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unfair treatment

In 2002 i we injuried by a drunk driver. The driver didn't run but the the Detroit police failed to arrest the driver. Ithe car hit me white i was walking across the street. He hit m me, ran over me, druged me a third of a block, rolled ove me again and backed up over me.
I'm college educated and i have had to fight for everything i have received. It took me four years to get SSI. i live out of. $700.00 a month. I can't get help from anyone . I really need help.
The system is broke and i have had a very difficult time, trying to live a modest life. Now I'm feeling hopeless. Any... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

unemployment extension to

To President Obama I would like to no when or if unemployment benefits will be extended because of all the people that are out of jobs I saw your address on TV and would like to have benefits extended so far I have not heard anything about it thank you Alan Camhi

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Health Insurance Help

Good afternoon Sir,

I have three children whom I pay child support as well as health insurance. I am employed full time and I believe my child do deserve what they get in child support. Even if their mother's do use it for other things. I know that it doesn't matter what they do with the money in the courts eyes as long as father's pay for their children. I feel that my children are worth it besides, they didn't ask to be here. So, the money is not an issue. The issue is when we have a job to pay child support with and find another job to finance our own needs, it's seems that... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

can you help me an my 3

Hey how are yo? I know better than me would realy like to maybe just see if I could get help im a single 25 your old mother,/wife an I need a vehicle I have ,3 small childten I get foodstamps thats all I cant go after child support plus im in a sowhat of a mess just realy got out of a domestic volence shettler. Plan on going back cause im just in what you call poor an I have sum clues for you. Have wounderful day you an your whole family

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illegal crimminals

I am a serious victim of illegals from mexico and guatamala. they were aggressively used to destroy my life. I'm an American. They took my home. my work and my id have all been compromised. they were used and rewarded by police. And they did it during a season of aggressive grief. AS WELL THERE WERE SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES TO MY PHYSICAL HEALTH WHEN I STOOD UP FOR MY RIGHTS. Does American belong to the americans or the Mexicans and company? What are you doing Obama are you for us or against US!

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