No Bailout Help For OCWEN Customers

Dear President Barack Obama:

I pay my taxes. I pay my mortgage. I am triple upside down on my note. My house is now 200% undervalued. I do not qualify for any bailout programs to help homeowners stay in their home. I live in an OLD house (fixer-upper) that needs plumbing, electrical, and flooring just to live in but cannot afford to make any improvements. I have had twp loan modifications but no reduction in principal. The cherry on top is that LITTON sold my loan to OCWEN who immediately increased my monthly payment since taking over my loan. I can not afford the monthly mortgage and am MAD AS HELL I do not "qualify" for a loan modification. I was told that OCWEN doesn't "do principal reductions" they only process foreclosures.

I have always tried to do the right thing. Now I'm ready to walk away and let my neighborhood go to hell. Who is there for me when I am paying for bailouts for the banks, for the bad loan, and NOBODY is helping me?

You can have my house. I did my best to hang on. I did my best to help the California economy reverse the downward spiral and to keep my neighborhood from going to hell. The house next door recently sold for less than $100k. I owe almost $300k. I will borrow from my family to get into another house that is already completely remodeled for 1/3 of the cost of my house which most people would not live in.

OCWEN is not helping its customers stay in their homes. The only people I spoke to at OCWEN were citizens of India not the US. They are not accepting any short sales. They are only in business to process foreclosing.

There are websites dedicated to fighting OCWEN. We need YOUR help.

The Better Business Bureau is not helping. Will you? I voted for you. I plan to again. But I'm getting screwed coming and going here.

Thank you!