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social security

I find it very hard to apply for social security, but with the type of injury I have I can not lift anything over 3 pounds or stand for long period of time. I have tried to work several jobs only to have to take lots of pain medications in order to work, with the way the world is going there are so many people who use drugs for fun and the one's who have to use it is suffering by doing jobs that leave them in most pain each and every day. what I do understand is that you can be mental or overweight and get your social security but a person who is injury and have to take pain medications in... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

health care

I have found out that healthcare insurance that Im using is not except by most hospital and now Im have to pick another one and pay more money. It is a waste of time to apply and paid only to find out that the insurance don't mean nothing to your dr. It was stated that the insurance would be except any where and with any dr. that's not true it hard enough that I work a part time year job which ends in April 2015 so I have to double paid my bill for several months until I return to work full time which is usually in December 2015. But I feel we was told one thing only to find out it not goin... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

Republican VA Scandal

Mr. President:
My name is Mike Kennedy. I served in the US Army Special Forces in 1975 & 1976 time frame. I grew up in church as a little boy at 5 years of age. My Grandfather was the 1st brand of the Navy Seals in WWII. He was attached to a unit that was called "Amphibious Assault Unit” The 1st time they figured out how to take a small group of Special Forces Strike Teams to the enemies shore. He was in 7 invasions. He only had a 5th grade education. God needed for someone to come and rescue his chosen people out of the hands of Adolph Hitler and to save the rest of the wo... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

A good citizen


My name is Melissa Vaughn from nj I am a conserd. citizen of the USA I saw the news tonight about a video of terrorist Isis threating the malls in America saying that they are coming here to kill us I am just wondering what are going to do about it there should be something doneabout they need to be stop instead of worrying about health care you so worry about this Isis stuff thank Melissa Vaughn

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child suppory

Hey my name is Wayne Lloyd and I just lost everything because of child support I pay $871 a month because of my income but after taxes I make about $2200 my rent was $785 my car payment is $573 and had pay lights and gas they put my thing of my apartment yesterday now I have no place to live please I need help my #is 678-558-2514

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