Employment and unemployment

Mr. President,

The policy's and procedures that were put in place to cut off funding for the unemployed at certain points depending on the economic data or job growth were flawed.
If the U.S. Department of Labor would have factored in the statics from the folks that gave up looking for work, the unemployment in this state would be much higher.
The fact that california unemployment rate remains high and climbing and the fact that the funding for the unemployed was "exahausted" abruptly are frankly hurting
the folks trying to find a job, most of us are now more focused in standing in line at the welfare office's for food stamps so we can feed our family and applying for section
8 housing. It was bad enough losing my job after 25 years and forced to file for unemployment for the first time in my life. But now i am forced too food stamps and section 8,
What's wrong with this picture.?

Sir, you signed the bill a few months ago continuing federal assistance for the unemployed. lets do the right thing and fix this problem, so the people
that want to work and need too work so he can properly provide for his family.

Thanks for listening,

Concerned In California