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HEAVEN is the Light
President Obama, The Light of The Pasturing is The Heavenly Kingdom for The Light of The
Basic Community The Subject is to Address Michelle Obama as the official 45th President.

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Your not the one

I voted for you sir ! Just once, a Moran would give you a second chance . You spent more money than all the presidents combined in us history, oh p.s illegal aliens jumping borders getting free medical and such is wrong, do you know why.... it’s in there title... there illegal they don’t belong here when they come ( they meaning ps not just Mexicans any one from outside this country , including little green men from mars) go thru the process , then yes there we’ll come. To protect illegal , remember the word illegal aliens (that means they don’t belong here just Incase you didn’t know sir)... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

totalitarian USA

It is time to impeach. It is time to flood this un-American president--who stole the election with the help of Russia--with subpoenas, and force his “Appointeds” to obey immediately. Have staff from your committees go to with House and Senate Security. Serve the subpoenas. Insist on immediate receipts of the documents. Follow the staffers to the documents’ storage areas. No excuses. Create and enjoy the uproars. Bring videographers. Tape everything. These are just a few of the tactics we must exercise immediately if we are to remain free. When an illegal “leader” orders a representative... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

Even better report of your successes.

Dear Barak,

Here's a better article. It highlights 50 achievements instead of 28! You should be proud. Here goes:

In March 2012, we compiled a list of what was, at the time, President Barack Obama’s greatest achievements, to accompany our cover story, “The Incomplete Greatness of Barack Obama.” Today, at the end of his second term, Obama’s legacy is far more complete. Indeed, items from the original list—such as increasing national service opportunities, creating the Race to the Top education reform program, and expanding stem cell research—fell off in order to make room for n... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

Where are you now?

Dear Barak,

I'm glad you were our president once upon a time. People are always saying what you didn't do right. Or do correctly. How about what you DID do! Your successes! Your victories! Your accomplishments! I found at least 28 on the internet. I thought I would post them here for you. Never forget your legacy. Never forget where you came from. Allow the Holy Spirit to work through you. Do not. Never ever turn to the dark side. It's not worth it. Power and prestige are filthy rags when it comes to the important things in life. Especially eternally important things. Well, before I... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >