Knowing my President, Mr Barack Obama

I am here to put light on the truth and to put the foolish rumors to bed. To open your mind and your life to true meaning and a real vision for living in this world instead of being lost in gossip and confuses. You should never judge people on what you hear. Facts can be giving in a smile. Careless people are quick to spread rumors and think about there self’s. A lot of us where never giving anything good, so when something good happens, for them it’s to good to be true. Don’t be like them. Know your facts. See, I love my President. I will fight for him and his name for as long as I live. Why so passion-et? Well he’s a good man. A great example for me and a lot of us. The way he live’s specks all through the bible. Like Job, Soloman or King David, he’s a man that follow the commandments. He dosen’t look down on others in fact he know us all to well for he walked in our shoes. He’s the opposite of Bush. He’s always at work for us, the American people and for those who say he’s not fighting for me, tell that to the people that died trying to vote. Bush ran us into a hole that had no bottom. He flew over Katrina and gave up on Bin Laden. Everything he done was in the dark and his talk was full with holes. He showed us no care and every country hated us. Sin was his friend and hurt will be his lover. Obama was never given a chance but he shows us never to give up. He didn’t put money first and gave his blood sweet and tears for his people. He ran an honest campaign which people said was unachievable. With fantasy dreams of being one nations he fights for every bill to be past. To help us with health care, job growth, and schooling. And he dosen’t operate in the dark and he got Bin Laden. God is in control and he has place Barack Obama and other’s here to help us through our trying times. Just cheek him out for your self. He’s a very open man. His accomplishments and his goals are place all over the Internet and his life story from his mouth and close ones are in books you could find at any book store or Walmart. (Proverbs 3, 32; says The LORD doesn’t like anyone who is dishonest, but he lets good people be his friends.) I believe that the Lord is friends with Barack Obama, because he is humble. Because he is honest. He keeps a smile on his face even in in bad time’s. And the Lord says be happy no matter what. Now I have heard people, not many but more than one say well he has not’t done anything to impress me. What? It’s clear that these people has not’t been paying attention to nothing that’s been going on. It’s sad because there the same people that are quick to listen to noun sense and speared dumb rumors. They sound like Russ limbaugh. Barack Obama you are a blessing come true. Your ways are true. And the people are with you. By the multitude of crowd that scream “Yes we can” that marched in the rain sleet and snow, you can’t tell me that, that wasn’t Gods work. The devil is a lie. I believe in you and I will continue to pray for you. I love you and may God bless you. Another believer Terrance Geter