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EB2 Misuse: EB3 to EB2 Porting...

EB2 Misuse: EB3 to EB2 Porting...

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Mister President

I would like to say that you have done so much in your tenure as the president that any one else who come after you, would find it difficult to fill in your shoes. I have actually prayed that you would be the us president during the last elections. I still pray that you should be elected this time too . I am an Indian who graduated from an American university. I got hired by an American based It company and they filed a Green card for me (i worked about 4 years before they filed the green card). I was told that it would take couple of years before i get my green card. However, it appears that the visa dates for EB2 have retrogressed recently all the way back to 2004. This is happening primarily because of EB3 to EB2 porting. If People can port from EB3 to EB2 without cap then the availability of EB2 visas is severely being depleted.

This could lead to students not coming to the US since they see no advantage in getting a degree here. Which does have its negative consequences. Furthermore there would be the loss of tax money if the existing workforce is being forced to leave the country due to visa issues and/or uncertainties. On the other hand by simplifying the Immigration process for Ms students you would attract more foreign students to American education system.This would greatly benefit American economy. Plus all these students take up high skilled jobs and they contribute to Medicare,State and federal taxes.

I am sure that you have already considered all this. Please give a second though on this and try to do your best to improve the status of EB2 filing times. America has always been the land of opportunity where it is illegal to distinguish anyone based on race, gender, color ,region ect.. then why is a highly educated and experienced individual like me being asked to wait for 9 0r 10 years (was supposed to be 4-5 years) while some one form a different country gets his immigration in about 5 months? I am only expressing this because i have always considered the United States Of America as a great country that always tried to help out nations/people in distress. This notion can be further strengthened by the fact that you recognized the need of illegal immigrants and gave them a permanent residency in the us. I would like to urge you to do what is necessary to make the life simpler for those who filed for their GC in EB2 category with a higher degree from an American based university. This would be a win-win situation for all..

Thank you so much for your time and I wish you best of luck for your elections.

A Prospective Citizen