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Domestic violence victim rights being violated by informant

My story was displayed on the news back in 2013 however I was given no rights as a victim mother or human and my children have been neglected help from any and all government agencies please help me it gets much deeper please help me in any kind of way elexziaferguson102@gmail.com

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Don't need you running around go away

please go away

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We are in need of a leader

This is to much Sir. The country is desperately in need of a leader to lead them. I have 3 children when we pray it's more and more about why Dad can't people just stop talking like that or using social media to bully making people mean with the message they send. I understand you have served 2 terms. For that I thank the Lord you were a true blessing. I'm sorry it was too late for the country to truly appreciate your families efforts.

Hopeful father

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Gay Pride In Tawain.

Dear Barak,

Have you ever been to a gay pride parade? They recently had one in Tawain. It looked really interesting. Flambuoyant drag queens and horned devils rubbed shoulders with Christian pastors and supporters as tens of thousands of people took part in Taiwan's Gay Pride parade, the biggest in Asia.

The massive march, attended by nearly 13,000 people. It was held in capital Taipei on Saturday ahead of a landmark vote next month on LGBT rights.

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How are you doing since you left office? How did you get so wealthy after your tenure, I know you did not save it, we did not pay you that much. And don’t say the stock market, it really sucked under your leadership. And tell Michael he can stop playing dress up, now that you are no longer the pres, no one cares if you like it bent over, you probably like your men a little more masculine anyway. Don’t worry, when you are in gitmo, you will be getting it regularly. Good luck, and enjoy your life.

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