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peaceful president

good morning, dear sir barrack Obama you are the world president that I have never seen before, because you bring peace to the world, thank you for following the part of construction instead of distruction, I wish to visit your country one day I wish to see you sir , thank you

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You were a Great President

To. Former President Barack Obama

We were so Blessed when you were our President because of you my family had your help. Sir, you really cared about everyone and you are truly missed. I remember when I sent you my first letter and when you responded It was a wonderful feeling because of you we didn't feel alone. You did so much for our country and made it better. I know you will go down in history as one of the best President of the United States of America. I wish you could have remained our President because it seems no one cares about my family and I know a lot of people feel... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

A possible visit with your wife.

An American Citizen whose origin is Alego Usonga. Your wife left a major impression on me, especially on her integrity and how she carried and conducted her self during your presidency. All i ask is for you to make a way for me to meet and see fer face to face and not on TV.

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Emergency Rent Assistance

I lost my job over a month ago. Then I applied for unemployment but was denied. I’m need emergency assistance with my rent. I have call the 211 number& the resources that they gave me are out of funds. Where is the help from our government. Could you help me find some help please

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Re illegal surveillance on myself and others in Snohomish county Washington and the throwing of Michelle Obama's voice

Please don't let this happen to anyone or another child. I am also military protected and have notified the us Marshalls the CIA FBI Homeland security intopol veterans affairs ECT. Mind control is illegal and wrong.. now with the damage done we use this for positive and find missing children and adults trafficking of children ECT

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