Refusal of Non immigration visa section 214

Mr. Barack Obama,

I am citizen of United States of America, writing this letter because I am really upset with the decision that was made for refusing non-immigrant visa to Komal Limbachiya (my sister-in-law) without looking at any of her documents and without verifying her statement was true or not.

I am pregnant and I don't have anybody who can take care of me and my baby during my pregnancy and after. I provided doctor's note to be taken during the interview to prove that I am not giving any false information to them. During the interview US consolate never asked for any type of documents to prove that she is financially stable and her intention is only to come and help me for short amount of time. She has her family in India which includes her husband and 3 kids and she jointly runs the beauty salon with her husband .Also, she has her own house. She had no intention to leave her family behind and stay in United States illegally.

All I am asking is that at least US consolate should have given her an opportunity to prove herself. But instead without looking at any documents they refused to give her visa. According to section 214 it says on the website that US consolate should ask for the supporting documents to verify his or her statement is accurate or not but they never asked for that which was not fair.

I really need somebody to help me during my delivery time it's our 1st baby and we need somebody who can guide us and help us to take care of the baby for short amount of time.

All I am requesting is to reconsidered this case and help us to have elder family member who can guide us and help us

Thanks for your time. Awaiting for your positive response.

Khyati Parekh