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Turkey and Kurds

Turkey and Kurds

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Mr. Obama, 

I am a Kurd from Northern Iraq, from As-Sulaimanyah, and I am here to address the atrocity committed by our Turkish allies. Is it not the responsibility as an ally to condemn crimes against humanity? As you already know Mr. President, Turkish military killed 35 Kurdish civilians from Uludere in Sirnak, Turkey. It is known as the Sirnak Massacre to some. Now I love America, I am proud to say I am an American Kurd, I have citizinship in this country, but your silence as these events unfold in Turkey is troubling. Kurds are being oppressed in Turkey, children are being arrested on false charges of terrorism, just for protesting.

I know Turkey is an important ally to the United States of America, but this does not mean you should allow Turkey to commit these atrocities on my people, too long have my people been oppressed and killed, we face discrimination everyday in Turkey. There are reports of hospitals treating patients poorly and publicly discriminating against them. There was one case in Turkey where a pregnant woman was flung from a table in a hospital room, and when she cryed out they grabbed her fingers and broke them. This is unacceptable to everyone who calls themselves a Kurd and an American. America and Turkey support the revolution in Syria, but did u know more than a quarter of the protesters are Kurdish? Does Turkey know? How can America and Turkey say they support human rights when Turkey is committing crimes against humanity against the Kurds in Turkey?

How can you Mr. Obama stay silent and watch as this genocide consumes my people? I know I am young, I am only 18, I wanted to join the Army, but now sir I am unaware of what I should be fighting for. I feel now I should be fighting for my Kurdish brothers and sisters. I hope you actually read this sir, because if you won't listen to the cries of the fatherless Kurdish children in Turkey, who will?

Sincearly, The American Kurd