Please Help

Dr. Mr. President, I am sitting here waiting for my electric to be turned off, my 13 yr. old son is sleeping up stairs. I wonder what will happen to us now. I had an allergic reaction to medication in October and nothing has been the same since. I took a leave of absence in February after being so sick. In January my car broke down costing from 3,00.00 to 4,000.00 to get it fixed. Went to social services to see if they could pay for it to be fixed. I really needed that car, I travel so much for my son and myself, he is a special needs child and I also have many medical needs myself. We are both on Medicaid and food stamps even while I was working. The first day I applied for the diversion program I was told to get 2 estimates for the repair and to bring in the registration and such. Getting 2 estimates for a car that I can not drive proved to somewhat difficult, however I did bring them in on March 8, the clerk looked up my case and it showed it was still open. I went home and waited. I called them at the end of March, I was told it had been closed in Feb. As I tried to understand and asked why they did not send me a letter stating so I was told they sent me one in the beginning of the case in Feb., it stated I was denied because of not going through the works application process, however anyone applying for diversion program doesn't go through the works application process because the diversion is to keep you off of works. I was hospitalized at the end of January and March. I find myself with out a job, car, money ( I refuse to go the works for money) my boss told me I could not return to work until "I get rid of my son" and my health has continued to decline. What is a person to do? My son does need care while I'm at work however there are few places that will take a 13 yr old for care, they are few and even farther to get to. There are people out here who are truly suffering and not able to do anything about the circumstances they find themselves in. Not having electric, a basic need in life is overwhelming as I find myself getting closer to being homeless. Thank you for listening, Lisa Kuhlman