The Tenor of Your Upcoming Campaign

Dear President Barack Obama:

I am in full support and a staunch supporter of your Presidency. So I can only hope that in the face of negative Super-pac ads you will, soon, pull out a Ross Perot-esque white board upon which you will outline your vision of the budget showing us clearly where you'll cut and spend. And, how and where the jobs fell off under Bush and his Tax Cuts–which were supposed to Trickle Down. Maybe then you'll get not only a few nickles from me for your campaign, but national support.

Your request for dough for a night with George Clooney and the offers of a constant internet feed and being back stage with you are LAME. Do the hard work. (Sorry, I know you're doing a superhero of a job. I love you, but...JUST TELL US WHAT'S GOING ON! Then, you'll be in like Flynn.

Meantime, all the best