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Ambassador to Cuba

Mr. President, My husband and I would like for you to consider Ms. Judy Canales and/or Ms. Ana Maria Farias for the post of ambassador to Cuba. Both are highly qualified individuals, both speak spanish, and both have been a part of your administration. Best of luck on all your future endeavors and my God bless you, your family and the United States of America. Mr. and Mrs. Reyes Lopez, Uvalde, Texas.

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Need Obama Help,

Hi,my name is Stephanie Stewart I'm a single parent I have 7boys 3 in high school 1 in middle school 1in elementary school I have 2 a 3 and 2 year old at home.I just in march of this year moved on cobbville Dr in Canton ms. the house is big enough for me and my boys but I get 800 a month that's my fixed income. anyway I need a car or van so I can get back working my Income is just enough for my bills and I get child support but I get $250 for three of my kids.I want to work on my own but I stay in the country and giving gas money is some time hard when you don't have it.I needa little help.... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

i want need help

Obama sir ,
sir I am Parvez Ramzan . I am citizen of India but now i am staying in Saudi Arabia with suffering many different problem.
Plz sir
Help mee i want need go back india ... Plz sir
i shall be very thankful for this act of kindness.
waiting for ur reply .
Yours obidently,
Name Parvez Ramzan
Mobile +9665908048620
in last i am saying again plz sir help mee any method

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First off thank you so much for looking into to releasing non violent offenders. I've been doing some research myself due to a dear friend of mine who was sentenced to 60 yrs for a synthetic drug. And the most hurtful part of it all. Is that this individual was not charged for the crime. But rather his pass. I'm begging you to please check into the Mclennan County here in Texas. The law here is outdated and just cruel. Once more thank you for all that you are you doing. Please check into Mclennan County.

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green card

I am bindiya and I am eb3 category and I going to compiled my 15 years in USA still I don't have green card.

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