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totalitarian USA

totalitarian USA

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It is time to impeach. It is time to flood this un-American president--who stole the election with the help of Russia--with subpoenas, and force his “Appointeds” to obey immediately. Have staff from your committees go to with House and Senate Security. Serve the subpoenas. Insist on immediate receipts of the documents. Follow the staffers to the documents’ storage areas. No excuses. Create and enjoy the uproars. Bring videographers. Tape everything. These are just a few of the tactics we must exercise immediately if we are to remain free. When an illegal “leader” orders a representative of law enforcement to break the law on his order, and not to fear--“I will give you an pardon”--we are almost too late! GET GOING NOW!!!! THIS MONDAY, 15 APRIL, 2019. We have a Nero in the WH. Get rid of him.

We live in men’s worlds. You men are responsible for 99% of the evil. Do your job. Clean up your messes.