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Future is question mark reason H4 visa

Hi Mr.President

I am Aarthi from India. I have done my B.tech in Chemical Technology and MBA in Human Resource & Operation Management. And I am a gold medalist and university rank holder from India. I have been married and accompanied my husband who is in h1b visa. I have been here for past 2 years without job here.i have to expect and get each and every penny from my husband which lowers my self respect and self esteem. Am I cursed to be like this? My future career is being blocked by this. I couldn't leave to India for my career if I do so I will miss my husband which is not go... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

Health care

I'll make this short. I have medical insurance through the state of Washington. I pay $ 157.00 and the state pays close to $ 400 because I am low income. My deductible is $5000. How many low income citizens can afford such a high deductible?? So it boils down to ... I can barely afford the monthly preminium (hey, eating is overrated) but can not afford to use my newly purchased health care. AND to make matters even worse, my health care is upping my deductible for 2015. Pay more to get absolutely nothing.

I am being forced to pay for something that I cannot afford to use. This is... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

Worst immigration system in the world!

Dear Sir,

We have lived in US for 14 years and still awaiting permanent residency. We have followed the law and paid over $25000 from our pocket by way of various visa fees over the years to USCIS. This is not an exaggeration as the smaller employers do not pay any visa related fees. We have followed the system to the letter and have also paid considerable amount of money in income taxes to the federal govt.
I have two simple questions for you: (1) Is it wrong to follow the legal immigration system ? (2) Is it foolish to continue hoping that some day things will improve?

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100th birthday card for my Aunt Helen

Dear President Obama,

I apologize for thIS last minute request but hope the White House can do some magic.
My Aunt Helen turns 100 years old this October 23rd, 2014. Her party is on Saturday, October 25th.
I have read conflicting accounts...some say a letter magically is sent out by a White House fairy - I believe that.
Other sites suggest that I fax the information, still others say we're supposed to do this months in advance.
I didn't plan ahead as I always believed the card did just magically arrive based on census information.
Aunt Helen has been a... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

Health Care /You need to make changes to stop employers

Dear Mr. President I have worked at pizza hut in attalla alabama for five years.I used to work 38 hours a week and I received vacation time that has now changed due to your healthcare reform. Employers will no longer let their employees work full time hours. I now work 20 hours a week and get no vacation time.YOU need to change it so employers have to have full time employees and it can not be all management. Make it so they have to have full time cooks and servers And make them give the full time hours back to the employees they took them from .I served in the navy for three years and rec... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >