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Your recent actions relating to the Trump administration. ............

Your recent actions relating to the Trump administration. ............

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I've heard on several occasions over the past week of your speaking out/ expressing
your concerns over the increasingly dysfunctionalities of the Trump administration. Firstly,
I say ....it's about time that someone take on this bully president. He has been caught lying in
a series of things including that he is God's gift in terms of finance.......blah blah. Unfortunatley,
a large part of the U.S. population does not seem to recognize just what dangers that your country
faces under his leadership(?) and his "skills"(?) both domestically and internationally.I have not yet
seen any valid contradiction to his habitual lying ; his incoherent management approach nor his disloyalty
to "friends" ;long term lawyers etc. He is truly an embarassment of the American people.

Please continue your involvement on an increasing basisi. You are well known and respected among your
People and hopefully your effects will serve to educate and motivate voter participation in your
upcoming mid term elections

My most sincere best wishes to you

A concerned Canadian ......James