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Guns victims

hello again..

I just can't get it... and yes writing here AGAIN ...The least that SHOULD be done is create a FEDERAL FUND for the victims and families....When that fund reaches a BILLION DOLLARS
maybe then there will be a REAL TAX on all weapons.... LET'S CALL IT: THE VICTIMS SPECIAL TAX...



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Another shooting....

Is this a surprise....another student shooting today.....only one week after the Oregon shooting..... This is my 3rd letter here on the subject.... Is anyone reading these letters here....
There has been NO ACTION yet about gun controls....ONLY WORDS without action....
Who is at fault for all these shootings.... If it were one of your children or one of your nephews or nieces....
Why wait for that GUN TAX that I keep proposing....NO NEED TO CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION AT ALL... Is there no one BRAVE enough to do this....
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Foreign Policy

I have on simple question. Why have we not met with the Kurds privately, asked them if they would like to publicly invite us to set up an air base in northern Iraq along their border. This would be very similar to what Russia
says occurred in Syria, they were "invited" by the Syrians, aka Assad and they are there as invited guests to help calm the conflict. The Kurds have been the only people who have been steadfast with us in their actions. It's
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So greedy, it's disgusting

As simple and short as possible- She stole close to 2 years wages and the next month-asked more than my income, for child support. Although I understand the obligation of child support, that shouldn't mean threats, bullying, harassment, stalking, vandalism to my home. Court wont stop it cause of weak laws and weak judges. I don't even get child visitation. There should be a law -nationwide- that take these children from abusive parents, especially when there's a long history of it. Also, they should provide shopping receipts to prove, they are spending child support on the c... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

Snake wants his life back

Dear Barack
I would like to speak to you. It is based on my selfish situation, and nothing more. If you hear what I have to say & deny/disagree, I have no out. My issue has nothing to do with policies of any kind. Basically I'm at my wits end. I need extreme help. Thanks mang.

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