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EB3 based greencard for Indian : the never ending backlog

EB3 based greencard for Indian : the never ending backlog

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Greeting Mr. President,

I write this e-mail with a lot of hope for some reform in resolving the neverending Green Card backlog for eb3 Indians. In the past 4 yrs the priority dates have moved just by over a year (2001 - 2002). This is very sad to see in a country which has quick government procedures and implimentation. There are many of our friends who have gone back to India only because they were fedup with this wait.

I was under an impression that sooner or later the govt. would bring about some bill to clear out the wait time and make the quota open for change of status (I 485).
But now when this H1 B status is effecting our refinacing option on our mortgage it makes us think whethere this GC is worth the wait? Our home is financed through CHASE and we were trying hard to refinance through the HARP2, everything went through until the underwriter comes back with an question about our Citizenship status. When we provided our H1B approval (797C) he comes back declining our refinance application because according to them we are not eligible for refiance. We thought it is a equal oppurtunity for all the qualify under thng program. Currently our visa is under the procedure of renewal.

We have asked them many questions saying in the first place why did they approve the loan at the time of purchase, if we can pay what we pay now, how can CHASE think we cannot pay a lower note upon renewal?

Biggest drawback of H1B is the spouse cannot work. Why? If we work we can also pay taxes on income. Many of us highly educated are sitting home on H4. Few people work on cash, which again effects the economy for unpaid income taxes.

We come overseas for education and better standards of work/living. With GC taking so long i wonder if it is worth living in this country. Pay scale has gone up in India and many offers come accross, but husband awaits with patience. But for how long?

We have not visited India in the past 8 yrs, only because of horror stories about how people go for stamping and get stuck back home. Now that we have bought a house and feel settled here is it a punishment to to wait in the GC que.

If this e-mail is ever read by you please do something for us Indians, we live and contribute to the economy and truely deserve better than living like this. Our GC was applied through my husbands employer based in Atl in Oct 2008. I wonder when we will get out GC with current priority dates being Sep 2002.