Lost home

Dear President Obama,

I am one of those home owners that lost my home in 2010. I eas of not aware of the mortgage crisis until happened to me. I was able to stay in my home since October 2010 by having a good attorney. Now he tired of the case and told me that Bank of America was going to win. I had just talked to my doctor and it was not good news. He told told me to take 2,000 and vacate in to months. I went to court today 6/22/19 and I have to leave. I have no family and no place to go. My attorney called this afternoon and asked how much time did I need I told me untill the end of August and he told me it could be days. Then I asked for 15 days. I live in Spotsylvania County and I drive to Alexandria everyday. I am writing to you to ask do you know a very good attorney that can help me get my home back I have no where to go. I am 62 years old and have nowhere to go.