greenacres, fl 33413

Dear President Obama: I need your help. I have great respect for you and miss you as our President every day --- I worked as a volunteer to register voters when you were running. I am so anxious to have our country return to some sort of normalcy and those programs you had to do executive orders on because Mitch McConnell would not let any legislation be put forth for a Senate Vote be put back in place with the legislation to protect them.

I am receiving many e-mails which appear to be using your name for fund raising --- proceeds to go towards helping the Democratic candidates. I have very little to donate and am very anxious to donate where my money will do the most good and is being used to promote candidates that hopefully will turn our Senate Democratic as well as helping those candidates running for President. I am an environmental activist with the Sierra Club and my heart is breaking as this Man in the White House destroys our clean air & water act as well as any environmental inroads you had made as President.

One donation request just received from the-----Democratic Majority: HMP and another recently received is the BOLD PAC. Both of these organizations use your name and I want to be certain that they are organizations you do support.

Again, I want you to know how much we miss you and Michelle as our President and First Lady and will appreciate any guidance you can give me so that I my direct my donations to the very best source.

Most Sincerely,
Greenacres, FL.