President Obama, You have not taken a position on the critical issues of our time. You've allowed others to determine the agenda. It is sad to witness a presidency that showed such promise at the beginning of your election to tackle the serious problems afflicting America, such as promoting and supporting alternative methods for delivering health care, stabilizing and revamping the budget, and bringing our troops home. Rather, lets continue the Bush tax cuts, lets keep Guantanamo open, lets allow the costs of education and health to continue to rise, and lets help the rich but cutting their taxes while downsizing Medicaid, food stamps, and threatening Medicare and Social Security. I'm a lifetime Democrat but I'm honestly considering not voting in the next federal election. You've done a great job of lifting the Republican agenda and not showing the capacity to lead with conviction and honor.

Administrative Hold at West Georgia Technical College

Dear Mr. President, I have received a letter from West Georgia Technical College, stating I am on administrative hold. I have no idea why I'm on administrative hold. I have signed up for spring classes and have my books, if I had a hold I would not have been able to register. Can you please look into this matter as I'm trying to complete my diploma in Medical Billing and Coding, then go into Paralegal. I have written a letter to Dr. Skip Sullivan, President of the college and emailed the dean Mr. Gunay, regarding my situation. I was withdrawn from two classes the winter quarter because my Pell grant was posted on my account after classes began. I didn't get my books until Jan. 27th. During the first week of classes we had an ice storm in Georgia and I thought because the college was closed so was on line classes. However, I have written each instructor for Eng. 1010 and Math 1012, which I found out I didn't need to take because I already have an Associate degree and have taken each course. At any rate Jennifer Williams sends me a letter about me being on administrative hold because I owe Pell $347.00 and Hope Award 50.00. I can't figure out how I owe them. I think they are simply trying to deter me from entering the college as I attended once before and challenged a instructor which they may not have liked what was said. He was replaced anyhow. Would you please look into this as I'm trying to complete my courses for Medial Billing and Coding and plan to take Paralegal in the future. The College president is Dr. Skip Sullivan, 176 Murphy Campus Blvd. Waco, GA 30182, 770-537-7940. I have written him a letter as well as the dean of on line studies, Mr. Gunay, regarding what they are trying to do to me in reference to my attending classes there. In closing allow me to thank you in advance for taking out of your busy schedule to read my letter. I hope you will be willing to help me in my quest for a better education. Humbly Submitted, June


dear mr obama it from opelousas la but iam lested under star in laf la as a dance im trying to sue pdiddy combs as soon as posable an i wont him to stop stalking me iam a single parant that scared to sleep in my house at night because a couple of months a go he put a talking veres on me and one night when i was comeing from work i got in a car rack so i got a baby setter and check my self in a psychiatry hospital to heel so i say a week an when i got out by my family being so green soon as i got home they call the cops saying that i was going crazy and said that my car was jezzys car and i went to opel gen hospital for no reason because i had just got out the hospital so now my mom and family done took my kides from me for no reason at all and i keep telling them that this man is stalking me and they dont be leave me one night he came by my house with a gun by my window hollowing corrtion so i no he real what iam going threw right now is trying to sue him and get my kides back because i have reason to beleave that my family his some thing to do with it because i no iam not crazy because ever time i go to a hospital they read my mind an just send me home and when they took my kide from me the last time it was because my little boy tryed call his self so i took him to the hospital get help but when was up there my mom kept calling the child portection office so when they got there they just took my lil boy in a nother room with out me an came back saying that my sad that i wasent feed him an that i didnt have any food i my house but i had food because my had aready put the child portection in my business and they had just got me a food for my house three days before that and i was trying not to lose my too lil girls behind this child that does have a behaver probelm and my siser denise richard is going around telling people that her and her family is moveing to new york with p diddy and jenner lapaz a gone make me hook on the steet but anyway iam trying to get my money out this man as soon as posable because iam trying to get my kides back an i only have one more day before my light get cut off and my light bell is 300 dollers and it hard for me to get along with men because ever time i get by one he start talking in my ear say things to make me thank he wont ya no because i iam a woman talking to you and i cant keep a man with nut man on my mind so iam thanking that he needs psychiatry help so they can read his mind make him take that talking verse off of me because in not gone be no star i wont my kides back and i wont my money from all this pain an suffing i been doing an how me and my kides repltion is mass up and iam getting talk about all over the town with cop thinking iam crazy some even sad that he was surpose to get some cop to beat me up so iam scared because when i call the cops they just pay me no mind and just belaeve the family and not me i thank you need to get the fbi on this because i dont wont to be liveing in that house with no lights i cant go around my family with my kides not with them any way and iam sared of that man iam not going around my family any way

Birth Certificate

I don't know why so many people out there think there is such a great need to show your "original" birth certificate. Don't we have more pressing issues? I think the people who ask to see such information should first present their own - along with their social security numbers, bank passwords, and anything else that most NORMAL people don't care about.


Hello President Obama, I dont think I can say my name but I do go to Queens College. Well I know you are a very busy person, so am I, but I am taking the time to write you this letter, even though you might never read this. You see, I know you are a great President and a change to American history, but I personally feel that I don't know who you are and why you are so great cause you never did anything for me directly. I know you have a full day scheduled for meetings and important affairs then to answer my letter or consider to fulfill my request. However I shall still ask, I am requesting you to take a few mintues to come walk me cross the street, so I can actually say yes President Obama is a great President because he made the effort to fulfill my request. Ok then have a great day. See you on television


Good Afternoon President Obama, Thank you for giving us the oportunity to write our concerns, and mine I'm sure is no different from so many people in this country. I came to this country with a dream to succeed, which I believed I almost acomplished. My husband and I have steady jobs and three beautiful children, we don't have any savings and are working paycheck by paycheck, which is fine. One of our biggest dreams was to own a house a place that we could call our own and we did on 2007, a cute cape just big enough for us, our mortgage was sold to Chase in a couple of months. They promised there would be no change in our monthly payments, but after 3 months we sadly found out that our mortgage was being increased by 500.00 a month. We started using our savings and credit cards and max our debt to keep up with the payments, so then in desperation I contacted one of the companies to start my modification which it was a fraud, then I contacted Chase directly and I've been dealing with them for the past 2 years with no results of modification, they keep asking for the same paperwork over and over and they have no idea when my modification is going to be done. They don't want any payments from us until this is resolved! We are very concerned of the outcome of all of this. Is JP Morgan Chase Bank really helping their clients? Is 2 years of modification a reasonable time? Please I need help! Our number one goal is to keep the house,I don't want to take that away from my kids. Kind Regards, Sonnia Ferreira


URGENT!! I submitted a request for support from you re: volunteerism. I have not received a response. The priority mail tracking shows that it was received on March 14. Would someone please check the mail (it is time-sensitive). The event is April 15, 2011. Thank you.

consumer loans

I think it is a shame that a hard working person canot get a car loan unless they have perfect credit and have to put up a down payment first . The idea to get credit for something is beacuse they dont have cash to put down . You need to losen the credit up to let people spend money to by the things they need. give us working people a better chance

health care for people on disability

Dear Mr.President, I know I'm just one of millions that E-mail you everyday, but I don't know where else to turn. I'm a 48year-old mother of three and grandmother of. three. I'm on disability and I only have Medicare it doesn't pay dental which I need desperately. My disability check is only 313 a month, so as you can see I can't afford to pay a dentist even if I could find one that would be willing to take payments, my question is, is there something you could do to help those like me that's on disability and can't afford a dentist but needs dental care very badly. Thank You, Lori L.Morris Dayton, Tennessee


Yes President Obama, you have been president for over twenty six months now, and here are a few things you have accomplished. None of them good. First you cost us tax payers billions of dollars on a failed plan to help bail out the large banks and finacial institutions of this nation. The same institutions that over loaned people billions of dollars that had no way to pay it back. Of course they made the loans in the firts place to safisfy the whinning and crying of the liberals for equal housing for everyone. Then there is the billions handed out to all the other businesses, like the two auto makers because of their poor sales, and that was because of the poor quality of their vehicles and the poor trading policies of the U.S. with the rest of the world. The trading policy is not your fault, but you have spent our tax dollars like they were crack and you were the adict. Then you and your liberal friends thought we should have a socialistic health care system. Well president, we are not a socialistic nation, and we want nothing to do with socialism. It has failed in Canada and England, and it will fail here. Thats just a few things you Have failed at, and the reason you are failing as president, is because you and your liberal friends try to do everything behind closed doors and in the middle of the night. Even on sunday nights. I used to be a democrat, as my parents, all my uncles and aunts on both side of my family. Then I realized that the democratic party had been infiltrated by far left liberals, fanatical tree huggers and border line socialists. Now I am a strong conservative, and believe that we need to get back to some old fashioned values, where a hand shake was a contract or a promise you didn't break. I'm 66 years old, and will be around for a while, and would like to see some improvements in this nation. I believe that real CONSERVATION is the only thing that is going to bring our nation back to a friendly, happier place that will show the rest of the world how good life can be for everyone. Leo Dugas International Falls, Minnesota

help with not to lose my home

Dear Mr.President my wife and i might lose our home due to her getting sick and 2 emergencies surgeries, her appendix was about to burst and then a month later her goulblatter had to be removed and i was laid off the same day her appendix fail we called our mortage company to see what our options where they litton loan company the recommended that we do a loan modification they said it would help us but they never did any of the paper work for a whole year now fanny may took all the loans away from litton loan because they have done this to 18,000 people now i am on unemployment my wife is back to work now but is in jeporedy of losing her job. fanny may took all those loans away from them and our loan was sent to a mortage company called green tree services llc in rapid city South Dakota we are behind 3 payments because of litton loans now green tree got our loan january 1 now they want to foreclose on our home if we dont pay the four thousand dollars by april 3 2011. we have never missed a payment on our mortage and think its rediculous that they did this to us, our payments were $1,400 a month litton loan told us to only pay $1,100 a month and we did as they recommended. we dont know what to do about this problem we called every where we have tried to contact oprah to help us out but cant get in contact. we cant get help we need some kind of help from you to save our home my unemployment is going to expire i can not find any work in our area we have 2 kids one in college one in high school please try to help us and take a look into litton loans i dont think they should be able to do this to people please help its getting to the point that we can not by food for our family we lay in bed every night crying my son wants to drop out of college to help us but thats not fair to him if we lose our home my daughter will have to switch schools and shes almost out of high school thats not fair to her because of this and we will have no where to go we will be homeless i dont know what to do anymore. we have no family to turn to and the state of New Jersey says that they have no options for our family. please we need your help or atleast if you can recommend anything for us that will help us at this time. thank you for your time. -Brian from New Jersey-

Please Save My Home

I am writing this amended hardship letter to explain my unfortunate set of circumstances that have caused us to become delinquent on our mortgage. I have done everything in my power to make ends meet but unfortunately we have fallen short and would like you to consider working with me to modify my loan. My number one goal is to keep my home and I would really appreciate the opportunity to do that. There are several reasons that caused us to fall behind on our payments: a) On November, 2007 I was laid off from my 7 year job with Stewart Title Of California. Only income I had at the time was Unemployment Compensation from the State of California in the amount of $1800.00 per month. Still able to keep up with mortgage payment at the time using most of my saving to make ends meet. b) March, 2008 Death of my son having to deal with my lost and the unexpected expense of his funeral, having to use some of my savings and pulling my 401K. Dealing with all this put a big stress on me. ** Attended Central Coast College September 2008 – June 2009 Graduation with a Diploma in Medical Billing c) In August, 2009 got hired at Credit Consulting Services Full Time with income of $2400 per month. In December 2009 got hired part time a JCP for seasonal Christmas work both jobs was really hard, at this time was still trying to work to get a resolution on the modification, but with no luck. After being told to keep sending out payment in amount that I was able to $850.00 but was to get in writing but never did. d) December 1, 2010 was laid off from Credit Consulting Services due to reduction in work force, but I think a lot had to do with me being very stressed, depressed, with lots of anxiety from all the stress that I was going through working on trying to save my home. Went to doctor to get help on how I was feeling, was put on several medications for my anxiety, depression and to help with my sleepless nights. e) Since I no longer had a full time job, JCP has gave me full time hours so I'm only working one job and making income of $700.00 every 2 weeks . Currently been looking for a better paying full time job. I assure you I have every desire of retaining my home and repaying what is owed to Bank of America. But at this time I need to get modify with a payment that I can afford. I have done everything that has been asked from me and have contacted many resources for help, but just don’t understand reason why its taking so long and can't seem to get this resolved I truly am looking forward in hearing from you soon and find the right solution to be able to start making an affordable monthly payment. About 2 weeks ago got a call from BofA saying that has been sumitted for approval and i should get call back Today 3/22/11 got a call BofA will not help with any program that will help me stay in my home .... PLEASE PLEASE ... I dont know who more to write to or talk to I have always been a very hard working single parent, But with this stress upone me i just cant deal with it anymore ,,,, WHAT DO I DO WHO DO I TURN TO .... In April 2009 I began the process of applying for a loan modification with Bank Of America . I have done everything that I was asked to do for the process, of the modification and as of today March 1, 2011 Nothing has been done, I just don’t understand I meet every criteria that was required at the time, Again and again I'm been asked for same and updated information. Its been over eight different times that I been asked to fax all the required documents. Below is a list of names,dates and resources I have request help from and with still no resolution. Not sure who to turn to anymore, I have lost trust, faith and overall it has effected me as a person, and also put an impacted on my kids as they have to deal with my stress along this process. February, 2009 Benita Roy (1st Negotiator @ Bank Of America) Was promised from her for over 4 months she told me paper work was on FedEx on the way never did I get. June 2009 Ryan Detrick (2nd Negotiator @ Bank Of America) Again over and over I was told that soon will have modification done. I faxed all required documents as per his request. But still no solution. July 2009 Brek Darling (3erd Negotiator @ Bank Of America Again faxed over all required document same over and over. August 2009 Wendi Woodson ( Clearpoint Financial Solutions) Requested by Mr. Darling required foreclosure prevention counseling certificate. Bank Of America Loan # 037956570 October,2009 NACA (Saving the American Dream) Home Save Program is nationally recognized as the most effective solution for homeowners with an unaffordable mortgage providing such solutions nationwide as the largest such organization. The NACA solution is to restructure the existing mortgage by permanently reducing the interest rate to achieve an affordable mortgage payment. Sent all required document and they were to find a modification and negotiate with Bank Of America.(NO SOULUTION) August 5, 2010 Case # 01248058 complaint letter was sent to The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) charters, regulates, and supervises all national banks. It also supervises the Federal branches and agencies of foreign banks. Headquartered in Washington, DC, the OCC has four district offices plus an office in London to supervise the international activities of national banks. September, 2010 Judy Kelly (CEO Office of President/CEO of Bank Of America) Call after call faxed again all required documents and was told that I was to get call back. As I called numerous of times and left messages with no call back as of today. (NO SOULUTION) August 17,2010 Issa Griffin ( 888-995-Hope) Homeowner Consulting Foreclose Program (NO SOULUTION) September 2010 Jeanette Hedgecock (Making Home Affordable Program) as she contract Bank Of America was told that was in process of modification, filled out all paper work and faxed over again what was being requested also as in contract with Judy Kelly with no response back on status of modification. November 2010 Kathy Morgan ( Office of CEO with Bank Of America) in contact with Brek Darling requested all document required to be faxed then I called back for status of modification. NO CALL BACK Spoke to a numerous of people at Bank of America just seem to always get different response back or just diffident seem to know what was going on. Bank Of America Loan # 037956570 December 2010 Viola Talman (BofA) call me to tell me that modification was still in review and nothing was needed from me at the time that everything was in order just waiting on approval. January,2011 Feebie Gibbens (Bank Of America Modification Dept) All document are in order nothing is needed Modification pending still will call me back... NO CALL BACK March 1, 2011 Felipe Small (BofA Modification Dept.) Requesting updated documents. Last 2 yr tax 2009-2010, Jan/Feb 2011 Bank Statements,Paystubs, Amended Hardship Letter signed and dated, utility bill, Income analyze Bank of America confirm all paperwork required was in order But now after all this time NOW AM BEING TURNED down for any type of program ..... I DONT UNDERSTAND

How to stop war protect the envirorment and help the economey

Dear Mr President, my name is Michael and I wrote you some time ago but never herd anything. I know your really busy but if you read this email i know you'll see my plan will work. If you want to stop the wars over oil and help stable lize the economy then you need to run our vehicles on something besides oil. electricity. combined with a wind turbine a pvc pipe or some kind of wind tunnel with a vacuum you can fully power a car every time its in motion the batteries will never be low i know you have the man power and money to make this dream a reality. and if you have to buy every family with 3 kids or more a new car that runs on electrity. it doesn't have to be super nice just enough to save them money in that aspect of being addicted to something. the American people need the rehab and that's how you do it. it will be cheaper than the money you spend on the war look at how much bush spent on the last war you don't wanna do that do you. people will come to hate you and the dream of change will never happen if you wanna change the world send America to rehab and be there support. please write me back i am very interested on your views and opinion. sincearly Michael A Dobbie


Dear President Obama, I have been among your most ardent supporters. I listened with relief as you explained that we would not lead or be central to the no fly zone over Libya..Then I see that we send hundreds of missile into the night skies. I implore you to lead us onto the paths you inspired us to follow when we chose you. What galls me is the gentle face you put on our role in Libya. A LIE I thought you were better than that and have to wonder if you are up to the job we elected you to. If you cannot be a leader with courage, a truth teller, perhaps you should support a strong democrat in the next presidential election and find a role in the world that makes better use of your many skills rather than being president. A Heartbroken Former Supporter Lea Barrow

Pastor Margaret

Dear Mr President, We are praying for you. We know God ordained you for 'SUCH A TIME AS THIS'. We don't always agree with your policies and decisions, But we're trusting God to guide you in behalf of us the nation. We desire to see our country ONE MAIN THING. That is, that a "10 year cap be placed on gifting from the United States to other countries in emergency situations". Within that time frame, it is our desire that this cap, will allow our nation to heal of the illness of the financial deficit/heal of the unemployment disease/and heal the housing market sickness. The United States of America, has so helped other nations and allowed other nations to bombard our United States, that our doors beat of massive evil. We don't know whose plotting what. With more languages spoken in our land of the free neighbor. Our children are starving, dying and robbed of their heritage. We ask that you consider THE HOME OF THE FREE & THE LAND OF THE BRAVE. America is hurting in the worst way Mr. President. God has given you POWER to make positive adjustments. We know you came in on Former President/Mr. George Bushes lingering mess. Much of which, when it was exposed, you were blamed for. Nevertheless, we've prayed for you. We ask you, to consider this letter seriously. Its a letter to you, but its also a type of prayer. Continued blessing, safety and wisdom to you and your family and your co-workers there in Washington and elsewhere. In Jesus Christ Name, Amen. Respectfully Submitted, Pastor Margaret POB 608984 Orlando, Florida 32860

Letter to the President

Dear President Obama, My name is Oscar Torres I’m a 20-year-old college student attending Central Washington University. I’m writing this letter to discuss possible amendments to the Dream Act. I am deeply passionate about this topic because it reaches very close to home. I remember as a child, I had to wake at dawn and go with my parents to work in the fields. I remember the mornings being cold and wet. I would pick with one hand to keep my other hand warm, and when I could no longer feel the hand I was using, I would switch. My parents would tell me to take my hands out of my pockets and use both hands so that I would pick the fruit faster. I hated being out there, and I know that my parents felt the same. They did it because it was the only job they could get hired at due to their illegal status. They have worked in those same fields for twenty years, and every year they work in those fields it takes more and more out of them physically, and that is why I believe other work options should be readily made for those trying to start a life here in America on the path from illegal to legal status. I hope that something can be done here in the near future, because I would really like my mom to be able to apply for a job in a local store, or go to beauty school ad learn how to cut hair. I know her body cannot take the abuse from the arduous labor, and a change needs to happen. I believe that because of people like my mom, other job opportunities should be available for illegals trying to gain legal citizenship. I ask that for these people, for my mom, you consider making amendments to the Dream Act so immigrants don’t have to continuously perform these laborious jobs. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Oscar Torres

please rebuild it

DEAR MR.PRESIDENT CAN U PLEASE REBUILD THE Hotsprings,arkansas skate park because the equipment is breaking down!!!! and i do not want anyone to get hurt and also thank you,Michelle,and your 2 beautiful daughters for all what you do.............................!

One question

Dear Mr. President,My name is Tiffany and i have been dying to ask this question. Ususally people write you with who they are, how much they like you, and to tell you your doing a good job. I refuse to be that open when i don't think you really deserve to know what im thinking since we don't know each other like that. So all i ask is that you read and answer this one question. Are you out of your mind? Because it sure seems like it. Nice talking to you. Sincerely,Tiffany Young


We consider this the ultimate act of war. We can see only one outcome from these inhumane atrocious actions.  Death for almost everyone and whatever life remains will be unrecognizable and genetically damaged.  We have tried to warn each other throughout the ages, for centuries we’ve kept forcing ourselves into repetition, while humanity keeps getting worse. It’s time to weed the corruption and negativity from our Eden before it’s too late. Corrupt corporations must be shut down and all assets seized.


You know you have not done a thing to help us. We just found out yesterday that our insurance is going up another 200.00 a month and we are fighting now to make it. There is no way that we can do it. My spouse and I are both disabled. We have to pay rent to my husbands siblings cause they owe a 4th of the house we live in which we think is not right. But all they think of is that evil money and their 200 million dollar homes they have. They even made the statement they want that money no matter about our health. Right now we have to pay over 1000.00 a month plus more on our meds... as to which together we have around 30 meds total we have to have....but starting Jan. looks like I will have to give up my meds and just die  as to the cost of insurance going up and no pay checks going up from SS ...STOP THESE DAM INSURANCE COMPANYS FROM GOING UP BETTER YET MAKE THEM COME DOWN...............

please come

hello  barack  obama  i  would  you  to  come  to  our  school.  the  name is john phillip sousa middle school.its located at 37th ely street.

Healthcare Reform

Mr. President,My wife and I are having difficulty paying our bills.  We are employed at wages that merely put food on the table and nothing to put away for the future as we grow older.  What are we to do?  Doing our best to stay off of public aid, it is truly a struggle.  We fear that we may lose our house because we can't keep up with the property taxes.  Is it advised to look for work in the Government sector, because the private sector is dying?I'm discouraged.  My father and uncles were respected veterans of WW2.  I saw the anger in my Father's eyes when we were under attack in NY.  Now, my Mother and Father are at eternal peace.  But I know this is not the Nation that they fought for and stood for.As I speak of these honorable men who served our Nation, I would like to share a thought that I had about our health care reform and other public services.  My family cannot afford insurance or health care.  When we get treated it is an out of pocket expense.  This  becomes a horrible long term loan that must be paid back to the hospital.  We can't afford to get sick, and yet we can't control the destiny of our health forever.Might I recommend the direct decendants of veterans and their immediate family members be recipients of low-cost or no-cost health insurance?  This might provide several benefits for our Nation.  First, it would protect the health of so many of us who are in need.  And second, it might help to bring our Nation together as we do something for those that believe in Patriotism, our National heritage, and it's continuity.Our family will continue to survive regardless, but we are tired of struggling from day to day.  Thank you for your time and consideration.Respectfully,David 16th Congressional District


Dear Mr. President,                                                                                                                    I know your working very hard to put our country back to work.But maybe you could              try this idea. We know huge jobs projects are needed,but difficult to get approved and               implement. Using my personal position only as an example, I will say I've worked most of my life,but now am between a rock and a hard spot as my unemployment benefits soon end.I'm      an equipment operator and a pipe-fitter.But surely someone with contacts could call someone   they know and get a job for just one man or woman in our country.Again, using myself only as   an example.I have a lot of kids and as each needed I used my contacts to help get them       working.Be Americas dad,and today,find a job for one pipe-fitter,one delivery guy,one salesman,one car builder.Imagine the impact for one family,if you could call a guy you know in say Florida and ask them to put one new person on the payroll.Or if you knew someone in northern California,say you called and got one person a job answering the phone thru the holidays.You sir, positively,must know at least one person in every state of our great nation that could hire a single individual today.How hard could that be for a fellow American in your position.Imagine sir,if you personally put 50 Americans onto a job possibility.And then challenged fellow politicians to do the same.You have full access to our countries unemployment roles.Pick one person you can help, publicize it,set forth the challenge for real change.See if you don't find massive support in our country.If we could start a revolution of brother helping brother at the top down that would be a trickle down economic principle you'd get backing for.Us getting to work is pretty important to anyone who isn't working already.Surely by example alone you will sway some of those high paid D.C. folks to personally help the average unemployed constituent.I'm sure you know a lot of people all over that could find a spot for just one person.Please Mr. President,give help where you can even if it's only one person,then let us know,so we can root for your continued success.Remember our Father in heaven speaks to us thru the small breeze and not the blustering wind.My plan seems too small to help the millions in my position you may say , but even a drop is the beginning of filling the bucket.You sir are in a monumental spot to instill real change in our great country and I applaud your hard work to date.Good ol boys been helping good ol boys in this country since it was born,can't Joe Citizen share a little of what made our country great.Hook us up Mr.P.Thank you for your time and consideration.        SINCERELY, J.B. DuBay  Yuma,AZ.

Which is the cause of terrorism?

What can humanity do to stop the rise of terrorism and destruction? [Question asked at Benjamin Creme’s lecture in Los Angeles, USA, August 2010.]A. Terrorism, according to the Masters, is basically the result of injustice…. Terrorism is becoming more and more sophisticated. You cannot fight it by war because you do not know where it is coming from – it could come out of any country in the world.

Will all dams be permissible?

Brazil is preparing to build a huge hydro-electric dam in an area of the Amazon; its construction will cost indigenous people their homes and their environment. A large area of the forest will be irreparably destroyed. Our planet is dependent on rainforests; would this be a case where the Masters could intervene to save the forests?A. No, that would be an infringement of humanity’s freewill and would never happen. It is really a case for a decision by the United Nations. Brazil is enormous and there are surely less destructive areas for such a dam.Q. Indian activists have just succeeded in preventing the building of a large dam on the River Ganges; were the activists right to fight against a scheme which would, after all, bring them many benefits?A. Yes. It is a question of weighing the benefits against the destruction.

Need Advice or Help Please!

Dear Mr. President and First Lady,           Thank you for reading my letter for starter's, if you are personally reading it I hope.  I am a struggling single dad of one and am currently unemployed and am also struggling with a condition with my leg called RSD/CRPS and it is very painful and have to take medication on a daily basis.  My old employer provided me with cobra insurance, which I pay about $135 a month and I receive a little over $800 in unemployment. I pay rent, bills, and money for my daughter and I am barely making it by! I know that this is a common thing you hear everyday, but I need help!! It is hard to work with my condition, but my concern is getting health-care that will help so its not as expensive and I can afford to actually live. With doctor bills and medication and all other bills I barely am able to even get to see my doctor and let alone get my medication.  I need help with what I need to do.  Please I need help and I am trying to be the best dad as I can, but I feel as though I fail cause somethings I cant get for my daughter and it crushes me dearly.  I didn't grow up with a wealthy family and wanted to give my daughter more than I got.  But it is hard to get a job with my condition cause I cant stand on my feet for along period of times I am in a lot of pain.  I hope that First lady or President Obama reads this.  I know that they receive a lot of letters, but I have written letters before and it makes me sad that I get a letter that is computer generated!!  I know that the American people are in same situations as me, I am just trying to get help from whoever I can so I am not homeless and have no money.  I also wreck my car and have no transportation and lost job, and my fiance and split up and I have had one thing after another happen and I have been so depressed to the point of not knowing what else is going to happen.  Its hard when things hit you all at once and bills are piling and piling and I have horrible credit now and am 30 years old and the only family I have is my father which I barely talk to.  My family here has banished me cause of wrong choices that I made in the past, and they have pushed me out of the family.  So when I need help they will not help me.  I sure hope there is something that the Obama family can do for me and my family.  I am a great guy and felt at one time things were going so great and now my debt and condition has gotten worse and I don't know what to do!  I really hope that this letter gets to you.  I don't know what else to do.  I know that this is a hard time for everyone and you have probably received many letters like this, but I am asking for help in anyway possible.  You are a family man and know how it is, so I hope me writting this will help me with some ways that your family can help!  Sincerly,Michael Marquez

Questions and Comments from Issiah Amla

Dear President Barack Obama,I am a student at St. Louis Parkjunior high school and the reason why I’m writing this letter is I want to askyou some questions. How will you improve all the school systems and allchildren’s education? My dad works for a small business so I wanted to ask youhow can you help small businesses? What message could you give about how allraces could treat each other?  My dad isan African and my mom is American so I have kind of the same life style as you.My mom is unemployed so what can you do for those people? I heard that you canstay on your parents insurance until your twenty-six, I know I’m still youngbut how is it supposed to help? My grandma wishes you well as a parent and headof this great nation, and that God will always be on your side. She is retiredso what can you do for these people who are like her? I know some people whodon’t have any insurance so what are you going to do for them? I see an averageof one person that’s homeless about every day, so are going to help thosepeople? How will you help people whose houses are in  forclosure? How will you help teachersincrease their salary? I just want to ask how your health care plan works for everybody?I just want know how will you help kids that are failing in school? Do you thinkyou can make technology more advanced then what it is now? Africa is a poorcontinent so how can you help all the countries there? Do you think we can bemore advanced than China? In some countries kids still don’t go to school sowill you help those kids? I know the economy has been bad and it has been worsethan the great depression. How will improve the economy and get us out of thiscrisis? How do you think you will improve the war in Iraq, Taliban, Al-Qaeda andbring all the solider’s back that are still there? Do you think that Israel andPalestine can get along? I am confused with the mosque controversy, so are theygoing to build it or not? How will all your taxes help all families? How areyour American and Reinvestment Act supposed to help everybody who has a job? Iknow that civil rights is important to you but how is it actually supposed to benefitwomen and other people who work? How are you going to help women who havebreast cancer and what’s your message about it? Do you think you can make adramatic change in this 21 century because I am interested to see it? Will thescience of these days improve? What message are you trying to get out toeverybody as you are the President? You said in one of your speeches that ifone person can change a city, it can change a state, country and nation. As apresident are you going to make a change to people’s lives and America? Ibelieve there is still faith, hope and change in this world. I hope you can doall these things please, to people and families whose life’s are in a struggle.P.S. I am twelve years oldand I like you so much and want to get to meet you. I’m grateful for whatyou’ve done so far. You have been very encouraging to me and you’ve made meinterested in the life we live. Issiah Amla

Hey sir

Hello Sir i Am a young girl from the south Bronx i am  sorry to be bugging you but sir please i'm trying to get enrolled in school because i had a problem in my current school which is a good school but i had a little issue but i'm trying so hard to get transfered but the districted denied my cry but i don't wanna get jumped or nothing like that because my grandma Carmen Sosa the name and address of the school is 100 WEST MOSHOLU PARKWAY SOUTHBRONX, NY10468 but i'm trying to get transfered to a near by zone school by my home because where i live is sort of far from DeWitt clinton high school i wanna goto school and get a degree in architect i wanna build homes for those who are in need and Make my mom that passed away proud this is my dream to make everyone happy and serve my country And those who are in need please sir help me i wanna make our country proud and Make everyone notice me LOve Belinda Ariana Rosario age 17 Bronx New York 10451
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