the adult table. You know when your parents used to talk and thought we did not know they were fighting. It felt the same. He rocked But it was like he kept his mouth shut all this time to give the other side enough rope to hang them selves and thier nieghbors  too. What he said was "you are right on so many levels...just as long as reality is not applied" He pulled no punches. Obama in a house of RepubliCains....they were all talking points not facts, business as usual throw enough shit at the wall some will stick. I was very impressed, it was like a rap off in the house....he was impressive and the opposition was all "your momma dresses you funny"....I found myself clapping, It was refreshing a politican calling Bull...He was in a crowd of One...Who needs sports and reality  when we have American Politics
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