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five children

Single Mom of Five in Need of Help

Dear BarackObama I am a mother of four children and live in chicago ill on the southside of chicago the reason im writing this letter is because i know you are the best president we had in generations,and this has being a very hard last 4yrs for me and my children,i would like to know if you can make it where my 4 children have a good christmas this year i cant bearly buy them shoes and clothes from month to month because i pay all the bills by myself,and my brother just passed away and i helped my mom with his funeral and now im backed up in my rent obama i know that you have alot of issues at hand right now but im in desperate need of some help please can you and mrs.obama make this the best year ever for me and my children please,im going to pray you can work this out for me love and prayer to all. oreatha carter 5434 s winchester chicago ill 60609 reeree5252@yahoo.com 773-812-7813   thank you
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