Second Time Around

Dear Mr. President, My name is Greg Bennett. I reside in the belly of the beast here in Metro New Orleans. There is hope that we can solve the challenge of greed and most other sins in our World, but it is going to require another Revelation...the Second Time Around. We will suffer, not like the stockholders after a market correction, but suffer in the form of longer food lines, lines at the homeless shelters, pestilence, mental illness and crime. A third world country, that's what they want...a new world order? Absolutely. DON'T GIVE IN. We will suffer with you. It may take some years, but once it's over and the Republican deceitful reign over the weak ends, when the idolators loose THEIR jobs (the many who flocked to health care jobs and the like), when the rat race of small business becomes more chaotic as the hamburger stand owner bumps heads with the boutique owner and customers disappear; a Peaceful World exists. The Hope began with your election, the World had its first victory in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We will stand with you and I am ready to speak if you like, but this time, the Second Time Around, your strength is needed. Thank You and God Bless you. Greg Bennett