Speech to America

Dear President Barack Obama:

I know the economy in tough. Remember these are tough times. I remember a time when Americans would rise to the occasion. I can't think that these times are different. To Americans that do not have jobs, I feel your pain. To those Americans that have not had a job for a long time, in some cases for years, I feel your pain.

Looking at the markets and looking at the job growth in America over this year, there has been growth. Not the growth we need but still growth. Look at other countries around the world, America is growing at the highest level in these times. I know that doesn't do anything for prosperity for those looking for the American dream but America is moving forward.

These are different times than America has seen for a long time. The population is shrinking and the responsibilities remain the same. How do we fix this. As President I can say we can't fix our population today. What we can do is adjust our way of thinking so that as a country we can remain the great nation America has always been.

Business, small and large, need to step up and help America. Brokers, prospectors and investors need to step up and help America.

Now I'm going to say something that may not hold well with business. I'm going to say something that will not hold well with investors. This needs to be said, if I don't our economy may remain slow and steady instead of slow and moving fast. Change your goals. Change your focus away from the bottom line and profit. Instead, keep employees and hire all you can. Why, because America needs you and needs you NOW!! For investors, NOW is the time to invest in AMERICA. You can move America and relieve tension. Investors today you love what you see and tomorrow you hate what you see. Stay the course and you will not only advance your growth but also help to build a nation just like the business owners who keep jobs.

This is a call to Americans and even businesses that do business in America. This is a call because America needs you. This is a chance to be a part of the great American experience and actually say when we are back, I helped to do that. America is the most innovative country in the world. NOW is the time to show our grit. When times are good is not the time to dig in. When times are rough is the time.

Unemployment is getting high. People are suffering. We can fix this as a nation. I have confidence this will happen. Be ready to move back into the work force. Be ready with all your experience, certifications, degrees and documents. America the call is coming and coming soon. If it doesn't, THAT WONT HAPPEN, just be ready.

This is my call to America. Our great NATION- God bless the drive of Americans! God Bless the United States of America!