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Human Rights

Homosexuality is sinful. Legalising it is legalising sin before God.
Shall man please himself while displeasing God?

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Mr President,
How do you do?
I wish to bring to your ATTENTION that I have been able to tweak the way we get energy out of our generators and turbines.
Now I have in my possession the very thing the world is searching for. FOSSIL FREE ENERGY therefore I would appreciate your response so I can discuss this with you.
However I'm not sure if you will receive this message but I will take the chance and leave you my name and contact details to get in touch with me.
Thank you
Joey Reddy CEO
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Family Welfare

Good afternoon, Excellency Mr. President Barack Obama.

the reason for this is to expose my case;

I'm an American Resident, I have two boys 6 and 3 years.
My fiance Goethe Alejandro Borjas, the father of my boys, went to the Honduran Consulship to renovate his American Visa, he brought all the paperwork, photos, American and Honduran banks accounts and my older boy's school documents.
The thing is, we do not understand why the Consul said my fiance does not apply, the Consul cancel to renovate the Visa, twice!!!! We don't understand why, because he never stayed more... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

Gertrude Weaver: 116-year-old Arkansas woman

Associated Press
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — An Arkansas woman who became the world's oldest person Wednesday wants President Barack Obama
to attend her 117th birthday party this Fourth of July. "

Staff at the Silver Oaks Health and Rehabilitation Center in Camden, about 100 miles southwest of Little Rock is where she is located I think.
This is part of the article that was on FB wich I recieved today, 08-31-2015.
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I need to US President Barack Obama's reference.

Mr. President, I hope you're well. I always wish you good health. A message sent out to you, Mr., but I did not get any answer. So I wrote again to you under compulsion. Some days later, my father will retire. I'm very worried. Darkness around me. Mr. I am a hard worker. I'd be working a lot in life and want to contribute to the development of the future of America. Mr. Please do not disappoint me. I also ask for help. Mr. harm to many people in the world are found, but not available to benefit the people. A number of wealthy and powerful state in the world, Mr. President.... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >