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Complaint against US Embassy regarding tourist visa
4/26/12 12:24am

Dear President Barack Obama:

I want to complaint against your US Embassy in Mumbai as we had applied for a tourist visa thrice and they have rejected it thrice giving the same reason: that you will settle in US . Without seeing any documents that we had took with us to confirm that we...
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HAMP program is not working
11/09/09 12:31pm

Plese help those of us who believe we would qualify for the Making Home Affordable Progam  ( HAMP)  I have been denied becasue of what I believe is an income error in my mortgage companies system ( IndyMac / Onewest bank) I have been over it quite a few times with their loss mitigation...
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7/19/12 6:56am

Mr President,

You are a boil in the butt the the united states of america. You and your fellow officials are doing nothing but destroying the country and world purposly. You all need to stand down and let the american people take control. ONE REPUBLIC for which it stands , how the hell...
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Help the 99ers
6/07/10 6:04am
Please help all of us 99ers soon,I am without no income,and have been for almost 2 months,I worked for 26 years straight,at the same job,in management,and I lost it in 2008,all because a corporation took over and did away with people to find cheaper workers,I am losing all that I have worked for,...
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Mohammad Ali Taheri, founder of Halqeh Mysticism has been sentenced to death in Iran
8/02/15 10:18am

Dear Madam/Sir,

Iran's human rights currently requires your immediate attention!

After the election of Hassan Rouhani as president in 2013 hopes of change once more emerged among Iranian citizens. Mr. Rohani had repeatedly promised to restore the lost rights of citizens on the...
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Idea to stop BP Oil leak
5/30/10 10:52am
Anchor firmly two steel upright structures one on each side of the oil rig into the ocean floor.  Join a cross girder from one post to the other firmly at the top above the blow hole.  Install a hydraulic structure with power greater than that of the leak.  Force a large steel post the size of the...
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Please PASS the TIER 5 EUC Benefit ASAP
5/31/10 11:58am

Dear Mr. President Barack Obama, I'm a citizen of this country. I'm here to beg you, not just for me but for all the Americans who need help. Please extend the 99 weeks of Tier 4 EUC Benefits or Pass the Tier 5 EUC Benefit extension as soon as possible. You keep passing/extending the EUC...
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1Lt Clint Lorance
1/07/14 11:55am

Dear Mr. President;

I am writing you today and I seriously hope that you can help a young soldier named Clint Lorance. Twenty years of his life is the price he must pay if we are unsuccessful in helping this young man. As I stated before he was 1Lt Clint Lorance a decorated soldier...
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Immigration Reform
1/27/13 1:08pm

Dear Mr President, i like to congratulate you on your second term.

I'm American citizen married to illegal immigrant,who's residency was approved in 12/7/2011 and he has left the county voluntarily last year and still waiting for a visa interview and there after to apply for a waiver I-...
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corruption within the NJ DYFS Offices
12/09/12 7:07pm

Below is the letter I filed against DYFS in NJ. I need help in fighting the corruption here. I'm a DMV native born and raised and there's way to much corruption in within DYFS. Please help us!!

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