H1B Visas and Damage done by this program

Let me say in few words after reading horrible stories about Southern California Edison, Disney, and Verizon, I thought some corporation are greedy and will do anything to not just profitable but to become more profitable in presence at any cost and we never thought our corporation will do this, but Sempra Energy (SDGE and Southern California Gas company join same boat) First wave is completed and out source our enterprise infrastructure more than 30 people are given involuntary retirement and next phase is on the way to get rid of IT.

I have been working in this company for 18 years, not worried about getting fired and replace by some worker as I am very highly skilled and with little pay cut I will find job elsewhere at least that is what I think, But first time I feel like this is not the country where I belong, morality and basic family values are no longer part of way of life.

also I have 3 children, when important question came out about what major I should take to be competitive, as parent my answer was do not take engineering because that job is no longer offer to you, when father with engineer says this there is definitely something wrong with it, Now how would you think that we are going to not have deficit of engineer when every engineer father think this way.

Instead of asking corporation please ask employee and see if this issue has some merit.

life liberty and pursuit of happiness for immigrants but life sentence, deep regrets and sorrow for Americans.