Thank you for being so brave

Mr. President Obama,   Thanks to men like you, (brave enough to fight those who only care for their pockets), the most needed people can feel protected. You have recovered my trust in politicians, in a time where an honest one was almost a dream. Thank you again, for your job, your honesty, and for demonstrate that no matter how hard the road could be, if we (the people) remain strong, there's nothing that the rich and powerful can take from us. Though this bill may not be perfect, I'm sure that those who are gathering all their forces to fight it, are doing it just for personal insterests and not thinking in the millions that are going to be beneficiad with it.

military insurance

Dear Mr. President, In 2008 my son joined the Army Reserves-he's very proud to be an Army Reservist and very proud to serve his country. I am proud of him! However, I am very dissapointed that when my son seeks medical care, he is not covered by the insurance that he pays premiums for. He went to the emergency room for a severe ear infection-nothing was covered! Not one penny! When he attempted to go to the eye doctor to get new glasses-they refused to accept his insurance! He is still wearing the glasses that were issued to him in basic training. He graduated in January of 2009! Why does my son have to pay for insurance that covers nothing until he is deployed and is not accepted by doctor's in his community? Does he have the option of refusing to defend the freedom of the doctor's who refuse to accept his insurance? If there is an emergency that he is deployed for-can he say no? We both know the answer to the above questions. I think there should be a bill passed requiring ALL medical providers in the United States to accept the Tri-Care Military Insurance. Is is a SHAME that anyone in this country would refuse to accept insurance for someone who volunteered to defend their rights to choose to be in the healthcare profession.

Healthcare Bill

    Mr. President:      My name is Ayesha Muhammad. I am a Registered Nurse and work as the Medicare Case Manager at a rural long-term care facility. I have been receiving a large amount of criticism regarding my support of the new Healthcare Reform Bill. I became a nurse because of my passion for caring for others. I am ashamed of the ignorance and rumors some people are showing towards the new bill. I was wondering if there was a website that I could print a copy of the entire bill. I would like to highlight portions of the bill to show others the many benefits offered by the new Health care Reform Bill.    Sincerely, Ayesha Muhammad,RN  

Health Care Bill

Dear Mr. President. Thank you. My only regret is that it takes time to get it all implemented.  When I was in the Airforce many years ago we got behind our president whether we agreed with him or not. It was loyalty and it was an honor.  The last couple days is the only time I have ever been ashamed and afraid of being an American; not because of the passing of the health care bill but because of the Republicans who seem to be self serving and trying to speak for "the American People".  They don't speak for me.  Thank you for what you have done.  I remember a news cast where one of your children asked why everyone hated you.  I agree with your not everyone hates their daddy.  Thank you again.  

health care

Dear Mr. Obama, I wanted to have a chance to be heard on this health care bill. I am having a hard time understanding why its sooo important that you have this bill passed. What happened to the people of this country being able to choose whether we want this or not. I am so worried about the future of my families healthcare. I am very happy with BlueCross And, my 4mth old has allkids which I might add it took over 6 mths to establish and now its all going to be taken away. Why do you insist on making our misserable. if its such great health care than why do you exclude yourself and congress from it. I don't have $600 a mth to pay for me and my child. and, If I don't choose this crappy healthcare then I will be fined $5000 for each of us. I believe in everyone having an opportunity to have healthcare and with pre-existing issues. So, why not pass a seperate bill that will provide that and, keep the insurance for the ones that are happy with what they already have. You have upset a lot of people Mr. President!!!

Please explain...

Mr Obama, I am a single mom with a daughter graduating this year. I work full time job and a part time job to just make ends meet. We both do not have health insurance, which I was made to believe once you took office this would not be the issue anymore.  I went to file my taxes today, and I was made aware that the earned income credit I have always got was not there and the tax preparer stated that the new laws that you passed took money away from me. I listen to all your speeches and you made me believe things would be much better this year. It turns out its way worse. Please email me back with an explanation on why this is happening. I know things do not happen over night and I just didn't think it would be worse then it was before. I dont receive any assistance from the father or the state. So I was really looking forward to my taxes to pay back bills that I got behind on and get things that were needed. I willnot be able to do that this year I received over 2500.00 less this year then last year and I did not make more this year I actually took a pay cut to remain at my job, other wise I would be getting unemployment. Please reply to Thank you, Susan S  

Note from Thelma needing HELP

Yes my name is Thelma Smith i live in a some town in texas and my family is struggling to make our bills month to month. I have a husband and 3 kids and my husband is the only one working and i cannot find a job and have been searching since November ..  We are like many of the thousands that are struggling and need assistance.  I have tried to get help through human resources and they say we make to much money which i do not understand. How can someone tell you that  they can not help you when they look at a check stub and only use the amount you made before they take out for taxes when the amount could be 200 to 300 dollars difference in what you bring home. I am so sad for the people in haiti and wish i could help but know I can't when i can barely take care of my own family.. It hurts me to think that soon I may loose my home or my cars in order to get a job to do so.. I am needing help but do not know where to go... I do not want to file for bankruptcy cause i do not want that on my credit...  If I had 200,000 thousand i know that my whole family would change for the better.. I was told there are grants that you do not pay back for personal reasons and mine are for debt I do not like being behind or in the whole  you could say... If you could help me in anyway i would greatly appreciate it very much and words would not even tell how happy i would be if i could get the help....   Everything online pretty much costs and when they say free is not which is misleading to think otherwise..  I hope this will get read in efforts that someone will write back and tell me if they can help.. I will say keep up the good work that you have done and I hope you be in office next term also   thank you for time...                                                             thelma smith

Note from Thelma needing HELP

Yes my name is Thelma Smith i live in a some town in texas and my family is struggling to make our bills month to month. I have a husband and 3 kids and my husband is the only one working and i cannot find a job and have been searching since November ..  We are like many of the thousands that are struggling and need assistance.  I have tried to get help through human resources and they say we make to much money which i do not understand. How can someone tell you that  they can not help you when they look at a check stub and only use the amount you made before they take out for taxes when the amount could be 200 to 300 dollars difference in what you bring home. I am so sad for the people in haiti and wish i could help but know I can't when i can barely take care of my own family.. It hurts me to think that soon I may loose my home or my cars in order to get a job to do so.. I am needing help but do not know where to go... I do not want to file for bankruptcy cause i do not want that on my credit...  If I had 200,000 thousand i know that my whole family would change for the better.. I was told there are grants that you do not pay back for personal reasons and mine are for debt I do not like being behind or in the whole  you could say... If you could help me in anyway i would greatly appreciate it very much and words would not even tell how happy i would be if i could get the help....   Everything online pretty much costs and when they say free is not which is misleading to think otherwise..  I hope this will get read in efforts that someone will write back and tell me if they can help.. I will say keep up the good work that you have done and I hope you be in office next term also   thank you for time...                                                             THELMA SMITH

What if ?

Hello Mr President, This is my second letter to you in recent weeks.  My name is Damon Dennis Jr.,  I live in Mobile,  Al.  In my last letter I think I told about me being a recovering Alcoholic and Drug addict.  I am very frustrated with the current path the economy has taken.  You have so many forces working against you.  Last night I was watching a documentary about the failure of Enron,  Tyco,  and Worldcom.  And I was thinking about the current crisis with the Banks and the Credict Card companies.  Some of these Execs with the Banks and Credit Card Co.  should have background checks done by an independent organization,  beacause they were and are assuring thier wealth while the countrys wealth is disappearing.  I believe this has been going on since before the turn of the century.  We need to figure out a way of restoring the creditworthiness of the people.  Meaning people that lost money and thier credit status,  and businesses because the financial institutions scaled back or cut off lines of credit are not ruined for the rest of thier lives.  Think about it.  We need more help than these financial instatutions do.  The billions of dollars the institutions has claimed to have made is from the inflated rates and fees placed on the american taspayers.  From tlime to time I would like to send you some thoughts that I have during this strugle that I am determined to be successful over. Thank you for your time.  The executive memo whick you signed this morning is a step in the right direction. Damon Dennis Jr.

Mr President, please change your strategies!

Dear President Obama, I am 58 years old. You are the first politician that I ever gave money to.  It wasn't much, but it was at a time when I really didn't have it to spare.  I made phone calls for you and knocked on doors to get the vote out.  My part was just a small one but it was more than I've done for any other candidate. We were so happy that you won the election.  I am very proud of how you hit the ground running and have tried to make behind the scenes changes for the better whenever you can. But I do not understand why your justice department is defending Bush policies on the governements ability to hold people indefinitely.  I was amazed when I heard that you had signed legislation that would allow an increase in use of legal side arms.  I was confused by the way you and your team bargained away the public option on health care before you even had a chance to propose it. And I do not understand why you cannot demand more loyalty from all the members of the Democratic party...and why you don't defend yourself more against the lies and dis-information being diseminated by Republicans. Did GW hypnotize you before he left office? I see that you are trying hard to the best job you can.  I still support you.  I believe that you know things that we don't and there must be some good reason for you acting like a conservative when clearly it was Progressives and Liberals who put you in office. I want to continue to believe in you.  I want to support you for a second term and see you win again.  I do believe that you are what's best for our country.  So if you would consider the following To Do list, I would be pleased... 1) Get rid of Geitner and Summers... they are weights around your neck!  Get rid of them now and allow the system to pursue Geitner for whatever his involvement was with AIG. 2) Do not allow the SEC to lock up AIG info for 10 years.  Whatever it is we need to know it! 3) Admit that you may have lost your way a bit in an effort to make good things happen, but renew your campaign promises and really try to make them happen. 4) Give us the transparent government you promised. 5) Begin massive troop pullouts from Iraq.  The time is now and people are waiting. 6) Create a National Guard Border Watch.  If the National Guard is willing to go to Iraq and Afganistan, they will go to Texas and other border states.  Mexico is likely to be our next major problem and you need to act on it before it acts on you. The American people will be behind you on this and you will steal the issue from your enemies. 7) Make a point of domestic inspections of ocean liners and transport planes. Push through your head of Homeland Security and make a big stink about it if the Republicans continue to block your apppointment. 8)Create Cash for Clunkers II.  This time make it for American car sales only and allow anyone to define a "clunker" as any car over 8 years old. (my ten year old Ford didn't qualify because the gas milage was too good under the old definition!) 9) Put Americans to work on rebuilding the infrastructure.  Sewers, water lines, bridges, roads.There was a recent TV show focused on the deteriorating American infrastructure. Hit this issue before the Republicans do.  You should have done it by now! The programs that have been passed in this area are too small and don't employ enough people. 10) Create a new jobs bill that calls for every company big or small to participate by hiring more workers. Reward them for participating through tax credits and make the tax credit directly related to new employees. I know there's a credit already available but you could increase it or expand it and MAKE A BIG DEAL about it.  Allow a repeat (decreasing) tax credit over a three year period to encourage a longer term committment to employing new people. Offer government grants for companies that come up with creative projects that employ more people.  Do everything possible to create jobs as quickly as possible. 11) In general, don't give the Republicans the upper hand by associating with big bankers and turning your back on Mom and Pop.  That's not you!! But at the same time remember the lesson of Bill Clinton who talked about being a "New" Democrat.  He was not afraid to admit the forces of the market are real but creative enough to use them to improve government intiated programs.  You can do better than he did if you unleash the creativity of the private sector through the use of tax incentives and grant programs. 12) Play more basketball and give up golf!!! (I'm not kidding!) We love you Mr President and we want you to succeed!! MJW in Michigan  

Massachusetts Senate Elections

Today Tuesday 1/19/10, this is when the people are going to speak to you, I hope you listen to the voters, I think the worm is going to turn today. Some people in the United States has had to live on a budget, even lost jobs, while our government got a raise in pay, it has even grew while you have been in office. I personally have taken a paycut and lost overtime with the company that I work for just to keep my job, but I am thankful that I have a job with insurance and with the economy and jobless rate at this present time. I have seen no consessions from our elected officials. I cannot wait for November I think the people will speak again. We are going to take our country back Nancy Pelose and Harry Reid be prepared your next...Have a good day, I DO NOT TRUST OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS IN OFFICE


how do i make an letter so that the president can read it and believe ehat a say and actually readi t

To love is to love the unlovable believe the unbelievable and hope when all hope is gone.

My name is Karen Marie Grant, my fiance is Benjamin Dale Lauterbach. Together we have an 11 month old son and Benjamin has a 7 year old daughter Allie. We met in a recovery program in the basement of a church.  This recovery program held meetings, networked job oppurtunities, provided shelter and some treatment for those who had hit bottom due to their addiction and suffered severe cosequences.  The founders of this program also advocated in Dc for more help in the area of mental health and addiction.  They pushed for funding, grants and any resources for those seeking treatment.  Myself, I burned every bridge I had ever come across due to my addiction.  I hurt others lost direction and never fullfilled any goal I had ever started.  This led me to the bottom. But there is always a way to work your way up and get that secound chance. In recovery you are tought that you are not your disease.  Addiction is a disease and can be treated. So we change and become who we really are sober and not who we were in are active addiction. My fiance like me hit bottom,  although his consequences were a little more extreme.  Due to his addiction his background criminally has affected him in a way that almost gives him no second chance. It is making it almost impossible for us to survive and be the people we are today. We have both been sober for two years and we are not in active addiction, although you are never cured from being an addict you are treated and you can change.  My fiance though can not find work anywhere due to his felony charges(all caused due to drugs, and his disease.)  He lost his license due to his addiction and owes over $6000 to get it back, therefor he can not drive so he takes public transportation or I drive him.  He owes child support back pay of $5000 dollars due to him not being involved in his child's life due to his drug/addiction.( He now has weekend visitation with her at our home.)  He has been through interview and application after application and keeps getting turned down due to not having a Drivers license(although he can get to work through me or the busline.  he has also been turned down due to his criminal background.  We have been everywhere... unemployment, Fast Food, Kroger, Food Lion, Shopping Malls, Pet stores.  He just got hired at Wendy's but only because he knew someone.  My fiance found out that one of his talents and skills is working with animals but can not get hired anywhere such as Petco, Petsmart etc due to his crimianl background.  Even construction jobs turn down due to no dirivers license.  Also car pool, restraunts, janitor jobs.  He is not the same person he was in his active addiction.  I do not evern know that person.  I do know the person who is honest, humble, powerless to his addiction and the system.  I know the person who wants to support his family and pay his child support but is having a really hard time and seems to be stuck.  We went to amend his child support temporarily due to our expenses and his income and they would not allow anything to change... According to the judge the law in Va states that if you leave the job you had voluntarily when you orginally filed a payment plan through child enforcement and the courts there is nothing they can do to change it.  My fiance left his job due to his active addiction problem at the time.  If mental health and recovery teaches you that you are not your disease then why is this the case in our situation?  Why don't the laws and courts decisions and healthcare terms match up.  Also why if your background is affected due to drugs why are labeled for the rest of your life after you are sober and not in active addiction?  How can he pay his current bills and his everyday living expenses in or to have a place to rest when not at work and a place for our son? WE have a rent payment of $990, water bill and electric, a child, car insurance phone.  We can not move anywhere else baecause of credit and background  beig ruined during our active addiction. We have this place due to a friend of a friend and they can not lower thier rental charge. We can only get assistance with healthcare and food through the government.  The only assistance we can recieve for rent is if we have an eviction notice.  I called for section 8 and in the state of va there is a waiting list and it has been closed since 2003.  My fiance has a child support payment of $230 a month and owes over $6000 in fines to the courts to get his license.  He can only get, right now ,27 hours at work with an income of 7.25 an hour.  I watch children in my home for $600 a month and stay home with my son.  If a go and work I would have to pay child care and I would lose my assistance so it makes sense number wise to stay at home and babysit.  Iam working on loans for school.  I am entering into the feild of human services and addicton counseling. But based on our income coming in and our expenses going out we can barely survive.  We can no longer depend on family to help us.  We both are recovering addicts who simply want to be productive members of society, take care of our family, prosper into better people and live a healthy life. We want to live life on lifes terms.  Because of our history, it is making it impossible for us to keep moving forward and we try to see the light but are not making any head way.  I am genuine and humbled when I say this ...we need options assistance, help and any adivice or some light shown in the areas that need it.  I beleive our system needs to give those who had addiction problems a second chance to prosper in life and purse their goals and be able to meet thier responsibilities.  We should have a chance to live as productive members in society.  It is very dissapointing to keep getting turned down from work. We have a right to work in the United States and a right to pay our way.  I am afraid to say, here in Richmond Va this family is finding out that our right has been taken.  If I am wrong  in any of this, please direct me to where we can turn to for help, or work work work work!!  I pray for us every day and those who are trying to overcome obstacles in this world.  We all have some, some more extreme than others but we all do.  My email is I beleive that one day we will all dwell in possibility and wake with an attitude every morning that we can make something that seems impossible happen, and when it does happen it isn't viewed as a miracle, it just simply is.  I beleive in my fiance and I, I know we can make a change and maybe with my voice I can speak for others in this situation. We need to do something. We need help fast and direction on where and who to turn.  Thank you Karen Marie Grant


You’re Excellency, The President of the United States of America Mr. Barak Obama   Please Sir, I would like you to have some patient to read, research, analyze, and make sense out of the attached document. I hope this may help develop your spiritual capability and become the world Superman of our time. Yes, being the first double blooded President of US and becoming a Muslim will make you to be the Superman of our time. This may as well influence some positive changes in the World politics where could be problems.   Signed: Ibrahim Muhammad Dankyauri Kano- Nigeria.   ATTACHEMENT:         IN THE NAME OF ALLAH MOST MERCIFUL MOST COMPASSIONATE ISLAM Muhammad (Peace Be Upon him) did not come with a sword in his arms. All the people in Mecca and Medina were not Muslims then. If he had to kill all of them no body could have been a Muslim to date. Most of his followers were poor people. So Islam is not a religion of killing people but managing them. Humans are created naturally so they have to live and die naturally. That is why if A is so unjust and kills B, A should be killed so that C, D, E and the rest could live peacefully. But if A is allowed to go free then within no time he will develop another interest to kill C, and D may develop interest to kill E, and at the end there would be chaos. But the West got a wrong notion about Islam ever since, due to the propaganda of the Crusaders, Missionaries, and Western media of today’s strong Nations on the surface of the earth. That not withstanding, ours is to strive and explain the Mission of Islam. Let’s go back a little in history. Allah (God) (Most Glorious and Exalted), created human beings and Jinns (the unseen beings with us),   for the only purpose to Worship Him alone without associating any partner to Him. This Worship has guides and rules governing all the actions of human beings and Jinns, which were sent by Allah from time to time to His chosen Prophets and Messengers in order to deliver to their people. We read in the Holy Scriptures the stories about Noah, Lot, Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and the Tribes. We know that Moses came before Jesus and Jesus came before Muhammad (May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon all of them). When Moses was about to leave this earth he made mention of a coming Prophet and that his people should follow that new Prophet. As Jesus came some Jews followed him but many rejected him and wanted even to crucify him, an action that they could not succeed even though, it was shown to them as if they did. Before Jesus also left this earth, he made mention of a coming Prophet, the last and the savior, that his people should follow him. The Jews and Christians read in their Holy Scriptures that this last Prophet would live and die around a town called Yathrib (old name of Medina) and so many of them migrated to this area with the hope the last Prophet would come among them. As Muhammad (PBU) came and proclaimed the religion of Islam, many followed him but some Jews and Christians around Medina rejected him because he was not among them thus he was not a Jew but an Arab. We may ask the questions; why Jews refused Jesus? And why Christians refused Muhammad? Today the Religion with Allah is Islam Muhammad (PBU) told us in one of his Hadith (Sayings), that the Jews were divided into seventy one sects, seventy sects among them would go to Hell while only one sect would go to Paradise. The Christians were divided into seventy two sects and seventy one among them would go to Hell while only one sect would go to Paradise. He then said, and you meaning (Muslims) would be divided into seventy three sects, seventy two among you would go to Hell while only one sect would go to Paradise. Then his companions asked; which sect would go to Paradise? He replied; the sect that follows what I and you follow today (Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’a). So little wonder why people have different notions about their religions and behaving differently even in the same religion. In another meaning of one of his sayings, the Messenger of Allah indicated that the world and all that is in it are not worth the life of one faithful Muslim in the sight of Allah. If that is the case, how a faithful Muslim could intentionally kill himself in order to kill just few non Muslims and may be together with his fellow faithful Muslims, because he may not necessarily know all the people around him, just before he obliterates his life. People normally go to war with the intention and hope to defeat the enemy, not to be killed by the enemy. But if they got killed, that is something different. For Muslims this is what we call SHAHADA and its reward is with Allah. Had mechanical engineer Abdulqadir Khan of Pakistan been brainwashed in his early years and killed himself or tried to kill himself just like young mechanical engineer Umar Farouk Abdulmutalib of Nigeria did, Pakistan could have not got what it has today. One person causes dignity for his country. Pakistan has something that earns her other nations’ ‘respect ‘– the Nuclear weapon. To the West Abdulqadir Khan is an imposter, while he is a HERO in his country. The West thinks that science and technological know-how is their birthright so no any nation should get it. They are wrong! The first verses that were revealed to our Prophet Muhammad (PBU) read:   1 Read! in the name of thy Lord and Cherisher Who created 2 Created man out of a (mere) clot of congealed blood 3 Read! And thy Lord is Most Bountiful 4 He Who taught (the use of) the Pen 5 Taught man that which he knew not.       (Qur’an Chapter 96, Verses 1-5).    Because knowledge is the BASE of every thing and is encrypted in reading, writing, research and documenting, that could be the reason why the Prophet was first ordered to READ as well as all the Muslims. The present advancement in sciences, technology and mathematics has root from the past Muslims researches and knowledge. True history testifies this.   Allah (MGE) told us in the Holy Qur’an that He created Paradise and Hell, and He intends to fill the Hell with human beings, Jinns and stones. So, some people will definitely enter Hell while some will definitely enter Paradise. If we understand this, we can conclude that no any group of people can completely exterminate other group because of their color or religion. Each has a specified term to fulfill at the end of which he either goes to Hell or Paradise. There is no third place in the Hereafter and there is no doubt about this, among people who have sense of reasoning and faith. > Qur’an Chapter 10, Verse 100.     One of my colleagues told me that he read in some documents about a plan around 1700 A.D.  to exterminate all black race to the extent that by the year 2000 A.D. there should be no single black man or woman remaining on the surface of the earth. I asked him, were those planners the creators of the black race? He replied; definitely NO. I told him rest assured they could not. Today January 12, 2010, as a black African I am writing this piece. You can see how foolish some people might be. In conclusion if we can sum up all the killings done by the so called ‘Muslim Terrorists’ and compare to those done by the American army world wide, we can conclude that the ones done by the ‘Muslim Terrorists’ is not up to one percent of the US  killings. US army destroys nations while ‘Muslim Terrorists’ kill some individuals or groups. Remember Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Cambodia and now Iraq, Afghanistan. So, WHO IS THE ACTUAL TERRORIST? Even though each side could be wrong or right, my advice is, LET US MANAGE EACH OTHER up to our specified terms. ALLAH KNOWS BEST.   Ibrahim Muhammad Dankyauri Kano - Nigeria  


mr.president   you must give  advices  to  the mayority of  african americans  to not  get involved  in gangs  to not use  drugs and any of  those  things  in order  for  them  to left  a clearly imagine   in our society  so  those  people  who were  against    'black'    the  way  they called  african americans  can really  see   why  african americans   should  have  the  rigth to vote  and also not  be  descriminate  l   hope to hear  a   quick  speech  about  that  att; kinkan bye

A Mother's Hope

I have spent 17 1/2 years of my life living in fear of being deported, but what really hurts the most that two of my three children has also lived with the same fear even more so now. My children and I, strongly desires to become American citizens. We don't know any other life. The children, especially, know nothing but the American way, As a mother, I am deeply concerned that my children will not continue to have the opportunities from this great country, if we were deported. On April 10, 2008 Immigration denying our green cards It was a blow to all our hopes and dreams. This situation has created an untold amount of strain and stress upon my children and I, because of our uncertain status. It has definitely been a roller-coaster ride ups and downs for all of us a long hard draining journey. But being determine at the beginning, as in the end, We will continue to be strong, and keep our faith in God and press on. Because of the magnitude of this case It is imperative that I get professional input on this urgent matter. Over the past days, I have send countless emails and spoken to numerous immigration lawyers over the phone. I have also contacted Immigration Community Base Non-Profit Organization, Catholic Charities, seeking Pro Bono legal assistance. I only wish I had the resources, because my children and I future is in imminent jeopardy.

hi i voted for you

i voted for you because i am  black and i want a black president so i did not vote for john mkcane.i want on the internt yesterday and i wathched the biography of you i am sorry for what happened to your dad about the car accident. i like the story dreams from my father.

Why Haven't Fruit & Vegetable Eaters Been Told About This Toxic Waste Overload?

Dear President Obama, May you be blessed and guided to direct this country both domestically and internationally by doing everything you can to benefit us all.  I know you are only one person, but you are depended upon dearly to see the bigger picture and to do what is beneficial to us here as citizens of this Nation.  I am very concerned about the food we eat, the way the FDA hand out approvals and the way our food is farmed.  for instance if you could click on this link, i would like to know if the contents of this link is true and if not please explain why it is in the different media/journals, --ARE THEY ALL MISTAKEN? what exactly is being done to improve our soil AND not deplete our soil WITH COAL by-products? Please do whatever is necessary to prevent history from repeating itself ----regarding what happened with flouride, and we were then told that it was beneficial for us, when we know otherwise.  it is important that we prevent illnesses in this country by giving the farmers what is necessary to grow and produce healthy crops.  I am sure you have heard PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. All chemicals should be kept away from what is eventually placed in our bodies.  and our soils should be made to become richer in order for us to continue feeding our citizens healthy meals. It is time the FDA stop considering money ahead of good health for all. (on a different note) I trust that you would pay attention to Korea, Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, and the Palestine. The ancient countries are preparing to remove America from its high standards, please dont let them. Mr. President most of all keep our crops healthy. God bless and save you and all the people of this world. Our Love for each other will keep us as one. gb  

My Opinion

Mr. President, I voted for you not because of skin color, eye color or whose suits you wear,; but because of the way you handled yourself dyuring the presidential debates. I think you are intelligent and have a sense of humanity that I don't see in many politicians. Keep on doing the good job you are doing. I believe in you. But please, try to educate Washington that they are not herding cattle; they are working for real people.

My opinion 2

Mr. President, I voted for you because I felt you conducted yourself well in the debates. I think you are an intelligent man. I also think you have a sense of humanity that I don't see in many politicians. I think it will be a great day when opinions are formed about you concerning your actions, or your words. Anything would be better than people who are still hung up on skin color, hair color, etc. It makes about as much sense as whose suits you wear. Keep doing the good job you are doing. Please educate Washington that they are not herding cattle; they are working for real people. Of all types.    


 Dear Mr.Presidente Barack Obama my name is Milena Isis de Souza I am 20 years old and I was born in Brazil in 1989. My parents were very poor and when I was 8 years old my father Jack Almeida de Souza went to the United States in mind to give me and my younger brother a better life. My mother Tania Maria de Souza also went a year later. In 2000 my parents decided to take me and my brother Bruno Natanael Rezende de Souza to America. We lived in Fall River, MA and that’s where I went to school learned the language and started adapting to USA. As I grew older I started to understand more and more. I then knew why my mother didn’t go out much, it was home and work, work and home. She wouldn’t let my brother and I out much either. When I was 16 years old I wanted a job. I saw all my friends from high school working part-time and I wanted to work. It was when I discovered that I was illegal in the country and I had no Social Security I had nothing. I got accepted at Diman Vocational High School and was so afraid that I would be trained to some kind of work and wouldn’t be able to have to profession. By 2006 my father got sick and my parents had already gotten a divorce. I moved in with my father to help him. I then needed a job. I started working as a housecleaner and bought my first car. I had no driver’s license but I had to work. In 2008 I met this wonderful person called Weberson he gave me courage to finally come back to Brazil and stop living in fear. Afraid Immigration would find me and put me away and later get me deported. It was a very hard decision I had to make coming back to Brazil. I don’t know anything here. The way of life is so differently. Everyday it gets harder and harder. My mother and my brother lives in the US still and I wish with all my heart to be next to them. I came back to Brazil in April of 2009 and ever since I feel like I am useless. I miss my parents and I miss USA. I am not adapting here in Brazil and I feel like I am an American. I barely speak Portuguese and I don’t know where my mind was when I got in that airplane. I figured I was so scared of immigration that I didn’t think twice. I am writing to you Mr.President hoping and praying to God you would give me a chance to be a real American, to live in the United States and have a better future. To be next to my family and friends, to live and have the opportunities the United States have to offer. I love history and history of the United States for me is like a life lesson that taught me how to fight for what I want and to fight for what I need. And grab with both hands the opportunities that comes in my way.   I thank you if you get the chance to read my letter and I know that the United States are in good hands “we are one nation under God.”                                                                          January 14, 2010                                                                                   Milena Isis de Souza         Milena Isis de Souza Rua. Dona Helena n-37 Nova Cintra, Belo Horizonte MG Brasil   (011 55 313 312-13-70)

Good Job

Thank you for understanding what needs to be done to stabilize the financial state of this country.I am in the 9th grade my name is Richard Mitchell and I am 15. I will apply for the U.S.M.C when I am 18. I agree with all that you are doing and trying to do. And I give thanks for how you handle the situations that this country is in. Good Job! But there is still a lot of work to be done but I believe you can do it.

Good Job

Thank you for understanding what needs to be done to stabilize the financial state of this country.I am in the 9th grade my name is Richard Mitchell and I am 15. I will apply for the U.S.M.C when I am 18. I agree with all that you are doing and trying to do. And I give thanks for how you handle the situations that this country is in. Good Job! But there is still a lot of work to be done but I believe you can do it.

Like many others, we need help

Dear President Obama, We are financially in serious trouble. To save money, my husband and I, and our daughter, her husband and young son have all moved in together.  In attempt to survive these hard times, we are buying a small farm thru owner financing. The problem is, that I am currently that I am the only one bringing in a steady income. My daughter had her own business, but that has all but folded, she earns maybe $120 a week, but has a $800/month truck payment. Her husband works, but his income is not steady and runs between $300 to $600/week bringhome pay. My husband has been trying to make it selling health insurance, which is a joke, because here in florida things are so desparate, people cannot afford to buy insurance, thus his income is less than zero - because he has to pay out money for fuel, meals, etc.. Because of these hard times, we have used up his retirement savings, and have been forced to borrow against mine (which i have to pay back). Financially, we are close to having to live on the streets. You promoted programs to help the stupid bankers whose ONLY goal is to "screw" people in any way they can by nickle and diming them to death. Since some of those banking organizations - who NOW are giving extravagant bonuses to their upper crust after having had help from the tax payer, how about turning that money back to the tax payer and get us back on our feet. Mr president, I am begging for help and we need it NOW, not in a few months, NOW!!! Further, I think that the reason the banks ended up in the fix they were in is in fact because they sought to screw the individuals seeking loans for homes. Please tell me how it was allowed by the legal system that banks were allowed to produce balloon loans, "no interest loans" and the like. Please tell me how such things were ever in the best interest of the public. Further I think that the legal garbage placed before the common man and asking him/her to sign on the spot is deplorable. The language should be in common language spelling out exactly what the end result of the product will be - somewhat how a car loan form is. Above all, please help us keep our little farm. Our goal is to get it up and running to be self sufficient. We would so much like to go totally green with solar power, but we cannot because the grants require that we put the money up first and needless to say, we dont have 2 pennies to rub together, let alone $30,000 to go solar. You have the power to help, so I please, if you can find a way to help us we would so very much appreciate it. My name is Debra Balch, 5460 Jackson Road, Fort Myers, FL 33905. Thanks for reading this. Debbie

A broken heart....

Hi my name is Carla Arroyo i'm 20 years of age, and i live in the wonderful state of California. I recently moved back in with my perents after being separated after three years, we live in the city of torrance CA. My  parents haved lived in this house for about 8 to 9 years, they put in so much work into theyre loving home, that about 1 month ago my father was deported  back to mexico after living in the united states over 40 years, he is our only soul provider father of three. He is my step father but i love him as my real father , and a father to my two youngest a boy of 11 years of age and a 15 year old sister, my mother is also illegal and sick. Like i mentioned earlier my father was the only provider to my family my mother doesn't work and we recently got our house tooken away for the same reason that our father isn't here to support the house payment, I'm recently going to school to become a medical assistant, and work at night to help with feeding and helping my mother to buy her medication but as days go by it's become harder and harder to support a family of four with a low income, We have orders to leave our home and rent a new one but im stuck because i have no money  to rent especially not now that everything is happening so fast i tried talking to lawyers about my situation and all i get is sorry theres nothing we can do to save your home if your father isn't here. It breaks my heart to see my mother suffer for her lonliness and the pain she carries to know that she can't do anything to help me help her, a few nights ago my younger brother looked at me and said to me '' Remember the day the cops took my dad and didn't even tell us they just took em'' i said yes baby'' he said that was the day my heart broke and it hurts alot'' i cried he said '' tell me carla tell me what i can do to bring my dad back home'' this is something thats coming out of a little boy who just wants his dad back and it's hard broken to see his mom and sister struggling... this breaks my heart, and it also breaks my heart to know that soon we will be kiked out in the streets, with no where to go and i cant help but cry out to you and plead for help.... what can i do to have a home for my family with out my soul provider.... Please hear me out.... I'm in need of an extra shoulder to lean on... I'm determine to get a second job and do this but i need a little support from anyone.... thank you                                                                              ATT                                                                                Carla Arroyo                                                                         

Major Loop Holes in COBRA Medical Programs

Dear President Obama, With so much attention on medical care reform I would like to address one major problem we face with our current COBRA program. I worked for a construction company for 5 years and was one of many people laid off this past September due to financial distress. Luckily there was a COBRA program in place and with the stimulus bill medical insurance was made possible. Three months after the lay offs my former employer went bankrupt and shut his company down. Their medical program was terminated and all of us lost our COBRA coverage. We are all desperately searching for jobs and barely holding on only to find that now we have no medical coverage. Apparently COBRA follows the employer.  If the employer goes bankrupt or terminates their medical insurance program all those on COBRA lose their insurance as well. Both myself and all former co workers were given no warnings what so ever. after paying into the COBRA program for 3 months I went to the doctor only to find my insurance was terminated and my medication would cost $600.00. My unemployment checks don't even cover my morgage payments and bare necessities let alone medications that cost $600.00. How could this possibly be? When the creators of COBRA drafted the plan did they not take into account that companies fail? When this happen employees are faced with a douple wammy. They are left jobless with no medical insurance.  We must address this issue.


Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0cm 5.4pt 0cm 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0cm; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-ansi-language:#0400; mso-fareast-language:#0400; mso-bidi-language:#0400;} I write from Iran. Maybe you don’t believe me but everything that I write ,is base on the fact. sorry that I couldn’t write about my name ,BA and addresses because maybe my government invite me to the prison!!! I have BA, but I dnt have any job I want to publish my book but I cant . I need 1101dollar.1100 dollar for publishing my book and 1 dollar to buy some food for my wife and I .I cant afford to buy my daily needs. In Iran nobody helped me .if you do this I kiss on the book that when I find a good job I give it back to you.  I really want to write about my desires but I can’t. I want to write about my wife's desires but I can’t. our desires aren’t as big as a Holy Book. When you believe me, and answer me I try to find a way to get it(about my add .please,  please, please don’t show it to the newspaper because  my government in this harsh situation make a lot of problem for my wife and I. Part of my add: no157-block 2 floor3 –Yazd- Iran I am waiting for your letter as soon as possible.(sorry about my letter writing)
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