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getting medication from VA disability

My Husband is a vet and having a problem gettinghis medication from the VA Hospital it's fair he has to wait week for it and sometimes even months the something need to be done for these guys. It's really sad that thay put there life on the line for this country.please do something for them please place.

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Dear Mr. President,
Your job, as leader of this country, is to be an example to the people. To be the peace keeper and try to instill hope as you lead and make decisions you feel are in the best interest of all. It is very scary to see our leader standing before us instilling hate and anger and racism with words like, "it could have been me." Whether an issue is racist or not, your job is to quiet the situation, not aggravate it. I'm disappointed in the lack of professional leadership you have exhibited. Because if you...racism is at an all time high, and violence has soared!

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derechos intitucionales

hola se que uste esta muy hocupado pero yo estoy pasando muchas injusticias desde 2010 a hasta el prente se que tambien eres un gran padre
yo soy madre de dos hijas hasi como usted movi cielo y tierra y lamentablemente nunca resibi respuestas de las corte suprema,presidente obama por favor le suplico que tome carta y usted pueda poner finar a tanta incorrucion de la policia de NY city y NJ y al departamento de servicio sociales ya que
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All about chater cable

Hello Mr President I am writing about this thing with the cable companies who are now making people have to pay for a cable box to even watch TV and there are so many people that can not even buy a loaf of bread let alone know we have to pay for a box just to be able to watch TV I just can not be leave we live in such a country like that I have a hard enough time paying my bills and now we haveto pay to watch tTV that is way wrong Mr President we need to ask our self why do we have the crimes we do well because people can't live know why you let this go on something needs to bedone about it... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >


whatever aid we are giving to the ebola crisis is not enough. we need to send more money to combat what is happening in africa. we cannot ignore this. this is a humanitarian issue.
The World Health Organization must become active in this situation, to the max. Whatever power you have please use it to help end this crisis. It is our duty as human beings, isn't it?

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