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A Short Poem of Deep Appreciation

Dear President Obama,

You are proof that the Universe can ring like a crystal bell,
Your family shows it is actually singing a beautiful song.

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Grow up

You guys need to stop complaining already. All I hear is poor you. Nothing about your kids or the fact the your child's mother is doing EVERYTHING as far as physical care. If u paid child support on time, you would suffer no repercussions. If u all think that a couple hundred dollars a month is really helping, your all very misinformed. If u don't wanna pay hold support. Don't have kids

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after 17 years told i dont need your help now taking me to support.

it has been 17 years and now she disides to take me to child support after she told me she would never take me to support and if she needed my help she would call and did not. Now she talks to me like i did something to her because she is going thru tuf time just ask and i would of helped. You know i have sat there and held her brothers bull calling me spic spanish ass before my daughter was born and even now it really suckes. I tryed taking to her and she uses the excuse i have nothing to say what is is . what An answer. just talk and i will help how much more may i say. My name is not eve... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >


Hey Barack
Nobody really has the answer to this or anything. It's a thankless
Job. I'm just a simple teacher. Hang in! Got some ideas but whatever.

Greeting by in WI,

Scot Schellhorn

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