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modification denied HAMP IndyMac Onewest bank foreclosure

HAMP program is not working


Plese help those of us who believe we would qualify for the Making Home Affordable Progam  ( HAMP)  I have been denied becasue of what I believe is an income error in my mortgage companies system ( IndyMac / Onewest bank) I have been over it quite a few times with their loss mitigation department and they only want me to keep reapplying. I have been at this process since March 2009 and it is now Nov 2009.  I did not buy this home without knowledge or on a whim. We have invested 7 years and alot of $$  on this house but lost $2000 a month in income in April 2008. I can not refinance due to the home lossing so much value in the last year. I do not want a reduction in principle I just want a lower payment with the help of the loan being extended to 40 years or a slight interest decrease. Please help the American people!  It was stated on King 5 news  ( Seattle) last week that the mortgage foreclosure rate has risen to 300,000 per month nationwide campared with 60,000 last year!  WE NEED HELP NOW!!!!!!  Thank you for your time.

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