obama. you are thw worse president i have seen . you are a disgrace to this country

Stimulate econormy

Dear, Mr. President     Here's a idea that might help stimulate the economy,rebuild America put a policy out where the older homes (30 years+) qualify for a code upgrade or complete replacement and put the families in temporary housing or a hotel until the work is complete if they choose to participate, since every one will benefit from this by creating jobs, office worker, field worker, supply, I think the money should come from the sale tax and real estate

Dr Obama

Me dirijo a usted con mucho respeto,  yo se que usted  no pueda hacer algo pero solo quiero compartir nuestra desilucion por lo que esta pasando alrededor de los trabajadores de Hess Corporacion.  Mi esposo y sus companeros de trabajo son transportadores de Gasolina para todos los punto de venta de este producto en NY.  la Compania Hess Corporacion decidio cancelar los servicios de todos ellos, por ahorrar gastos para la corporacion.  Todos estos tranportadores trabajaran hasta el 1 de Octubre del presente ano.  La mayoria de estos  trabajadores han invertido mas de 20 anos de servicos a la compania.  el problema es que ellos no saben hacer nada mas que ser conductores,  y sus salarios en Hes son aceptables a comparacion de los que ofrecen hoy en dia en las companias transportadoras.  Eso implicara para estas familias cambiar ciertos habitos de vida, y depronot hasta verder las viviendas para no perderlas y dejar que los bancos la cogan.  Mi espeso y yo aun no estamos ubicados en que El prodia hacer para generar los mismos ingresos y cumplir con nuetras obligaciones, solo le pido nos de una guia donde podriamos dirigirnos para que El sus companeros futuros desermplados  de Hess puedan conseguir trabajo, y mas a sabiendo como esta la economia en la actualidad.  Le escribo en espanol por que mi Ingles no es fluible para este tipo de comunicacion. Si algun dia recibo respuesta a esta misiva, y de antemano doy gracias por la presente Maritza Holt    

Mercedes Hernandez

Dear President, I am one of the american workers who recently lost my job.  I hear you talking about creating new jobs but what about bringing jobs back to this country? I am a computer programmer with over 20 years of experience and my position (as well as many others) was eliminated because it was outsourced to India.  Most of the jobs nowdays are performed overseas or indian consultants come to this country to do the work because they are cheaper.  I really feel discriminated and I am very concerned about the future of this country.  How will the economy get better if there are no jobs or the ones that are available don't pay enough to just pay the bills? Taxing the reach people is not the answer because they do what they have being doing now, taking jobs overseas.  What I will do is to give them a period of no more than 6 months to bring all of the jobs back to the US and if companies do not do it, then they will have to pay a fine of no less than $30 billions. I see the middle class disappearing in no time, and that is really ashamed.  Where is the american dream?  This is not the land of opportunities anymore.  I beg you to do something to bring jobs back from overseas.  I have a cousin who lives in Chicago and she met you once.  She told me you did a lot of wonderful things in that city.  I hope you can do the same for this country now. I am looking forward to hear from you. Sincerely, Mercedes Hernandez (305)820-1496

Thank u

thank u for writing the letter back to me i really apperatie ur comments that u have gave me. so tell malia i said a happy belted birthday ok president. so what have u beeen doing president anything chillen beecuz i go to the ymca for trek c and basketball camp andi i was going to send u amessage on fb but i canot but i jus listen to my mom and i am going to get a intereview wit star decrocrat  and they got to ask me quuestions and stuff so that the deal and then they going to take my picture and put in the newspaper. so thank you the letter that have send to me your friend Khalil

BP Oilspill on the Gulf Coast

HELP US!! My husband has not been able to find work in his field due to the fact that no one has money to repair their homes or to remodel.  He is a master carpenter.  He hasn't had any steady work since December of 2009.  Since the oilspill, it has become worse.  He applies for jobs every day, even those not in his area of expertise.  He went to the hazmat school for the oil cleanup on the beaches.  Five (5) days, for which he was eventually paid.  The company was P2S.  They did not give him a certificate of completion at the end of the course, so he cannot work for anyone else.  He has not, to date, been called out for work in the month and a half that he completed the course.  Other people are working.  I know.  I work at Wal Mart and I see them coming in all the time.  Cashing their checks. We are losing the battle here.  We are going to lose our home.  Our utilities have been cut to the minimum in order for me to be able to pay them.  I cannot purchase decent food to eat because there are no extra funds.  Please help us get him to work.  He is a trustworthy, drug-free individual who actually WANTS to work.  We do not subscribe to the 'government help agencies,' such as food stamps or WIC, etc.  I don't think we should take for free what we cannot work for. I am on my last prayers and hope that you will answer me.  If not, just consider that there is one more couple who has been ruined by BP for their selfishness in not installing safety shut off valves.  They saved a lot of money, didn't they? I am hoping that you are what the "people" called you.  Our savior.  Prove it to us.  Find jobs for those who want to work for their livelihood.  Not the drug dealers or the people who want a free ride.  That is who is out there working.  Check it out and see if I'm not right.  I have heard them talking.  They are getting "easy money.  Cool, huh?"  I don't think it's cool. I am 53 years old.  My husband is 51.  Please, please, HELP US!

Dear President Obama,

Hi this is J'Taijia! I sent you a letter about how much i like you and you wrote me back!!! I wrote you back telling you about my life and how i lost my dad in 2007 when i was 8. You told me that i am not alone and you will keep me in you thoughts and prayers. ok talk to you later!!! C YA


Hello Mr,Obama My name is Estella Kenny. Am writting you becaues I dont no where eles to turn. I started working at a job About a month ago. Am on the 80/20 program I have not got a check yet. The company is telling my job coch I are ready got payed not true. am owed over 1,400 dollars. When I asked them about my money they said WHAT WHERE YOU DOING FOR MONEY BEFOR YOU STARTED HERE. I felt like I was in the wrong for wanting something I worked for. I have bills to pay,am 5 months pargant and am doing this by myself. I feel like where do I turn. Nobody nos anything. Am not writting you so I could be put in the news. I just need help getting whats mine.Am not the smarts person in the world but I no this is wrong. MY email is  my phone number is 770-929-1092 I belive in you and I no you have a heart. Thank you for your time                                                                                                                                   

Week in Review: July 3rd 2010

On this Independence Day weekend, we Americans ought to be asking ourselves about the quality of our government and the man we have elected to preside over it. Is President Obama doing his job for social justice? In today's overcrowded political climate, it seems that relatively simple social issues fall by the wayside despite the ease with which our government could address them. With problems like our continued wars in the Middle East, the health care debate and the lingering economic recession (not to mention headline-grabbers like the BP oil spill), the biggest social issues of our age have simply ceased to be discussed. This past week we saw the 41st anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, the explosive demonstrations in New York City in 1969 that effectively began the modern LGBT Rights movement. We have to ask ourselves why in a nation that supposedly stands for liberty and equality under the law as written in our Constitution a full 10% of our population are denied those rights we claim are unalienable to the human condition. Beyond the right to marry and receive all the benefits and responsibilities that go along with that commitment, members of America's gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community are currently not protected under the law from discrimination on equal ground with other American minorities who are protected due to ethnicity, religion or sex. Most American states do not allow same-sex partners to so much as visit one another in the hospital or hold their employers accountable for mistreatment due to sexual orientation. For over 40 years people have been fighting for LGBT rights and our government has turned a deaf ear to their valid complaints. One of our readers this week, an anonymous woman who is legally barred from marrying her partner in all but a few American states, wrote in saying to President Obama, "I will be married to my partner even if it means I have to travel and go across the world and back, because I love my partner just as much as you love your wife." While it's true that neither the President nor any body in the federal government has the power to force individual states to legalize same-sex marriage, it is also true that President Obama hasn't stood as firm in support of LGBT rights as he promised to be prior to his election, let alone as much as he has a moral obligation to be. Throughout his campaign, President Obama unambiguously supported civil rights advances like the complete repeal of the US military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy that bars LGBT individuals from serving, yet he has dragged his feet in actually accomplishing this simple task. Repealing DODT requires no Congressional action or popular vote. It requires only an executive order, one the President could have given on his first day in office. His failure to do more than merely suggest the repeal of DODT in a year and a half in office has severely damaged his credibility as a proponent of LGBT rights, especially since there are far more pressing issues for the still disenfranchised queer community. However, it should be noted that President Obama was also unambiguous about his stance against same-sex marriage. Granted, it's practically political suicide to support same-sex marriage in a presidential race, but if anyone could have done so it was Barack Obama pitted against John McCain. The very fact that Obama's own parents were not permitted to marry in many states when he was born in 1961 simply because their skin color didn't match should draw a strong enough parallel to the equally arbitrary prohibition of same-sex marriage in America. There are plenty of people in America who support social justice for LGBT individuals, but the community also needs outspoken leaders in government speaking on their behalf. That the mainsteam spokesman for social progress has chosen not to be such a leader is disappointing.

Week in Review: June 26th 2010

The biggest news this week about President Barack Obama was his decision to call General Stanley A. McChrystal back from his command post in Afghanistan and replace him with General David Patraeus. This prompted several of our readers to write in with their views on this development. Two of our readers who were featured on the front page of the site, one anonymous and one signing as Jacqueline McMickens, focused on the ostensible reason why President Obama asked for McChrystal's resignation. In a recent Rolling Stonearticle McChrystal made disparaging remarks about Vice President Joe Biden and several other members of the Obama Administration, questioning their policies and ability to lead vis. the war in Afghanistan. As Jacqueline McMickens and many other news sources point out, this constitutes gross insubordination and is in fact grounds for disciplinary action, including dismissal. On the other end of the spectrum, our anonymous detractor of Obama's decision voices his or her concern that Obama is being rash in his seemingly quick decision to remove McChrystal after merely stating his professional opinion. The reader continues by stating the potential for negative security ramifications of this shift. But was General Stanley McChrystal really called back from Afghanistan just because he stated a lack of faith in his commander-in-chief? The facts of McChrystal's tenure in Afghanistan suggest that his insubordination was merely the last straw in his less than satisfactory performance. General McChrystal not only has a history of overstepping his bounds as a military commander, he has also mostly failed to accomplish what he was sent to Afghanistan to do in the first place. In September of 2009, McChrystal opened his 66-page report on the needs of the US-backed forces in Afghanistan to the public, which it should be obvious was a major violation of protocol and a huge liability for the uniformed individuals already in the region. Members of Congress were already calling for McChrystal's resignation at that point, but President Obama chose to heed his call for a troop surge. It was just shortly after said surge that Operation Khanjar went into effect. It was a campaign led by General McChrystal to secure Southern Afghanistan ahead of the Afghani elections that were being stymied by the Taliban forces that dominated the region. The result was little more than the thinning of security in then-held regions, more NATO troop deaths than had occurred in nearly a decade, the dispersion of Taliban fighters to other regions of the country (including the Pakistani border) and a stalemate in the south where the operation had its main aim. General McChrystal's political behavior was more than enough to remove him from his post, but his failure to accomplish the goals he set for himself and requested a troop surge to pursue proves that he was never as capable and informed as he purported. There is certainly a political element to Obama's decision to call McChrystal home, but for the US efforts in Afghanistan McChrystal's presence was nothing but detrimental.

I Wanna se My MOM before she Die.

Mr. President.Vivo nos USA por 10 anos e o motivo que  me trouxe a este pais foi dar uma melhor chance de vida para minha mae.Minha mae  é uma pessoa muito doente ja teve varios problemas  como, Diabete,Ranseniazer, problemas Coracao e outros.Agora estou passando pelo pior momento de minha vida e vejo que todos   os meus esforcos nao serviram de nada.Minha mae acabou de ter um infarto e tera que fazer uma cirurgia de ponte safena o mais rapido possivel e como isto nao bastasse ela hoje acabou de ter uma de suas pernas AMPUTADAS por causa de uma infeccao e ainda nao sabemos como dar a noticia pra ela uma vez que ela desejava ate mesmo morrer do que amputar a perna.Esta em como e amanha dia 27 de junho de 2010 ela recebera a noticia.Rezo para que seja forte e que DEUS a abencoe!!!!!Quero muito , preciso, desejo mais que tudo nesse mundo estar ao lado de minha maezinha neste momento e ja nao sei o que fazer.Sou residente ILEGAL nos estados unidos e tenho uma pequena empresa onde emprego a 8 pessoas, tenho minha casa propia, pago todos os impostos devidos e tenho uma filha de 1 aninho que é nascida aqui (americana).Ja nao sei a quem mais recorer, sei que mais que tudo na vida minha mae gostaria muito que eu estivesse com ela neste momento dificil, penso em abondonar toda a luta e conquista e voltar ao Brasil. Ao mesmo tempo penso que agora mais do que nunca minha mae precisara de mim............o que eu devo fazer?Por favor Mr Presidente ,,,,,,,,Preciso ver minha maezinha.Fernando Rosa From

Dear President Obama. Please i want see my MOM before she die.

Mr. President. Vivo nos USA por 10 anos e o motivo que  me trouxe a este pais foi dar uma melhor chance de vida para minha mae. Minha mae  é uma pessoa muito doente ja teve varios problemas  como, Diabete,Ranseniazer, problemas Coracao e outros. Agora estou passando pelo pior momento de minha vida e vejo que todos   os meus esforcos nao serviram de nada. Minha mae acabou de ter um infarto e tera que fazer uma cirurgia de ponte safena o mais rapido possivel e como isto nao bastasse ela hoje acabou de ter uma de suas pernas AMPUTADAS por causa de uma infeccao e ainda nao sabemos como dar a noticia pra ela uma vez que ela desejava ate mesmo morrer do que amputar a perna.Esta em como e amanha dia 27 de junho de 2010 ela recebera a noticia.Rezo para que seja forte e que DEUS a abencoe!!!!! Quero muito , preciso, desejo mais que tudo nesse mundo estar ao lado de minha maezinha neste momento e ja nao sei o que fazer. Sou residente ILEGAL nos estados unidos e tenho uma pequena empresa onde emprego a 8 pessoas, tenho minha casa propia, pago todos os impostos devidos e tenho uma filha de 1 aninho que é nascida aqui (americana). Ja nao sei a quem mais recorer, sei que mais que tudo na vida minha mae gostaria muito que eu estivesse com ela neste momento dificil, penso em abondonar toda a luta e conquista e voltar ao Brasil. Ao mesmo tempo penso que agora mais do que nunca minha mae precisara de mim............o que eu devo fazer? Por favor Mr Presidente ,,,,,,,,Preciso ver minha maezinha. Fernando Rosa  

Week in Review: June 19th 2010

What is the role of the United States government? Looking at the ways people both within our government and under it approach the most important social and political issues of our time, I don't believe we're anywhere near an agreement about that question. Ultimately, that's what every political debate is about: whether or not it is in the government's purview to act. People write into this site every week talking about their expectations for federal government action in certain current events and about the effect our nation's overall socio-economic condition is having on individual lives. The tone in these letters is almost always one of disappointment, frustration and occasionally desperation. It may well be time for the citizens of the United States to ask whether or not they should even expect their government to take action in their lives. One of this week's writers, a California woman named Tamara Holton, wrote in to express her concern for the recent Congressional decision to not extend unemployment benefits. Mrs. Holton and her husband have spent the past year dependent on such government services due to illness and, like most people, the struggling economy. She explains her family's dire situation and their dedication to being, as the saying goes, honest, tax-paying citizens. Other writers this week shared their troubles, including a man and woman from Kentucky who are struggling to maintain their role as foster parents to two abused children because of financial strain, as well as a Cuban immigrant who has been living in America for nearly 40 years and is now facing unmanageable court fees following a messy divorce. These two cases, along with Mrs. Holton's story, should encourage us to call into question just what role our government should and should not play in our everyday lives. Tamara Holton and the Kentucky foster parents are asking the United States government, on both the federal and state levels, to assist them in surviving. For so many people today, the idea of government assistance has become an assumption. In truth, the very concept of government aid in the United States is less than a century old, a social experiment that has only played out in full for, at best, two generations. While an entity as large and well-funded as the US government certainly has an ethical responsibility to use its resources to benefit people, we today have to face the possibility that our government simply isn't capable of providing such aid. By creating an environment in which people expect benefits and safety nets, from unemployment to social security, without also making laws and efficient assessment structures to properly implement them, perhaps our government has made a promise to its people it just can't keep. Government aid is a fairweather concept. When the majority don't require aid, the few who do can attain it with ease. But as that balance of need tips in the other direction, the few cannot hope to support the many. And as for Maria Granger, the Cuban immigrant facing absurd court fees, perhaps this already difficult period would be made easier without the blind meddling of a court in her personal and financial life. Unfortunately for Maria and anyone else in this country who wants to be left alone, there is no current political party that is truly interested in limiting government control over individuals. The Republican Party, which once stood for this principle and continues to espouse it today, is far from the hands-off, personal freedom party it says it is. It seems that the Americans who need government attention aren't getting it, while those who ought to be left alone are dogged by the state daily.

Week in Review: June 12th 2010

One of the earliest lessons I learned about the American presidency that has resonated with me ever since is that our President is not just the most senior member of our own government, but our most visible ambassador to other nations. The image of the United States all over the globe is cemented by the perception of the individual we chose to represent us. During the 2008 election, Barack Obama did everything a prospective President ought to do concerning foreign relations. He made the presidential race about the entire planet, not just our one country. It's not out of hubris that any informed American believes US policies have global effects, it's merely a fact of our place in international economics, politics and security. I recall during the election when Obama was in Berlin speaking to hundreds of thousands of German people, trying to assure them and by extension all foreign nations that he would do his best to repair the image of America all over the world. On the very same day, Republican nominee John McCain was at a German restaurant in Columbus, Ohio stumping for small businesses, apparently oblivious to the irony of it all. Jump ahead two years and Obama hasn't done all that's necessary to make good on those initial steps toward positive foreign policy. Yes, he has made some important progress in nuclear non-proliferation and he has had an overall less belligerent approach to Iran and North Korea than his predecessor, but that isn't really enough. One of Obama's German supporters wrote in this week. Max voiced his concern for the administration's lacking response to the continuing BP oil problem, saying that while the spill began in America, "it gradually becomes a global issue". The world has its eyes on Obama hoping for a substantive response to this disaster, recognizing that it's not just an environmental issue but also an issue of corporate policy. Those people who came out by the thousands to support Barack Obama in his bid for the presidency are now waiting for him to prove that he can do more than just speak. But we don't need to go as far as Germany to see concern for Obama's foreign policy. The recent shooting of a Mexican boy by a US border guard has shined a harsh light on the terribly strained relationship between America and its nearest neighbor to the south. This week a citizen of El Paso, Texas named Arturo Caballero wrote in to respond to this tragedy. He writes, "I grew up believing that our country was respectful of human rights and justice. Therefore I beg you to please do whatever is in your power to insure [sic] justice is done." Mr. Caballero is right. The death of Sergio Adrian Hernandez Huereka is not just an instance of police brutality or even murder, it is a full-blown international incident. As such, it is the duty of our President to address it swiftly and honestly. If we cannot even control our relationship with our nearest neighbors, how can we hope to repair America's deeply tarnished image across the globe?

Gulf Oil Spill

Dear Mr. President, I would like to know what you are telling your children and are going to tell your grandchildren about the oil spill in the gulf?  How does one go about explaining to a child that the grown-up in charge of their country allowed this to happen?  I am at a loss as to what to tell my grandchildren when they ask why and how this horrific event happened.  Will they not have the privilege that is their birthright as American citizens to enjoy and marvel at all the natural goodness and beauty that is a part of this country?  Will they have to walk on soiled beaches and look at the ruined ocean waters that are unsafe for the marine life that needs to live there and not be able to swim in it themselves?  I think about the damage or the extinction of life in the wet lands, all the sea life that contiues to dye minute by minute because of the inabililty to stop the flow of oil.  The process of cleaning up will take years, and I am afraid of the damage already done that we cannot undo.  We are the super power of the world, how can we waste and pollute without remorse or responsibililty?   How is it that we are such a powerful and brilliant nation, but did nothing to prevent a catastrophy of such dimensions?  Why were there not numerous emergency procedures in place to prevent this from ever happening in the first place?  It is imminent that BP step up and incorporate anyone they can to stop the spill and clean it up.  They need to be held both financially and morally responsible for the complete catastrophe. Mr. President, I voted for you because I beleived in your platform for change and reform.  Now, I would like to see that put into action to save our environment. I hope that you will read this letter and would appreciate a responce from you. Thank You, Carol Bradford 10630 E. Kilarea Ave Mesa, AZ, 85209

The Week in Review: June 5th 2010

As of today, President Barack Obama's national approval rating is hovering at around 48%, which all told is pretty good for a sitting President. Since the approval rating system was invented in the 1930's, most Presidents have had an average positive support of around 50% (though John F. Kennedy managed a whopping 70% average in his brief tenure). What's especially interesting about Obama's current approval is that it's as high as it is in a time that is arguably worse than any other period of his 500+ days in office. The recent health care vote wasn't the smashing victory Democrats had hoped for, the new Arizona immigration law has brought a lot of extra political heat to the nation and the BP oil situation is a source of little else than outright ire from the American people toward anyone in power. So, why is Obama's approval rating as high as it is? Let's look at some this week's letters to see what Obama's fellow citizens have to say. In Letter #1487, the anonymous contributor is a long-time supporter of President Obama based mostly on his vocal support of alternative energy during the 2008 campaign. The contributor is concerned with the government's role in the BP oil leak, writing, "...use this disaster as a push for clean energy. Give the American people a gift, even if they don't know they need it, demand clean energy. They will thank you, and your own children will thank you." There are a lot layers at work in this statement, not the least of which is the belief that the US government, or at least its President, is an entity apart from the corporate interests that influence so much of our nation. Though so many Americans want President Obama to do something concerning the leak, few seem to be placing the blame on him, even if he voiced support for offshore drilling not a month before the leak began. As far as American perceptions go, Obama is a source of potential change but not an accountable party in the disaster. On the same topic, the writer from Letter #1423 expresses a desire for his government to concentrate its energy. He writes, "I need our government to provide what I cannot as an individual. In other words as an individual I can, if I so desire, provide health care for me and my family.  But as an individual I cannot regulate, monitor, enforce the operation practices of companies." In essence, this letter is representative of the growing belief that the US government, a force once perceived to be limitless in its power, is incapable of performing all but a fraction of the tasks we need it to today. The American people feel like they need to choose between the services of their government. Either health care or energy regulation. Either social progress or financial reform. On the one side it's a growing lack of faith, but on the other it sounds more and more like a wake-up call. The long and short of it is that the American people haven't lost faith in their President yet, but perhaps their understanding of his role in our society is changing. He's no longer viewed as the man who can change everything. Rather, his supporters are demanding to see what it is he can do with his considerable power.

I just wanted to offer these quotes from HIGHLY respected men to another.

I know that being president has to be a highly straining position. I just thought maybe if Mr. Obama was to read this it would inspire him and maybe be like a hand taking his. Every human being needs a boost at times. Everyone at times needs a push; a bit of motivation. So here's mine President Obama. Hopefully, you will take the time to read.  “As a general rule, I abstain from reading reports of attacks upon myself, wishing not to be provoked by that to which I cannot properly offer an answer” Abraham Lincoln “Avoid popularity if you would have peace.”Abraham Lincoln “Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God's side, for God is always right”Abraham Lincoln “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” Martin Luther King, Jr “The question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be... The nation and the world are in dire need of creative extremists.” Martin Luther King, Jr. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Martin Luther King, Jr. “The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.” Winston Churchill“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” Winston Churchill *Not every one believes what they hear. ;) “i can be changed by what happens to me. but i refuse to be reduced by it.”Maya Angelou “You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you.” Eric Hoffer “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”Harriet Tubman “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever does” Margaret Mead GO FOR IT PRESIDENT OBAMA!      

medical insurance needed.

Dear Mr President.  My name is Evelyn I am a 43 year old Puerto Rican single mom of three sons 24, 19, and 11 living in a beautiful small town of Spartanburg, S.C.  I have been a highschool Spanish teacher in a small private Christian school for the last two years I have taken you advice and return back to college on line.  Both my two oldest sons are in college with the blessings of taking loans and scholarships.  My sons Angelo 19 and Gregory 11 have had to struggle all their lives with ADD,ADHD and and Dyslexia.  I have taught them to be strong honest men and never to give up on their dreams.  Recently you signed the Health Care Reform bill and I was so very happy. You see you have given me hope, Since my Legal separation with my Ex- husband ten years ago I have had to always try to get medical coverage for my sons it's not been easy. I had to sell our home and now I rent. Two years ago I was offered my present job , I use to worked at a Montesori school for ten years . I didn't make alot of money but they allowed my sons to attend which was a blessing because of their learning disablities. When I was offered my present employment It was for $24,000. a year this is more than I have ever have made and I just knew it was a good move. They wanted me to continue my edcuation so I took out loans and began my online classes through Monroe college.  Unfortunately my move meant my son Gregory made the move also.  I pay for him to attend but with his disablities the small classes and the one on one attention he recieves it has helped him to be successful with his academics. Purchasing Gregory's and Angelo's Medication has been hard Angelo takes Concerta and Gregory takes Adderall both medication cost 400 a month.  Does your Health Care Reform mean that Private Schools also will be able to offer insurance to their employees?  If not what or how can one look for affordable insurance.  I had an insurance quote six months ago for just one of my sons  let alone my other sons and myself, it didn't cover medication and it was 174 dollars a month .  This is too high for me.  Is their a certain insurance number that I can possibly contact so that I can get insurance for my sons and myself yet it be affordable?  You may or maynot have the answer and thats okay.  I just was hoping and dont worry I know you are doing a great job.  I am very proud of all you have done and are doing.  You have given me hope I haven't had that for awhile.  Once again thank you May God continue to bless and guide you in all you do for our country and nation. You are a great president.                                                                   Thank you                                                                    Evelyn Thalassenos

Health Care

What a mistake in passing the Health Care Bill.  Listen to the people who will be paying for it... WE DON'T WANT IT!!!  My father was from Canada... I known about socialized medicine from relatives.  Yes, you can get knee surgery, but you will have to wait 8-12 months.  A friends mother was told to go home as she was too old for surgery.  Her family attended to her needs while she died from cancer, she was only 70.  There has to be another solution to help people with health problems... but not this way.  You have invited every unwanted illegal to have children here in America where we, as hard working taxpayers will wind up paying for not only their medical bills, but welfare assistance, food stamps, housing, disability and unemployment compensations.  ENOUGH!  Stop rewarding bad behavior.

I support your efforts, Mr. President

I am speaking up for the Americans who are watching your courage in making changes that are long overdue in the face of the hostility that is an embarrassment to this country. The cartoons depicted on this website are yet more evidence that our branches of government are littered with politicians who have no desire or ability to work together with the Executive branch and facilitate significant changes. I am appalled at the behavior that is exhibited to you and yet you manage to confront it with poise and integrity. To call their behavior juvenile is an insult to youngsters. So, please, Mr. President, proceed with your progressive plans and continue to rise above the pitiful behavior demonstrated by those who have so little control of the English language that they have to resort to name-calling when they don't get their way. I, and the rest of the nation that isn't going to be bullied by scare tactics, are watching with pride in the President we voted into Office. THANK YOU

Listen Mr President

We the People not I the President or  We the Congress.  You're not listening. I don't beieve you are reading these letters. America is still a Christian Nation.  There were no Muslims defending America in WW I  or WW II and we don't need their help now.  Happy Easter and hope you had a Merry CHRIST-mas

bill not just health care

this got pushed to pass thinking it was all about health care..everyone in the usa has health it welfare that we pay for or personal purchase.people read the bill about having access to your bank account and the pork belly crap that is tacked on to it. am not proud of our president for what he has done.he undermined our constitution in every way..along with pelosi and reid and many others in the house and congress...1 term is enough...and empty the house qand congress and fill it with 2 term limits of new people.

You Fooled the American People.

This Bill is an absolute disgrace! Backroom deals and strong arm tactics is how this has passed.  The way you politicians tag on "Extras" into your bills without informing the public Unconstitutional and unamerican.  The money you spend (our money) is appalling and you don't care that you are driving this country into the ground.  All you want is to make this country and it's people dependant upon the government, sitting around with our hand out, waiting for the government to give us "our fair share".  It sickens me to the point that I worry everyday about the future of my kids.Luckily, most of us are not blind sheep that will be lead slowly to slaughter.  You will be out of office soon and I can only hope that your replacements can undo the dammage you have done. A concerned American



Slow Down

Dear Mr. President, Please slow down, step back and take time to finalize your decisions that ultimately affect millions of people.  It has only been a year since you attained the highest office in the United States.  Not having any similar experience prior to this, I would think you might want to examine data and think about the ultimate impact.  Right now healthcare reform is the hot topic.  All the deals that were made to pass this bill are awful.  How dare you, the Senators and Representatives play Lets Make a Deal when so many lives are at stake!! And none of you will ever have to use the healthcare plan that was just passed.  I can only hope that none of you are re elected.  To sell out the American people is horrible!  Not sure how you sleep at night!!  

I Am Totally Disgusted

Mr. President, When you were elected, your platform sounded promising.  However, to date, you have failed to live up to the majority of your promises. I feel that your views are so far left that our country is now well on the way to becoming a Socialist nation.  This, we will regret for years to come!  Maybe your wife is now proud of this country, but I no longer am. Your approach to Health Care reeks of Chicago politics!  Undoubtedly, health care needed to be reformed; however, one step at a time seemed a more sensible way to go.  A giant leap over the cliff was not the way to solve the problem.  Backroom deals and bullying is not the American way. With your first year now behind you, it has become obvious that you don't have the experience to run this country anywhere but into the ground.  All I can hope is that "God blesses America".
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