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Dear Mr. President,

I am telling you now that I will not be recieving your tracking device. You will have to kill me first. We are warned by the Lord about this. The end is near and you are helping. You need to read your Bible and look around. you are leading the country down a dark path.

If you are the antichrist, or just a demon helper...I will fight you and your technology till the end. I love Jesus Christ and will never bow down to anyone other than God himself. I have him in my heart and he will protect me from evil. You need to be spreading the Word of God to all of the US. The end is near and you know it. I will know who is a fake God or the Antichrist. I have prayed and will continue to pray for the power to see through the lies and only see truth in his word. If this chip wasn't the mark of the beast then we would have the option of not getting it and using another method of money. we would not be forced to get it implanted in us. God does not want us to have implants in our body. I refuse. I have the Lord with me and none of your material things will keep me from him. If you really want to do some good for this country you will make it manditory that all read the word of God and have him in your heart so more people can be saved. Christ is my Savior. Do whatever you want to me for not getting the chip. I will suffer and even die for my God. I have no fear. the lord is with me.