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human rights

I'm a targeted individual that is needs help


My name is cherese Morgan I live 9215 livery lane laurel MD 20723 I'm a single black mother on dialisys been on dialisys for 17year have one little girl that I love so much it was a blessing just to have her, I've been put on a gang stalking list by someone that is close to me and someone I use to date one of the reasons was I caught him touching my child and I wouldn't turn my head I have never did anything to know one and it not just normal people doing this the police is behind this please help me in the name of Jesus help contact me at 2403742460,thank you very much

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Standing Rock - Dakota Access Pipeline


Dear President Obama:

We, the people of the United States, are demanding that you stop the Dakota Access Pipeline on the grounds it is violating treaty. You have a small window to be a hero left. Please do the right thing; it won't be forgotten.

Concerned Citizen in Portland, Oregon

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Why this is important


Dear Mr. President Obama,
My great spiritual teacher taught me love,peace and happiness. ,who am I, and what am I doing in this world, he answered a lot of my questions about the world and human.At this time his life is in Danger of Execution!!! I need One Million signature.... Please Help me to get it. I am asking you because you are a President of United State and you can do it.
Thank you
Adeleh R.

or you can go to allofusfound.com and sign it.

Sign to FREE Mohammad Ali Taheri Today ...


His Life Is In DANGER.

MOHAMMAD ALI TAHERI, present day spiritual leader and exceptional scholar, has been wrongfully accused and imprisoned since May 2011 on false grounds and without giving the right to consult a lawyer and certainly without a fair trial.

He is the founder of a Persian alternative medicine that focuses on mind, body and soul who has been awarded six honorary doctorate degrees and other honorary awards in various countries.

Please sign to stop:

Extreme Physical, Mental and Emotional Torture

Wrongful Accusation and Imprisonment

STOP Mohammad Ali Taheri’s EXECUTION!!

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Can We Save Our Children!


Yesterday my heart was broken by a twelve year old child. You see he used to be an A – B student but now he has to go to summer school because since he moved in a hotel he is unmotivated and his self-esteem is non-existent.

I am working with his mom to obtain permanent housing but how do I get this child back to the boy who loved school in his rural hometown. When will we see that housing is not an option but a right. Healthy food and good nutrition is a right. Equal education for academics and technical training is a right. America cannot succeed, we as a people cannot succeed if we do not take care of the least of our population.

So, I am coming to you because this child and countless others are living in hotels like it is permanent housing, eating processed snack foods or no food at all, and forced to stay in a 12 X 12 room all day so their family won’t get kicked out by code enforcement. This is cruel for anyone to live this way, much less a child. These children are crying out to you for they cannot focus on education if they have no bed, grades are not important if they have no food and excellence in education is but a dream if they lose their hope.

Please help me help them!

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Psychiatry clinics


Dear Barack Obama
I am writing from Georgia (the country). In 2008 I was in White Plains (New York) I studied at Manhattanville College there. Not to waste your time because of my young age I tried there LSD and somehow I ended up in NEW YORK PRESBYTERIAN hospital in White Plains in the place called “haven”. I had my psychiatrist DR.MICHAEL MCLNTOSH. I am writing this letter because those 2 months there and what was going there was hell for me. They did experiments on me, and I am innocent person. And when I am saying experiments- I mean I was a normal guy, normal student from Georgia, and by the end of those 2 months I was ready to kill anybody for Mr.Obama. When I looked in mirror at dark I was seeing your face. I felt myself as a soldier who would commit suicide or do anything if it was necessary for Barack Obama or USA. They didn’t let me go until my mother flew from Moscow and Georgian consul interfered. Mr.MCLNTOSH couldn’t say the reason why they didn’t let me go. I didn’t even have the diagnosis. The funniest part is that in 1 week after I came back to Georgia, I wasn’t afraid of anybody anymore and I continued my life. So, later I moved to Paris and I studied there, but my health and psychological condition wasn’t good. I remembered what they were doing with me in this hospital and 2 times I had to come back to Georgia and to be the resident of local hospitals. They broke my life. Even now I have to take pills- Risperidon. I don’t know why, and I don’t know what they were doing with me, I guess it’s just a secret national strategy for creating robots, or soldiers, or spy, or killers, I don’t know what the hell was it, but I am sure you as a president of USA have to know what’s going on in your hospitals and what they are doing with international students, innocent children, they just make experiments. My whole life is broken and I don’t have money to sue this hospital or Mr.Mcltosh, that’s why I am writing to you from Tbilisi. I am sure your administration will never show you this letter, but whatever it is GOD is watching everybody. And the purpose of this letter is to have response on the question- WHY Do you do it to innocent people? And will anybody ever compensate me this 2 months of hell that influenced my whole life.
I know that even if you understand my pain you will not be able to response. It sounds silly but I will give you my bank account. Hope you will respond.

ACCOUNT: GE66BG0000000191766100USD
Name: Irakli Gulua

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Turkey and Kurds


Mr. Obama, 

I am a Kurd from Northern Iraq, from As-Sulaimanyah, and I am here to address the atrocity committed by our Turkish allies. Is it not the responsibility as an ally to condemn crimes against humanity? As you already know Mr. President, Turkish military killed 35 Kurdish civilians from Uludere in Sirnak, Turkey. It is known as the Sirnak Massacre to some. Now I love America, I am proud to say I am an American Kurd, I have citizinship in this country, but your silence as these events unfold in Turkey is troubling. Kurds are being oppressed in Turkey, children are being arrested on false charges of terrorism, just for protesting.

I know Turkey is an important ally to the United States of America, but this does not mean you should allow Turkey to commit these atrocities on my people, too long have my people been oppressed and killed, we face discrimination everyday in Turkey. There are reports of hospitals treating patients poorly and publicly discriminating against them. There was one case in Turkey where a pregnant woman was flung from a table in a hospital room, and when she cryed out they grabbed her fingers and broke them. This is unacceptable to everyone who calls themselves a Kurd and an American. America and Turkey support the revolution in Syria, but did u know more than a quarter of the protesters are Kurdish? Does Turkey know? How can America and Turkey say they support human rights when Turkey is committing crimes against humanity against the Kurds in Turkey?

How can you Mr. Obama stay silent and watch as this genocide consumes my people? I know I am young, I am only 18, I wanted to join the Army, but now sir I am unaware of what I should be fighting for. I feel now I should be fighting for my Kurdish brothers and sisters. I hope you actually read this sir, because if you won't listen to the cries of the fatherless Kurdish children in Turkey, who will?

Sincearly, The American Kurd

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Concerns about the well-being of West Papua

Dear President Obama, Hello, my name is Tracey. I am a 22-year-old college student residing in Tacoma, Washington. First of all, I would like to tell you that the first time I ever voted in my life was when I voted for you to become my president. For the first time, I became aware of what was going on in the world of politics, and it was a new and exciting time for me. On the morning that I found out you were going to be our president, I immediately called all of my friends and family members to celebrate the news. I created a scrap book dedicated to you, and I saved every Obama-related article I could find for months. I had visions of sharing this scrap book with my children and grand-children in the future, describing what exciting times I had lived in, and how lucky I was to see our country’s first African-American president. You are the only politician who has ever given me hope for change, and I have placed a lot of faith and trust in you. The main purpose of this letter is to discuss with you the situation involving West Papua and Indonesia. As I am sure you are aware, there has been what some have called a “slow motion genocide” in West Papua for nearly half a century. When Indonesia gained rule over West Papua in the 1960s, very few people showed much concern for the well-being of the native West Papuans, and as the decades have gone past, the concern has grown very little. The Indonesian government is guilty of rape, murder, torture, and oppression of tens of thousands of innocent citizens. West Papuans cannot raise their native flag or openly criticize the government without risking the chance of vicious backlashes. It is not uncommon for activists who are fighting for West Papua’s freedom to be murdered by Indonesian soldiers or to simply disappear and never be seen again. A contact of mine, a very kind West Papuan man named Rex Rumakiek, informed me that during the 1960s, when he was a teenager living in West Papua, his brother had his legs shot by Indonesian soldiers, and this was followed by them disemboweling him in front of a group of onlookers. This is how they often make examples out of people who do not obey their senseless rules. Indonesia has defended their cruel practices by claiming that it is their way of defending their national integrity. What Indonesia is doing to the West Papuans has nothing to do with defense. Entire villages have been bombed. Indonesian soldiers with napalm and chemical weapons are plowing down natives who are still fighting with bows and arrows. I have found horrifying numbers of accounts of pregnant women being cut open in front of groups of people. This is not defense, this is genocide. I don’t know how familiar you are with the cultures of Papua, but the people are incredibly and beautifully diverse. Over 15% of the entire world’s languages are spoken only on the island of New Guinea. West Papuans are some of the very last remainders of what we all used to be. There are still hunter-gatherer tribes, and most people live off of the land. Many tribes have resided on the large island for as long as 50,000 years. Mr. President, these people are amazing and when they are gone, there is no turning back, and we will never again have such a wonderful connection to our history. As I have been learning more and more about West Papua and Indonesia, I have noticed that your name also keeps coming up in articles. I read that last year you allowed the Indonesian military to continue getting funds from the United States. Last November you took a trip to Indonesia and publicly praised them for their diversity and tolerance. Indonesia is a beautiful country that is also richly diverse with amazing people. But I am having a very hard time understanding how you can be so deeply involved with the Indonesian government without ever publicly mentioning the people of West Papua. I have brought up the topic of West Papua to dozens of people I see on a regular basis, and not one person I have talked to has already known about it. “West what? What is that?” is my most common response. People just do not know about it. If everybody is ignorant of this ongoing genocide, nothing is going to get done to stop it. The biggest fear I have is that the wonderful people of West Papua are going to cease to exist, and nobody will even notice. The idea of a culture that is 50,000 years old just disappearing is like a horror story to me. I cannot even fathom what sort of evil souls would want this to continue. You are the most powerful man in this country, and one of the most powerful men in the entire world. If anybody can do anything to raise awareness for the people of West Papua, it is you. Indonesia does not allow journalists into West Papua. They don’t even allow the Red Cross. They are blatantly refusing to assist these people, and the American people need to be made aware. We cannot live in ignorance and denial any more. With your connections to Indonesia, you have the power to change this and to help save the lives of thousands of innocent people who just want their homes back. I very badly want you to open up discussions of this situation. If people are just aware, they will be able to help. I know that you are a good man who cares deeply about other people. As a country, we need to be talking about this, and you are the one to get it started. I want to thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter. I care deeply about the people of West Papua, and I also care about and love my own country. I have faith that we can get together and make a difference. I greatly look forward to hearing back from you and learning about the situation from your perspective. Sincerely, Tracey
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Please Legalize Gay Marriage

President Obama In the United States of America, all people are created equal. Despite this, homosexual people are not afforded the same rights as heterosexual people. The Constitution does not mention marriage, so the laws regarding marriage equality are left up to the states individually. While states’ rights are essential to fine tuning federal laws within each unique state, they should not restrict the rights of any United States citizen. Not letting homosexuals marry deprives them of these rights. Every American develops his/her own set of morals and values based on family upbringing, religion, interactions with peers, etc. We all develop complex ideas of what we believe to be good vs. bad, right vs. wrong, and moral vs. immoral. America has always embraced this complexity, and in doing so has corrected several imperfections in its civil rights laws, most notably regarding women and black people. We fixed these aspects of our country because we realized that, on a human level, women and black people are no different than white men. On that same human level, homosexual people are no different than heterosexual people. One human should be allowed to marry another one human. Heterosexual humans are humans. Homosexual humans are humans. -Ari Kaplan
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Camp Ashraf in Iraq


Dear President Obama,

On April 8, 2011, Iraqi forces attacked Camp Ashraf, which is home to around 3500 unarmed Iranian refugees. A cruel massacre occurred, which resulted in the death of 35 people including 8 women. I am sure you have been informed of this incident, but I would like to inform you of a letter written by Reza haftbaradaran, the father of the late Saba Haftbaradaran, one of the young Iranian girls who was killed by Iraqi forces.

Why does this happen?

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my brother

my name is ivette collazo im from waterbury connecticut.so sorry mr president aout my writing to you .but dont now who to turn to.my brother is a inmate at butner federal prison.his name is samuel virella inmate nomber is 14038014. hes human rights or being taken away from him. He has a condition he sufers seizures and his medications are being taken away . He is also being abused by the facility personal. Could you please help him. please interfear with the facility at butner feral prison in north carolina.maybe they will take your phone call.they dont want to take my call.please help him.      thank you MR PRESIDENT.  
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