Help Us Get Our Kids Back

My President.

My name is Evelyn. I'm from Hickory NC, We here citizens of NC need help to fight service for wrongfully moving children out of their cause they can and want to be controlling of people lives. We had a little girl who was killed by her dad and stepmom her name was Aziriah that was a sad and hurtful moment for everyone,but now the Social Services is making everybody pay for that and that's. Wrong Mr president please contact me please help us get our kids and grandchildren back keep them in their family I could see if anything was wrong but it's not so please help.

P S also with Medicaid they not letting you get it even if you not working and get unemployment but can't. Afford insurance and not getting enough money also using the same income fir your 19year old and he can't. Get it either now that's. Wrong can you also fixed that

Thank You Your Concerned Citizen