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Barack Obama

Why don’t you leave D.C. like the other presidents have?
Please give President Trump the respect and support he deserves.

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Your Presidency

Mr. Obama I first of all I voted for you twice but I feel it was worse decision have ever made. Your presidency changed me from Democrate to Republican. You, and the rest, including your classless wife. Who do you two think you are slamming our president how would you have liked it. The democrates are predators. I dont think we should allow our own people to talk so badly.

Well Mr Obama we are done with your or Michelles opinions you are not in politics like before. You are both lucky you are not in jail. I could go on for hours. I am just going to post the negative things you and... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

Happy new years

Happy new years pros b Obama wife kids can you talk to trump founded wavier wv all rescare wavier senior cites wavier older people CCI l Mr mi founded state park wv make a place for 7 half year no war gone on middle east third tembel to be billed this year 2019

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To Barack Obama urgent matter pc world took my sound from my computer

pc world took my sound from me on my computer now I lost everything again. I have to use my phone to contact you and fact check progressive snopes is separating 1,500 immigrant children.

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Please come home.....

Was in my local food market in Fort Lauderdale and saw a group of people standing together just looking at something. I went over and joined them. It was a picture of you and your wife on a magazine cover. One even cried and said “I miss them”. I could not speak and walked away. But now I can, I miss you both please do not forget us.....

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