Please Grant Forgiveness

Dear President Barack Obama:

I am so very proud of you and the way you have tackled the task you inherited!! What you have accomplished thus far is amazing especially in light of the obstacles that those with rigid ideologies or personal agendas have placed in your way. I have also been impressed with your humility and even-tempered nature. Your intelligence, wisdom and sense of humor are the perfect personality blend that I want in a president and as a representative of this country to the world community.

That being said I was wondering if you might consider taking an unusual step in regards to the young marine seargent, who posted ignorant and insulting comments about you on his Tea Party FB page. Maybe this sounds crazy but I ask you to consider my idea. As Commander in Chief, I believe you may have the power to grant him forgiveness -- a pardon, if you will -- from the dishonorable discharge that his actions have caused.

Although I was not privy to his apology to you, the words that have been printed and the apparent contriteness of his actions made me think about how a merciful action can turn a hateful act into a life-altering event for the transgressor. This may be one of those times. So many astoundingly ignorant things have been said and done by the "tea party" that I have lost count. I believe there is a lot of racism out there as well underlying the criticisms.

I am wondering if a reinstatement of this seargent by you might cause quite a stir and win over some folks who figure "politics is politics" and take the wind out of their sails in terms of the endless hostility towards you. At the very least you will have shown a level of humanity and maturity that the individual can only aspire to as he gets older. Yes, I know it seems counter-intuitive, but it might be a beautiful gesture and one that I believe would be totally in character for you, not to mention a wonderful lesson to children everywhere that there is room in this world for forgiveness and mercy if someone is truly sorry to have wronged another.

Thanks for considering the idea and best of luck in your up-coming second term in office!!