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Israel's bombing of Hospital is a Geneva War Crimes

Mr. President,
I am a registered Republican that voted for you two times. I thought you would bring dignity back to America.

Your silence much less your support of Israel indiscriminately bombing Schools, UN Shelters, now Hospitals, using our Drone Technology, is conscious act of immorality. You have an obligation to protect all innocent civilians, especially the poor down trotted Muslim Palestinians. I am a Roman Catholic but find everything Israel is doing both to the Christians community in Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza, as horrifying. I have no doubt this letter wi... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

I believed in our president at one point and lost faith in him just as quick

President Obama,

My family immigrated to the United States from a communist country for a better life. I was 8 years old at the time. I was terrified and at the same time excited about having a different life then the rest of my family in my home country. We came with the clothes on our backs, and live in a basement for a year. My parents work hard Monday through Saturday for a while before opening their own businesses. I learned to speak perfect English, excelled in school, and even got to play football. A sport that was unheard of at the time in my home country. Not before long, we... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

The war in Israel

Dear President Obama,
I do not know if you'll read this letter but I decided to write to you anyway. I am a citizen of Israel and I live in Ashkelon which is a city that is bombed everyday by the Hamas. It's 11:00 p.m. and I am sitting in my living room listening to the news. I hear in the news that you say to Israel to cease fire imediately and I'm very puzzled. I thought you are a friend of Israel, but according to your comments and messengers it seems you forgot about us. How come I do not see any comments from you to the Hamas? How come you do not say anything to th... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

Support for your presidency

Like so many Americans, who truly do support your administration, I am continually dismayed at your lack of support. I believe you have been bombarded with so many catastrophies since your inauguration that I have no idea how you continue. You have been in the spotlight from the beginning of your administration, as I am sure you expected from the beginning, and you have handled each and every crisis with dignity. Please do not cave to the factions that continue to lay all fault on your shoulders. There are many Americans who know you are doing everything that you can to move in a positive d... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >


Dear President Obama
I am and what my fellow soldiers believe that I am a veteran, I was in the Army National Guard from 1992 to 2003, While in I was hurt while on
annual training in 1998, I was being taken care of by many doctors at the VA, for years, and scheduling surgery on my back. when I lost my
patient Id card, I went for a follow up and was turned away and they said I did not qualify for treatment, It is unfair that they were treating me
for so long, and now I don't , I still battle every day problems due to this neglect, I wish I could give my name and conta... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >