Love letter to the Family or the Obama Administation

Dear Obama and Family, I have been sending my love and energy completly to ensure that my family is secure wraped around the hands of my labor they are yearning for financial relief its been ten years and I am still so deep in a hole that I cannot seem to get out of. Today I asking you to help a simple man who has no wife to raise his daughter. I wish to ask with all sincerity to please embrace us because we cannot live in a world where debt is overcoming my sucsess. Over the past ten years my credit has been stolen and I need financial distress relief. I am just asking to please not ignore this or take it lightly because I have written senator Harry Reid and I get no awnser. I wish to bless you and I will pray every day so that you will get four more years of leadership. May God bless you and you little girls so that they understand why her daddy is so busy being determined to win what is rightfully his he might neglect them but always holds them in his heart. Luiz Omar Oliveira