Don Siegelman

Dear President Obama,

I would like to thank you for your great service tor our nation during your presidency. You were truly a great president and will go down so in history.

I am writing to you today,not about the upcoming elections but instead about Don Siegelman.

I know you are a firm believer in political finance reform. And also in justice reform. At a time when there are hundreds of

people living billionaire lives due to their greed,and total disregard for what is right during the housing crisis.Despite the fact they lied to Americans,took their

money and ran.---they are not only not in jail. They're living lives in luxury.

Yet someone like Don Siegelman; who's misdeeds are still in question,and who is in solitary confinement at times? ---did nothing that would cause hardships on others like those of the housing crisis (and other past fiascos)

Mr President before you leave office I ask if you could. PLEASE RIGHT THIS WRONG.and Release Don Siegleman. Thankyou for listening Mr President.


Cindy Boes from MN