A letter of Gratitude

     Dear President Obama,   I want to take a moment to express my gratitude and a little about my appreciation for what your terms in office has meant to me. I first have to say it had not been long into the first term that Mr. Bush jr. had been in office that I began to have some real agnst, and it was not long before I could barely watch or listen to what was happening in our country. By the time he had been in his final term personally I could barely believe this countrys' condition. You sir have done much restoring my faith in the greatest office that leaders as yourself have held. I consider you among the best our country has been priveledged to have known. Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson and Theodore Roosevelt are just several that our people owe a great deal of thanks for. From these giants that lead this country and world every human being benefited by their conviction and vision. From there shoulders we have seen a future and example of a viable future. I count you Mr. Obama among these men. I have followed your challenges and decisions as closely as I have been able and without a man of your caliber the state of the union could have been close to an utter collapse. History will show the astonishing level of your gifted abilty and insights that enabled you too be several steps ahead of most anyone of our time. Your calm delierate approach is a trait that I admire. I wish you and your beautiful family the verst best. Thank you.   -gene wagner-