Please don't let them win

Hello Mr. President,

I prayed you would win and you did, but I also knew you were walking into one hell of a fight. I wish you could just say in one of your speeches the truth, but you can't . You know as well as I do that there it IS a war between the rich and poor in our country. You have created jobs but the rich are not hiring people even though they are making a profit because they want to make it look like its your fault...they want you out so bad Mr. President, please don't let them win.

I am a shy, quiet type of man, not at all a good speaker in front of a crowd, but i believe i would do a lot of good for my country if only i could. There is NO reason in the world that our country (or any country) should be in the state we are in at the present other then GREED.

I am a christian but FAR from a bible thumper Mr. President. I am not perfect but I do the best i can without hurting others (physically or mentally). I see so much evil (greed) in our country it turns my stomach. All these loopholes that lawyers come up with are so very wrong. Television these days are nothing more then comercials. Even while one is watching a movie between the commercials there are things popping up at the bottom of the screen. And they are misleading because they tell you what you want to hear and can get away with tiny writing that scrolls quickly across the screen. There should be a lay against that as well.

Our most important thing to correct at the moment would be for employers to hire the employees back and increase the wages. If people made a decent wage they would be able to buy the products our country makes instead of trying to make the mortgage and other bills. The rich are possessed with greed and can't see that if they pay more then they will profit so much more and our country will grow so much faster. The rich would be richer, the workers of America would be proud and other countries would respect us again because we could help them too.

Laws have to change, structure has to change, the way we think has to change. Please don't let them win Mr. President.