Decreasing the Budget

Dear President Obama, I am writing to commend you on a job well done while in office. I have seen and appreciate all of the positive changes you've created for the American people. I am especially thankful for all of your efforts in decreasing the mounding stress and tension felt on middle class society. It's just too bad that no, matter how hard we try, we can't please everyone...or can we. I don't follow all of the specifics, but I am aware of the financial crisis that our country is in. I am also aware of society's fear of increasing taxes. Here's a thought...we already send our troops and soldiers all over the world to provide military support and help keep the peace. Instead of taxing the American people to pay for these services, why dont we tax all of the countries we assist? Have their citizen's pay us to make sure their country is safe, and that money can help pay off our national debt. Then everyone will be happy! (except the other countries that have to pay...but everyone knows nothing in this world is free...not even our military services) Hope this is something you take into consideration. (It may even help you win the next election!) If you think this is a dumb idea I understand. Keep up the good work anyways. I'll be praying for you! Sincerely, Eddymie Wooten