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civics classes

civics classes

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Thank you for all your efforts in 2018 and staying engaged in the future of our country. I'm writing to request that you and Michelle use your influence to get our educational system nationwide back in gear by mandating civics classes so our children learn our ideals and what an amazing, important model and partner we are for the world. Now 2 generations- Gen X and the Mellanials- have not had required class and so we're heading towards a citizenry uneducated about our basic ideals and how government works for and with us. It's become evident that they can't teach their children since they never learned themselves. So,it seems to me, that along with global warming, it's urgent that we start now.
I have done basic research in the western US and found that some, but not all, of the charter schools are teaching basics under history class titles. But all of the scholars in community schools are not directing any attention to this need. I'll continue to contact senators, representative, governors and education supervisors with the same urgency.

Thank you.