Fed Ed Stopped in California - Why?

Dear President Obama:

First of all, I do understand that California met a certain threshold and that it why the Fed Ed was cut off. I was sent a notice by EDD 1 week before my funds were totally cut off. I was in shock. I have looked for work for the last two years, every day I have sent out resumes, made copies, used my gas for job searches, paid for bridge toll in order to look for work. Now that I have no money at all to my name, I am unable to do my job search. I am a 59 year old woman and no one will hire a "senior" for any kind of work. I have applied everywhere, including maid service.

I live in one of the worst counties (Solano) where there is a very high unemployment rate. I have already cashed in my 401k to help me make my mortgage payments, now I am unable to do that. I had to apply for food stamps (THIS WAS THE HARDEST THING I HAVE EVER HAD TO DO IN MY LIFE!) I am so ashamed. I have worked for fourty years and I have nothing. No job, no health insurance, going to loose my home soon. I went to the EDD Career Center for help for "Seniors" and the man behind the desk said he couldn't help me because their funding was cut!...I have no where to turn. I feel like my life is over ....I thought these were gonna be the best years of my life...

I don't expect or do I want a "hand out"...all I want is a job.