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Children removed from immigrant parents/warehoused

Children removed from immigrant parents/warehoused

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Dear President Obama,
My heart is breaking. I simply cannot believe that this country, and this current administration, is allowing the taking of children away from parents at our borders as punishment for attempting to immigrate or seek asylum within our wonderful country. They are warehousing these panic and traumatized stricken children in abandoned Walmarts and similar buildings for months at a time. They are not allowing access to anyone, press and Senators to verify the treatment of these children. How can we allow this to happen in this country?

Please help. I am convinced that you and Michelle, President Bush and Laura are the only ones that can bring attention to this injustice. You four could show up down there and just walk in. No one would stop you. Make it bi-partisan, make it unannounced. Report the truth without sensationalizing it. (I can't get past the word "cages".) The country and the world would not discount you. If there is any one issue that you need to bring attention to, this one should be at the top of the list.

I understand the unspoken courtesy of not interfering in another administrations actions, but this is not a normal administration. Trump has broken every norm and courtesy and it is time for others to do the same. This is a HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION...in our own country, and must be addressed, and brought to the fore front of the publics attention,

Please, please, help these families and stop this policy. Our country is so much better than this.