From One who is well informed

I say you have done an excellent job this frist year.  I am a registered Republican and understand the politics that are being played.  Your Focus has been outstanding and not diverted by the games being played.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORKS, WE WILL BE A BETTER COUNTRY BECAUSE OF IT. GOD BLESS YOU, DOC

Health Care

As a health care provider, I see the passage of this health care reform bill as nothing more than government control. You are going to have a surplus of people seeking heath care and fewer providers to care for them. Socialized medicine does not work. I do not care for your brand of politics.

You'll never read this!

Mr. President,I know you'll never read this but you have made something that could have been a simple change into a catastrophe.I don't use our system of pay the insurance company for my day to day health services. I believe that I should pay the person providing the service ... the doctors! I save the money that I would send to the insurance company and pay my own bills with it. This is probably a concept that is foreign to you as well as congress. I have learned that every doctor and hospital that I've used over tha past 5 years will actually cut their invoices 50% - 70% when they find out that I will pay them cash out of my pocket instead of using the insurance system we have set up in this country. I have been able to set up a payment plan with each office and pay out as you would a vehicle or home. If you plan ahead instead of expecting someone else (ie; the government) to pay your bills then I believe a large percentage of our country would be more self sufficient. I do keep a policy for catastropic occurances that may occur and hope to never have to use it.It amazes me that our politicians can't figure it out. But I guess all that lobbying works. Steve in Texas

Are you really an American?

Sorry to say this , but I cant believe a word that comes out of your mouth. What I see is that your going to destroy everything America stands for. You blame everybody but yourself, you take money out of social security to pay off the debts that you print money for. Hey Buddy Ive worked for the Government for 23 years and I had to quit because it makes me sick to see how large the government is growing and how much money is being spent on junk just to spend it so we can get more next year. I Love America and I havent done anything to other countries that you have to apoloigize  for me. Dont apologize for me, apologize for you. You stick up for our enemies and turn your back on our allies.I dont know what you have up your sleeve but it isnt good. I cant give anything to my children because you dont believe in  inheritance. you want to raise capitol gains taxes, you just want to tax us to death and ruin our defense so that any country can just walk right in and take our country away from us. In my opinion your a big disgrace to the american people. You should be inpeached for bribary taking your senators in your big plane so you can charm them or threaten them. Im not afraid to die for my country, Im not afraid to soeak my peace. If we lose our freedom of speach or have our guns made into rebar you will see that the American people arent chicken. Push us too far and your leftist democrats will be  shown that we Americans wont sit back and take it. We are AMERICANS NOT MUSLEMS.  i know you are and thats OK just dont shove it down our throats, we wont go for your socialism. Time will tell and you wont win.

Why me

Mr. President, where have logic and comman sense gone. I have an individual health care policy and we are struggling to pay it every month($1,700/mon.). Your plan has done nothing to help control costs, added more mandates that will raise costs and added taxes on top of everything. You have basicly dumbed down the whole system to cover 30 million that supposidly don't have insurance. A far better way could have been found to help those that truely need the coverage without destroying the best health care in the world. The problem was the cost of care not quality of care.Michael NosachMurrayville, Georgia

How Will Health Care Reform Affect You, Mr. President

I understand that this health care reform will not apply to you, your family, nor members of congress.  Is this true?  If it is true, my question to you is why not?  If the plan is really all that and a bag of chips, why then would you be exempt?  To quote a famous line from a movie featuring Meg Ryan, "I'll have what you're having please.

We need help!

 The American econy has gone to well you know. I don't really care about all the things you guys are fighting over. What I do car about is JOBS. N.A.F.T.A. has killed us is their nothing we can do. Raise taxes on imports they are making billions while we are eating bread and water. We the people always come to everyones aid. We need pay back! Share some jobs! I wish everyone would take a break from everything and focus on economy. The county I live in offered a company millions. They came and they left as soon as the contract was up. Now another town is offering millions for them. They have a great sceam going on. New building new equipment every ten years. that really helps with mainentence costs for them and the jobless people of my county are still paing the bills.

Health Care Reform

Dear Mr. President, Health Care Reform has not happened with the law that you signed.  Will you and Congress signing up for this reform?  Sure you can afford it.  Did you ever think about those that CAN'T afford the insurance???  How do expect those folks to pay for the insurance???  Who will fine them??  I didn't know you could get blood out of a turnip.  My oldest son was disabled from birth although he's currntly living on $675.00 a month how do expect him to pay for insurance if he must pay for rent $400.00 a month, plus electric, water leaving him a little to pay for food & gas for his car, then there isn't anything left.  So - who will be buying this insurance if he can't afford it???  I would like an answer to that.   

Reform not an Agenda

This health care reform is a shame. You lied about everything Mr President. How can the federal goverment provide a service?  Business as usual and even worse  Mr President!!! The cost is way out of control!!!! If it is  so great why can't you and our politicians use it also. You politcians are above the law. Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and Represnatives : and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and Represenatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States. Reform not a socialist agenda!!!

At Last we have a leader

Dear Barack ObamaThank God america has found at last a leader we can trust to get America back to work. You are saving our country by your tenacity and strength. I am sure you wont be daunted by the craven whinging of the fools who caused the problem and who have ignored the grotesqu injustices of American healthcare provision until now. You are our hope and  I wish you best of luckSarah 

Not good enough for politicians but give it to the PEOPLE

I was an avid supporter of Health Care Reform. When a Health Care bill is presented for the people that Congress would not even accept for themselves, then passed. WOW shame on the political establishment of this country. I hope this awakes the American public and in the next congressional and Presidential election they reflect the discust.


Thank you for pushing healthcare.  I am delighted that my soon-to-be college graduate children will now be covered even if they don't find a job. 

Don't let Negative Comments bring you down, you are loved by many people all over the World.

Mr. President. It is My great pleasure, and delight, to be alive at this time,your Time. My daughter-in law is an American, my Grand daughter as well. They could no longer live in the United States because the way the old HealthCare System was, bankrupted their family. We all follow your Presidency, and Celebrate every one of your accomplishments, and appreciate the difficulty of each. I am so sorry that some people believe lies and distortions of many events. They are certainly the losers, by not hearing ,or not wanting to hear , the Truth. We all believe in you and send our best wishes for your Welfare  and continued Courage, in the face of such a determined, and callous opposition. Please remember , you have many people that trust in you and your amazing abilities and perserverance. Thank you , so very much. God Bless your Presidency and your family.

How Are We Going To Pay For This

With Congress and the President spending money like a faucet turned on fulll; Our balloning deficit and debt in which we have to barrow money every day to keep our country going, and not to mention that interest rates will have to go up, I just woner how we are going to pay for all of this. Also with the presidents radical agenda stripping us of our freedom, this is not the constitutional republic of the founding fathers.

Wake Up America

I am a proud Canadian.  I am a proud Canadian who has heard of the "American Dream" and have seen that dream crushed by agendas that represent business interest more than people.  I have seen your people crushed by medical debt and as a Canadian I could never imagine going bankrupt or losing my home because of medical bills. America is not the regal measure of grace she once was and I am saddened to see her on this path.  Once your beautiful country was the measure of success and a dream wonton to behold.  It has now become, as another letter writer calls it, an "America of Shame".  Your country has become a walking contradiction and unless the country smartens up this is a stigma America will carry all over the world. You quote Christian ethics in America, but what is more Christian than being your brother's keeper?  I see the comments about this health care bill costing those of you in higher income brackets a little more are 5% of the worlds population and consume 25% of the worlds goods and you are unwilling to part with a few dollars and cents?  I see the comments about concerned teens that are worried about their futures because of this health care bill...children wake up, due to childhood obesity in America, this is the first time in decades that children have a lower life expectancy than their parents.  They will need the health care reforms that are in place now to assist them when they are older. As decent human beings more than Americans you should realize that access to health care should be a right and not an elite priviledge and for those of you who only think with the weight of your wallets you should realize that preventive care creates a healthy workforce and a healthy workforce is a more productive workforce, stop trading long term profits for short-term gain...THAT's what's hurting your children.  This health care bill is a good thing, and only time will prove it to you, but please give it the opportunity.  You claim to be a leader in the world and yet America is one of the rarities in being an industrialized nation without a universal health care plan.  If you want to take back your position in the world as a leader.  You must lead with a moral authority that is to be admired and envied.  This is a step in the right direction. Don't wallow in "who know's" and "may be's".  See it for what it is.  A chance to better the lives of millions, an opportunity to ensure health assurance for your children and the chance to move from the worlds current joke, to the standard to which others aspire.  Thank you President Obama for going beyond the popular choice to do what is right! Sabrina RoseCanada

I am screwed

I am on full-time disability due to a genetic disorder.  I receive great coverage through a Medicare Advanyange Company.  I receive regular physicals, have great medical coverage and receive MRI's when needed.  Your policy will cut funding to Medicare Advantage firms.  Change the way I receive my preceiptions and limit my access to MRI.  Joe Wilson was correct "YOU LIE."   By 2011 the inusrance policy that I like will change and so will my primary care doctor.  You and the one to whim your book was dediated have one thing in common:  liars to the core 

thank you

I just wanted to say that yes america was in debt before you became presadent by several hundred million dollers now you have made it several billion congradulations you have used the race card to get the pesadentsey and now you bow down to other countrys and now if we dont accepet your health care we have to pay you thank you so much for screwing us all I would tell you to go to hell but you have already made it here in america so see you later bitch

Healthcare reform too much too soon

Your were partially right when you said most people like individual elements of you health care reform plan.  But when you take all of this on at the same time, a time when you have already doomed our grandchildren to higher taxes and a feeble economy, is too much too soon.  I have been a hospital administrator for most of my career (25+ years) and I have seen a lot of changes in the delivery of health care.  However, it doesn't take a hospital adminstrator to see that your plan is too costly and creates another bureaucracy that we simply can't afford. You can't take away annual limits on coverage, pre-existing exclusion and allowing children to stay on their parents policy until age 26 and expect costs to go down.  THat is at least false advertising,if not misleading. Most Americans don't like that.

Congress should have to be included

Heathcare is important it is true, however it falls below the status of our troops getting killed in foreign lands.  And if Obama and the Congress feel this is so good for the people, make it apply to them as well and also social security!!!  Congress is making a life altering decision for the people AND using the people's dollars to fund it!!  If you think it's so great ... you be affected by it.  You should also be contributing to Social Security and not building your own little stash that never gets tapped for funding your great ideas!!!!  This should have been done by popular vote, not Congress.  It is all political nonesense.  You support me and I'll support you.  I live in Georgia and our Attorney General decided he would NOT take our case to the Supreme Court.  Why?  Because he wants to run for Governor and wants Obama's support!!!  Hell will freeze over before he becomes Governor now!!!

i need healthcare now

Dear Mr.President, I know that my problems are small in regards to the rest of the world so i understand if you need time to get to me. i am a 47 year old woman who just relocated to rochester ny for a job i am working full time and am eligible for health insurance in april. but since i just started my job in january i am afraid to go have the surgery that i need for fear that i may loose my job, i tore my rotator cuff and the emergency roon said i need to see a surgeon but i have no services denied me because i needed a nonrelative landlord form and i live with my son. i have been suffering with this since september 29th 2009,i fear the loss of use to my arm if i dont get help soon. please help me and my family. thank you, jamila rivera

You have failed us

You lied about everything you have said. Why aren't you willing to take the same health care plan that you want us to take? Because you know the truth. We the people pay your bill for the health care plan that you have, why not give us the same? You know because it isn't the same, we are going to be fucked. And your the fucker and we are the fuckey. We the people should have a right to vote on this and you shouldn't be allowed to just pass a bill that 55% of us don't want. All I can say is that if you have nothing to hide, then why are you fighting it?  

Obama go home

wold you mr obama want me to tell you to buy a car today or be fined its not right you need to no the constitutional rights this is america 

keep up the fight

Dont ever give up the fight Mr. President it was a long and very heated battle that spanned years here in Canada to get univeral health care peoplke said the same things, it was socialist it would destroy our country friends and doctors and politicians alike turned on one another people fought at protests and finally in 1984 the house of commons which is much like your congress voted unanimously in favour of the the new Health Care Act being ammended into the Canadian Bill of Rights and after all the fighting and harsh words today you would be hard pressed to find a person in Canada that wants to get rid of public health care including conservatives such as myself but we all agree that it still needs improving and bit by bit we are getting there I believe in democracy and capatolism but for profit does not belong in health care it belongs everywhere else just not there it is a basic human right and I dont know how people against your bill can say they are freedom loving christian Americans when they dont care about there fellow Americans when there sick and suffering

America died on March 21,2010

I am so upset by health care passing that I can not sleep at night anymore! I am so angry that I can not see straight!  Why, if this is so great, are the members of Congress exempt from all of this and do not have to have their taxes raised?  I paid into Medicare my whole life and now it will be cut to help pay for people that never paid in a dime? How is this possible or fair? We are retired and did not factor any of these extra expenses into our budget. It would have been nice if you had passed the bill according to the  Constitution. The only people who are in favor of this are the people who will get something for free! Sigh! We give a lot of money to charity on our own accord. I don't want to have to be taxed to give to the poor.  I can not believe that Washington did not listen to the will of the people. Why not just tax the supposedly 49% who are in favor of this bill and let them pay for it if they want it so badly!!!! Government of the people, by the people and for the people died on March 21,2010! Thanks for the hardship you have given us!

The Wrong Approach to Healthcare

Dear Mr. President:  First and foremost I want to say how much I love this country. I love the principles upon which it was built and the spirit by which the American people have been able to embrace since it's conception. This country has faced countless obstacles and we have proven time and again that we will prevail, however, there is an astronomical dispointment towards our leadership with the passing of the Health Care bill. Many of us are well aware that the health care system is in need of an overhaul, however we fail to see how the taking away of basic liberties and unfair taxes, will garner support.  There is great debate from all sides citing that this bill is in fact constitutional because many believe that the economic transaction between an individual American citizen and a private company falls under commerce - there is no precedence for this. This would be no different than telling me which make and model of vehicle I have to purchase as this too would be a private economic transaction - where does it stop? Why has the voice of the American citizens been ignored? I'm not referring to the Gallup Poll which surveyed only 1,0005 adults and yet the population of this country is more than 307 million! The people's voice has in this case, failed to be heard.  The voice of the American people will not be quieted in this matter - we will continue to defend our right to freedom against government control of our lives. We mistakenly believed that the members of congress, who are meant to represent the people, would do so. This country should be standing united - your administration has divided us. America is the greatest country in this world and we hundreds of millions of proud Americans may begin as a whisper, but it will become a roar of disconent even the government will not be able to ignore.  Respectfully,  Melinda - Proud American, business owner, and resident of the great state of Montana

Mr Peter L. Klebba

President Obama, I dare you to answer these questions and this letter.  What happened to "the most open and honest administration"and "televised debates on CNN?"  These are your promises, aren't they? You are nothing other that a socialist and an experienced liar; neither are enviable traits.  I understand that the most blinded Democrats will forever be in your corner but I believe you've lost a great percentage of your support by signing this radical legislation. Your party will suffer the consequences of your leftist way:  You, Pelosi, and Reid have gone too far. I know you've heard this before, just count me as another conservative that is fed up with your garbage.   And what happened to letting the American public review legislation before your signing it into law.  Oh, another lie.  Well done.   

Health Care

I think it is down right dirty for this health care bill to have passed.  We are tried of more taxes! You can not expect to be the next President go around, when pulling something like this.  Your own people that voted for you are ashamed.  As a President of the US, you are suppose to be helping the US, not destory it.  Everything you said in your campaign, so far has been lies. You will make the US go broke for 2012. The taxpayers that work , about 30% of the world will not stand for this. I will quit my job and go on government funding to keep paying you all these taxes.

health care

Mr Obama, you are the biggest hypocrite that has ever been in the white house...not only is the health care a sham to laugh off the ignorant use of the english languare by your lackey vice president in droping the f bomb shows how ignorant you are...what kind of example is that to the youth of america...and to think we pay this guy to follow you around and kiss your but any chance he gets is outrageous....I for one am for getting rid of all of you and starting over with what our founding fathers meant for America to be....I will actively campaign against every democrat in my state of new york.....:Ginchie, Smucher, hilderbra and all of them ..
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