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Please stop Iran from nuking the United
States. If America is destroyed, I have children and family that are really scared. Only you can make this happen. Your term is 1.5 years away. Are you scared Mr. President?

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OCWEN Dont Care about Homeowners Bill of Rights

I have been trying to get a Loan Modification with Ocwen for Months and I have been denied. 1st disability income $2900mo Ocwen sent denial letter stating due to income of $5000 month loan modification is Denied. When called Ocwen and they noted mistakenly sent letter with wrong income but the denial was based upon the $2900 month. Denial of HAMP and In House Mod. This is crap!
2nd- Ocwen Denied Keep Your Home California Principle Reduction-stated investors do not participate in Principal Reduction(however failed to give Investors info), when I personally found out who investors-... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

society classes

President Obama. I am a supporter of you and appreicate you accomplishments. What I don't understand Is why the middle class is always discussed and I never hear discussion to support and help the class below? Please explain. Eve Moran

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I am proud of my presedent

I wish to make this Concise, and to the point.
President Obama, after the recent events bestowed upon the good people of this nation, I just wanted to say how extremely proud I am of you as my president, how proud of you I am as man; as a human being. History is generally the final arbitrator as to whom has achieved greatness on this planet. and you sir have that one locked in.
Your thankful admirer, Robert G. DeGray

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Social Security SSDI

Why do we penalize those who work few hours to supplement there SSDI.Why is there not safety nets to warn those who receive Soc Sec that they may have gone over there limit and advise them to make corrections instead of waiting a whole year to do that and causing persons to pay back large amounts.You would think if someone is willing to work a few hours that they would receive a bonus for doing that, and not be punished with overpayments, etc.I would like to praise those who have been nice to me at social security but saddened at the lack of encouragement by others there that have not.Why a... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >