Continued request for justice

For the past twelve years, I have been steadfast in my efforts to obtain justice by contacting various law enforcement agencies, local and state officials, politicians, etc. During the course of these efforts, I have requested numerous investigations of a fraudulent, organized, investigation built on criminality, malicious slander, defamation, deception; undertaken by law enforcement (multi-jurisdiction) and characterized by harassment, intimidation, public humiliation, 24-7 invasion of privacy, tracking, illegal wire tapping, electronic surveillance etc. Although, as a consequence of the overwhelming anxiety, emotional stress, pressure and most of all fear, from a diminished sense of safety and security contributed to my mother having a massive heart attack in November of 2013, these illegal activities persist.

In the past, I have contacted the United States Attorney for Western Pennsylvania, David J Hickton, who communicated a main function of the office is to prosecute federal crimes. I have also contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Comey, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Special Agent Scott Smith, in charge of the Pittsburgh office to open an investigation. In my last correspondence to Special Agent Smith, I requested a full investigation of financial fraud for my mother Webbie Stephens by three individuals Chinnie L Gregory, Norman Gregory her husband as well as State Trooper and James R Stephens. It is my conviction these three individuals were not only involved in the deliberate creation and development of an organized fraudulent investigation that has destroyed my life and nearly caused my mother her life but also engaged in conspiracy, deceit, fraud, profiteering, racketeering, possible identity theft to steal money designated for Webbie Stephens. For the past twelve years, my mother eighty-three, has suffered immensely from all of the illegal activities undertaken in the name of law enforcement, initiated by individuals, politicians and those in the justice system charged with upholding the law. However, my mother never believed nor did I that the worst suffering has come from the belief that those with her name has played an integral role in this criminality.

Therefore, my mother and I plea with you to, use all available resources to bring to bear the full weight of the justice system in not only freezing and seizing all assets, bank accounts monies etc. associated with the criminal activities but prosecuting Chinnie Gregory, Norman Gregory and James Stephens.


Webbie and Yvette Stephens