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home ownership

I have a sure way to solve the housing foreclosure mess!

For those of us Americans who have stable job securities, or who has been in our present jobs between 10 - 25 years and can obtain a recommendation letter from the employer in regards to this security, this person (s) should be given the opportunity to purchase a foreclosure home from the bank and spent a year of making on time payments and at the end of the year obtain that mortgage. There are thousands if not millions of Americans, single or otherwise who has job security, but because of having a bad credit (for whatever reason, a few late payments, or divorce...as in my case) cannot obtain a mortgage. That person (s) should be given the opportunity to own a home, but not based on credit, but based on job security and debt ratio to own his/her home. What that would create, it would eliminate millions of homes in the foreclose bracket to be off the market, put families in these homes and thereby building the neighborhoods of American cities, the banks are getting their monies, and the economy would undoubtedly bounce back as a result. I would elaborate more if interested?
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Health care reform and taxing

I it true that your health care reform imposes 3.8% tax on all income from home sales and home rental income?
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No American Dream in My Town

       Frist I like to say Congratulations Sir We need Change.                                           I'v Lived In Delano California All my Life I am Married am 36 and have two boys and two girls Work hard to give my family the American Dream.                                               Got my home in 2000 was very happy to give them a place to call home and grow, When I got my home it was perfect, in 2004 my family grow and needed to add some rooms at the time the housing was growing it was easy to get refinance paid a contractor to do the work of adding two new rooms we spent over $18,000.00, the work was never done and our home defaced and lefted undone had to get more money to finish.          Now we face losing our home with Aurora do to Housing Debt Ratio is greater than amount allowed for HAMP.I belive you are tring your best for every American to save there home I only wished the Banks ets. felt the same, All I been seeing is Americans abanding your homes tried of doing all the paper work over and over to save there home, I to will have to move on No American Dream in my Town, next week there will be nothing to give thank's to because will have to start saving money to put down for rent.         Americans Are looking for Change and hopes it comes soon think you for taking time to read my letter and God Bless.                 
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