Dear Mr. President,

The healthcare plan isn't helping me at all, it's ruining my life. I'm 58 years old, I've done mostly physical work all my life. I've got some handicaps because of it. I'm now unemployed and almost nobody will hire a broken down old man. I attempted to sign up for healthcare. I could not afford what was presented me and as a result, I had to forfeit my income tax return. The cost was $333. per month with a $500. deductible. I'm generally pretty healthy but I need to go to the Dr. once a year to renew my blood pressure meds. That visit costs about $300. So with this care we're forced into, I'd have to pay $3996. a year plus the doctor's $300. The deductible would never get satisfied and here in Washington State, if you got insurance the rates get inflated to them. It means I will now pay about $480 for the same visit. I have a great deal of debt and struggling badly here. I'm on my way to being homeless. A person has to vote for the person that will best suit what the individual needs. I've always believed in the Democrats but I need to vote Republican this time in hopes the care plan will be corrected or dismantled.

Speaking of homeless, America needs to stop letting foreigners in until all OUR homeless have a home.