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Dear President Obama,

Clearly I don't expect you to personally read this letter. As a matter of fact, with the shadows created by the internet, I don't even know if it is going to be read by a Democrat. I typed "letter to
Barack Obama" on my Google search engine and came up with a website asking for donations and a contest to have dinner with you. Well, I like contests, and I like food, but to be honest, I don't donate cash to anyone anymore, except in rare instances. I donate blood to the Red Cross on as regular a basis I can. The cash value of a pint of blood exceeds the cash value of anything I can contribute to anyone.

So, I exited THAT website and am trying this one instead.

Now, in the possible circumstance that this letter does go to someone diligent enough to work for your re-election, let me say one of the things I feel important to your contribution to this country. I think that "careers" are more important than "jobs". I have two jobs, but the opportunity to have "careers" in either of them is so out of proportion to the advantage of both of my employees that the vision of a career is very cloudy. I will expand on this particular point in the unlikely event that I hear from anyone that this is addressed to that is working diligently towards your re-election.

Please excuse the skepticism of this note, Mr. President, but the internet is very full of false information and creepy, intelligent criminals, so please know that my intentions are honest and positive, but sometimes the internet doesn't allow me to safely know who I am talking too. Good luck in your re-election. You have my vote and the vote of my spouse. My daughter is likely going to vote for Ron Paul, so you have 66 percent of the vote of this household. That type of statistic should give you some hope.

Sincerely, Tom