Senior abuse

I want to be a voice that is heard about senior abuse. I worked for the Chicago Transit authority for ten years and left on a sick leave about 20-25 years ago. Then my next door neighbor stabbed me in the chest with 5 or 6 sewing needles I went from healthy to sickly. I was in West Suburban Hospital and I refused to take a test in which I would not have been revived. The air-coditioner to the room that I was in was turned off and the nurse and hospital refused to give me food. In the three days that I was there I ate one orange and two small packages of crackers. I have congestive heart failure and breathing problems and I am back and forth between two of my daughters houses. I am a big girl and I put 5700 down with elite real estate and I have not located any housing as long as I can breath I need a place to stay. I cant blame the real estate company in hillside my credit is not the best. As far as the hospital is concerned that hospital equipment is out dated and because of its location it cant get equipment like university of chiago or northwestern. A lot of people say they are not satisfied with obama I am not saying that I am saying that this country needs a wake up call that certain ways of doing things are going to be tolerated. senior abuse hospital ignorance and starvation needs to be dealth with. I will not eat dog food and I will not let a doctor tell me that I should not be alive.A lot of politicians make promises that cannot be delivered and I feel that the problems of America does not start with Barack Obama and not end with Barack Obama it takes a country of all nationaties to come together and not put a ego-tripping man in the white house because he will only cancel good sound policies that the president has put in place. we have and need one strong president who has experienced struggles to handle the American crisis thank you . My name is Deborah Faye Brown and I believe that Barack Obama is ddoing a good job so satan can get behind the president because he is not getting in front.