stolen money

dear sir maynd god bless you I write this letter in desperation, my name is pedro perez Navarro,, I live in Pu goa couple of years anderto rico and a couple of years ago the internnk divertreational monetary fund grsnted me y the hiuge sum of 36 million dollars because I had been the victim of several scams, they depositenkd this fund in deutsche bank wall street, then the ceo of that bank divern development bankiatedthe fund to the asiaontsctr edndevelopment bank in japan, I contacted thr dr epartment of justice in Washington dc fincen they investigsted and found in mu u y favor that it e was true, and siuceeded/y hpoweverto arrange ths at this funfd was truly mine, the white house a but now the secretary of thetreasury, now refuses to remit this g fund to mine accout, bot rather is asking for monrey
I askrd him y to dr edut whatever he needed as y thids fund is an investment and therefore he can easily deduct whs ateb ver is needed approved by the deps arocial security recipir enttment of jud stice in Washington
if I ha this money I would not hesitate for one second, but I am a social security beneficiary with hardly enough money to feed my family
whereg fore I I would appreciate any t thing you can do may god bless you, pedro navarro